1. The Busdriver says:

    Here are some of the highlights from the report. You’ll enjoy reading about how Ralph Reed sold out his followers and how he actively concealed the source of his payment by routing his fees through a number of non-profits. Enjoy. It’s a good read. And no Debbie, there are no indictments in the report–that was never a possibility. What the report does contain is clear and irrefutable evidence that Ralph Reed is very, very dishonest.

    “In furtherance of the grassroots strategy devised for the [Lousianna Coushatta] Tribe, Abramoff and Scanlon persuaded the Tribal Council to financially support other groups opposed to gaming expansion, namely Christian evangelical conservatives, to help the Tribe protect its share of the regional gaming market. Abramoff specifically proposed that the Tribe work with former Christian Coalition Executive Director Ralph Reed. According to [Coushatta lawyer Kathryn] Van Hoof, Abramoff understood that gaming opponents, like Christian conservatives, would of course eschew direct contributions from the Tribe. [Former Coushatta Vice-Chairman William] Worfel recalled that Van Hoof “came back and told us that [sic] a guy named Ralph Reed. She was real careful about a Ralph Reed person. It can’t get out. He’s Christian Coalition. It wouldn’t look good if they’re receiving money from a casino-operating tribe to oppose gaming. It would be kind of like hypocritical.

  2. Demonbeck says:

    Funny how this 373 page document is going to pressed up and down the country and he can’t get a word on his 63 page position paper to run on page 12 in Georgia’s smallest newspapers. Serves him right.

  3. The Busdriver says:

    Anticipating the spin . . .

    “. . . .mainstream media”

    “. . . .McCain hates me”

    “. . . .who knows how many marriages were saved”

    and an oldie but a goodie,

    “If I’d known then what I know now . . . “

  4. The Busdriver says:

    More from the report. This is fantastic!

    “To Schwartz, Abramoff appeared to have the right credentials. Abramoff claimed to be a close friend of Congressman Tom DeLay. He also discussed his friendship with Reed, recounting some of their history together at College Republicans. When Schwartz observed that Reed was an ideologue, Schwartz recalled that Abramoff laughingly replied “as far as the cash goes.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    All this boils down to a simple question for Ralph Reed to answer…and, it is one that Casey should consider asking Ralph in a debate: “If you were under the assumption that all the money coming from the Indian tribes was “clean

  6. Jack S says:

    Debbie, come on! Surely the vaunted master campaign strategist ralph reed already had his ridiculous spin talking points ready before now. He knew what he did. So he didn’t need a report to come out to then try to make up excuses.

    It can’t take this long to come up with more lies. Surely they are better campaigners than that.

    Share with us how ralph is just an innocent victim.

  7. Demonbeck says:

    Reed knew then what he knows now, yet he still followed through.

    “After receiving Reed’s proposed engagement agreement, Abramoff responded, “Ralph, I spoke with Nell this evening. She wants much more specifics. They are not scared of the number, but want to know precisely what you are planning to do for this amount.

  8. SouthernConservative says:

    Bill, sure, and tell me you would have been up front with all of us about your relationship with Konop if Buzz hadn’t brought it up.

    How’s that different than Ralph?

  9. SouthernConservative says:

    I don’t have time to read it. It doesn’t make any difference. It doesn’t tell me anything I don’t already know. Apparently ya’ll have time to sit around and read it, so do me a favor and try to enlighten my poor, coolaid drinking tail by giving me an unbiased, bullet point summary. If possible.

  10. The Busdriver says:

    The unbiased, bulleted summary is the very first post, Southern. Excerpted directly from the report. No spin (except for my brief intro, or prelude, if you will).

    By the way, nice job shifting the debate from Ralph to Konop.

  11. jacewalden says:


    You and I have had a row before and I would hate for that to happen again. You’ve typically been pretty good about debating facts and logic on here.

    But you need to read the report. It’s not our job to summarize it for you. You’re smart enough to read it on your own.

    Don’t tell me you’re going to be satisfied with unmerited personal attacks on Bill’s support for Konop…

    Hunting isn’t quite as fun when the rabbit has the gun, is it? 😉

  12. Sandy Brothers says:

    I certainly do not expect any objective viewpoints on this on this blog, but I have spent an hour or so with the report and scanned every reference to Reed. I don’t really see much new here. Basically it confirms what we know. Reed was a third-party contractor of Preston Gates to do work for their Indian clients, to prevent the spread of casino gambling.

    Reed’s firms were paid lots of money for their work as a contractor.

    Here is an important passage for me:

    “Ralph Reed did not want to be paid directly by a tribe with gaming interests. It was our understanding that the structure was recommended by Jack Abramoff to accommodate Mr. Reed’s political concerns.

  13. The Busdriver says:

    Ralph’s response, via the AJC:

    “The report confirms I have not been accused of any wrongdoing in this matter,” Reed said Thursday morning. “It also confirms that I was hired as a subcontractor for a very respected law firm, and had no direct relationship with their clients.”

    Congratulations, Ralph. You’ve lowered the bar . . . a candidate’s ethics is no longer a legitimate signal of his electability–it’s whether or not he’s been charged with a crime that matters.

  14. Bill Simon says:


    There is NOTHING hidden in my business relationship with Konop, you ignoramous. It is in his disclosures…which is WHY they call them “disclosures.”

    My company is being paid for data processing and other services soon to be disclosed. THAT has nothing to do with my personal opinion of Tom Price who has proven to me that he cannot think for himself and must be led around like a trained monkey.

    Ralph is in the wrong because HE HID HIS RELATIONSHIPS with the Indian tribes.

    Got it straight now, Jackass?

  15. debbie0040 says:

    The report does not contain any new revelations nor does it contain what Cagle was hoping for. Show me one new revelation. The report concludes Reed did what he was paid to do. Stop Casinos from being built.

    You Cagle supporters and Cagle have been suing scare tactics alleging Reed would be indicted and hurt the GOP ticket. That was absolutely not true and you knew he would not be indicted.

    It clearly shows that Reed was duped by longtime friend Abramoff and Abramoff misled others involved about Reed’s knowledge of the income source. Abramoff took advantage of his friendship with Reed and others. When Reed would not conduct under the cover illegal or dubious activites Abramoff went to Scanlon.

    Note page 152 and 153. Reed never strayed from his anti gambling crusades and Abramoff noted Reed “was “crazy, like other folks in the Christian Coalition.

  16. grassrootsguy says:

    How did Ralph hide his relationships? I don’t see anything hidden? The report confirms what Ralph has said about what he did.

    Frankly I am outraged at what the government probably spent-untold millions–to put out such a report.

    And yes, John McCain does hate Ralph. Just ask Bull Moose who worked for him in SC. He faults Reed for his loss of the SC primary. Fortunately Bush won, with Reed’s help.

    This whole thing is a waste of time and resources. What’s stupid is that Cagle thinks he should be LG because of this. I’m still waiting on a reason to vote for Cagle as oppose to some trumped up charges as a reason not to vote for Reed.

    And we have learned since that Mr. Cagle is not without his own hypocracy. I think grassroots Republican voters will be far more interested in Cagle’s $1,000 campaign contribution to Mark Taylor than how much money Reed’s firm was paid to fight the growth of casino gambling.

    Sorry, Cagle will not get a win off of this crap.

  17. The Busdriver says:

    Oh, one other cool thing? Remember how Ralph said Millennium Marketing (Ralph’s mail shop that he used to bomb incumbent Republican congressman for his client, eLottery) was not affiliated with Century Strategies. We knew that was a lie when Ralph said it, because they share office space, etc, but we the report confirms it’s a lie. Included in the exhibits is an invoice from Century Strategies which has, guess what . . . Millennium Mail on the letterhead.

    Ralph’s pants are literally on fire.

  18. JaseLP says:

    I’m not saying that Reed has done anything wrong, but the report say this, “The question arises why the Choctaw paid money to Reed through various conduits…rather than directly.”

    That sounds like he was hiding it.

  19. debbie0040 says:

    John McCain DOES hate Reed and if Reed had done anything illegal or unethical the report would have been damning of Reed. It isn’t . You Cagle supporters can go cry in your beers now.

    It is pretty hypocritical of Cagle supporters to point the finger at Reed and claiming he was unethical.

    Cagle is ethically challenged.

  20. SouthernConservative says:

    Fellas, here’s the issue:

    Voters won’t take time to read this. Most won’t get the opportunity to read the story which will most likely be printed by Cagle’s press secretary, Jim Galloway.

    What hard – R voters won’t have to take time to filter through, and will still understand, is the fact that Casey gave money to the man who is now challenging their Governor, and then flip flopped on his explanation of why he did it. They can’t trust him.

  21. grassrootsguy says:

    Or JaseLP, rather than looking for conspiracy, could it be just as Reed has said–he told him he did not want to be paid with gambling money.

  22. Bill Simon says:


    Let me give you a scenario: Suppose, as Lt. Governor, Ralph gets the opportunity to do a smashing business deal with some lobbyist if the lobbyist can ge some legialtion passed for his client. However, because of his “official position” he cannot engage in it.

    BUT, because he has engaged previously in all of these other “legal conduits” for laundering money to himself, and gotten away with it, he decides to set-up the deal with the lobbyist and pushes the votes necessary to pass the legislation the lobbyist wants passed. He gets the legialtion passed out of the Senate, and then pushes his pals in the House to get along with it…and, meanwhile, the lobbyist is setting up a bunch of LLC’s in order to route the big payorff to Ralph so as to hide the direct connection between the lobbyist, the lobbyist’s legislation, and Lt. Governor Crooked Ralph.

    This is quite the believable scenario if Ralph gets elected. Would YOU like for thta to happen?

  23. BB says:

    Bill S. writes in a challenging tone,


    You must not have a problem with people who lie, I guess. In fact, you probably were a voter/supporter of Bill Clinton, right?”

    Meanwhile, Bill S. is being paid by a bonafide pathological liar running for congress. One who in conjunction with a small, local newspaper attempted to tarnish the reputation of the Cherokee County Republican Party using blatant lies.

    From Steve Stoll, campaign manager for John Konop to a constituent inquiring about the CLN op-ed:

    “From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of Steve Stoll
    Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2006 9:54 AM
    To: {anonymous constituent}
    Subject: Re: My understanding is

    Hi, {anonymous constituent}. The editorial does mis-state the status of our website on the Cherokee County GOP website.”

    Yet the Konop campaign sent the op-ed to its email base last week as it appeared in the CLN and continues to have it posted on the campaign website (with an asterick / disclaimer just added today). Is this a campaign of integrity…one that Bill S. can accept payment from while sanctimoniously attacking others as liars?

  24. debbie0040 says:

    JASELP, Abramoff was the one hiding the money and lying to his clients and Reed about the source.

    Celebration, now come on….

    Must be a bitc* that you Cagleites did not get what you wanted…

  25. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, I know you think you’re helping Ralph, but you are not. Do you realize that you’ve cut-and-pasted some of the most damning parts of the report?

    Before you “right-clicked”, you should have remembered that Ralph first said he had no idea money was coming from Choctaws. Your cut-and-paste, though these facts appeared long ago, shoots down one of Ralph’s best lies.

  26. debbie0040 says:

    Bill, imagine Cagle as Lt. Governor. If he increased his wealth 900% in four years while supposedly working on behalf of voters in his Senate District, imagine how much he will increase his wealth as Lt. Governor…

  27. The Busdriver says:

    It comes down to this. If Ralph didn’t think he was being paid with Casino profits, why did he so vigorously pursue routing the money through multiple non-profits?

    Answer, please.

  28. JaseLP says:

    Personally, I don’t give a damn what Ralph Reed does or has done.
    Is the report damning to Ralph Reed? No.
    Does it help Cagle? Not much, if at all.

    I did vote for Cagle yesterday by absentee, but come November, I’m not voting for either of the major party candidates…

  29. Bill Simon says:

    Debbie…all I know is you support both ASH and RR…two of the BIGGEST liars in the GOP in this state. You’re not only a fool, but a willing-conspirator to help further these liars. You’re a sick puppy. And, one in badly need of getting a rabies and a distemper shot.

  30. Demonbeck says:

    This report shows that he knew then what he knows now. Whether he committed a crime is not the issue, his trustworthiness is the issue.

    Ralph Reed knowingly took money from one casino-owning Indian tribe to stop another Indian tribe from gaining the rights to own a casino. He has continuously lied about it throughout this campaign.

  31. Former Cagle Guy says:

    Don’t expect anything but vitriol from the Calge folks. I know from when I was in their camp they looked forward to the day that Reed would be charged with illegal activity. It was their only hope, all they every had to keep them going.

    Of course it was always just a hoax. All that money and all of McCain’s clout and that’s all they have? Give me a break.

    I know a lot of hard “R”s who did not know Cagle, but now are very down on him because he has joined in with the liberal media in trying to destroy Reed. If he had run an issues campaign about himself it would have been one thing, but the Cagle campaign is just about destroying Reed.

    Reed–someone who has worked for our party for nearly 30 years, behind the contact with American, winning our congressional majority, electing several Republican presidents, moblizing the faith comminity, winning our majority in Georgia, bringing Zell to Bush’s aid, helping elect President Bush and winning the south.

    It is sad really. And then we learn of Cagle’s own moral shortcomings. He is hypocrit number one in this race. I for one cannot wait until July 18. Reed will win and Cagle and the AJC will be exposed for what they are and what they have tried to do hand in hand.

  32. debbie0040 says:

    Busdriver, Reed was adamant the money did not come from gambling interests and tried to make sure he was not being paid with money tainted by gambling.

    I have toured the Indian Reservation in Philadelphia, MS. They have factories, stores, hospitals, etc

    Here is an exerpt from their web site,”The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians (MBCI) owns and operates a diversified portfolio of manufacturing, service, retail and tourism enterprises. The Tribe chose to develop for profit businesses to create jobs for its people, while also generating revenues to fund government services such as education, health care, police and fire protection among others. The success of those enterprises has allowed the Tribe to become self-reliant while making significant economic contributions to the surrounding non-indian communities.

    Throughout Mississippi, the Southeast and even Mexico, the MBCI provides more than 8,000 permanent, full-time jobs for tribal members and others (more than 65 percent of its workforce is non-Indian). With an annual payroll of more than $123.7 million, the Tribe is one of the 10 largest employers in Mississippi. In addition, Tribal revenues have helped the Choctaw to reinvest more than $210 million in economic development projects in Mississippi.”

    If I were in Reed’s shoes, I would have thought money could come from an Indian Tribe and not come from gambling interests.


  33. SouthernConservative says:

    Ok, Demon, if trustworthiness is an issue, than why should we trust Cagle anymore than we should trust Ralph.

    Aren’t you saying that this race is now over the lesser of two evils?

  34. 4ofspades says:

    You are correct that most people will not read the report. They may read excerpts in direct mail pieces….

  35. Bill Simon says:

    Then WHY not get paid DIRECTLY from the Indian Tribe, Debbhie? Why route the money so that it doesn’t get to Ralph unless it comes from a “Christian” organization?

    Why? Because he knew the money was so the gaming revenues of the Choctaws would be protected if he fought competing gambling interests.

  36. BB says:

    No Bill, funny is when an editor threatens a citizen with the line, “don’t mess with those who buy ink by the barrel”, then gets dumped for putting out blatant lies on behalf of a bogus campaign…now that’s funny!

  37. debbie0040 says:

    I assume Ralph just wanted to be extra cautious to make sure there is no way it could come from gambling interests.

  38. SouthernConservative says:

    4 – and that’s something that wouldn’t have shown up in a mail piece before?

    The problem lies in the fact that if people look JUST at the mail pieces, they’re going to be contrasting the word of some state Senator they’ve never heard of before (except maybe through a mailer that accused him of giving Taylor 1k), with the word of Zell Miller or Sean Hannity, that’s saying how wonderful this Reed person is. All sarcasm aside, I don’t see it being enough to sway the typical hardcore Republican voter. I don’t really see this as doing Cagle much more good. Particularly if someone, who might be interested in Casey, starts asking what Cagle stands for!

  39. The Busdriver says:

    This is the most ridiculous claim I’ve read in a long time:

    “Reed–someone who has worked for our party for nearly 30 years, behind the contact with American, winning our congressional majority, electing several Republican presidents, moblizing the faith comminity, winning our majority in Georgia, bringing Zell to Bush’s aid, helping elect President Bush and winning the south.

    What did Ralph ever have to do with winning a congressional majority? He lost every congressional race he worked on.

    What “several” Republican presidents did Ralph elect?

    Ralph brought Zell to Bush’s aid?

  40. Demonbeck says:

    The report shows that Reed demanded the money be funneled through another organization rather than directly to Century Strategies because of Reed’s “political concerns.”

    What “political concerns” did Reed have with being paid directly by the Indian tribe if he thought he was doing something legitimate?

  41. Tater Tate says:

    Busdriver–what rock have you been hiding under for the last 20+ years. If you are not familiar with Reed’s accomplishments and contributions then you need to go back to school brother.

  42. Demonbeck says:

    “Ok, Demon, if trustworthiness is an issue, than why should we trust Cagle anymore than we should trust Ralph.”

    Show me an instance where Cagle’s trustworthiness has been marred.

  43. The Busdriver says:

    Tater Tot–go ahead and enlighten me.

    What did Ralph ever have to do with winning a congressional majority? He lost every congressional race he worked on.

    What “several

  44. Bill Simon says:

    Careful, Bus, Newtie-the-Tootie is wating in the wings to claim in TV commercials that Ralph helped him win the Republican Revolution in 1994.

    And, Newtie thinks he can run for President in 2008.

    Yes, we should all believe Newtie, Zig-Zag Zellie, and Ralphie…

  45. Tater Tate says:

    I’d bet the only people who care about this are reading about it right here right now. I’d bet my cows care more about it than the average Republican primary voter.

    They will care about missed votes on eminent domain.

    They will care about support for or lack of work against possible driver’s licences for illegals.

    They will care about a Republican senator giving Mark Taylor $1,000.

    And they will care about an unethical senator enriching himself off his committee work.

    That’s the way it is in south Georgia. But then I don’t know about those crazy liberal people around Atlanta. I just know the AJC don’t like conservative Republicans and they do like Cassey Cagle. Why I bet he’ll get their endorsement too. Won’t that be nice.

  46. JaseLP says:

    It should be noted that while Cagle did miss the vote on SB 86, he did vote in favor of the Chapman Amendment for HR 1306, which would have eliminated blight from that legislation.

    Also, SB 86 went nowhere after it left the Senate. You can blame that on Perdue or the GOP leadership in the House…take your pick.

  47. Demonbeck says:

    I hope Tater’s cows aren’t disenfranchised. Angela Moore may be able to help them out. Are they brown cows?

  48. landman says:

    Ralph is truly an embarrassment to us all and for him to think so highly of himself, that he truly believes that the good people of Georgia would elect him LT GOV…..it will never happen.

    The box just keeps getting smaller and smaller with each passing day.I bet the next push poll will be show a greater deficit than than the NINE POINTS of a couple of weeks ago.

    Mean while the Cagle Train continues to build Momentum and will finish strong….CAGLE ’06

  49. debbie0040 says:

    Busdriver, you would have us believe that in 2004 W hired a Southeastern Regional Director of the Bush-Cheney that he thought only lost campaigns. With the polls being as close as they were, W hired someone he did not feel could win campaigns. Is that what you are telling us?

    Reed helped W secure the nomination in 2000 against McCain. You guys bring up that election over and over again.

    Ralph is a WINNER, get on board the Reed Revolution!!

    Demonbeck, as far as Cagle’s trustworthiness, The Taylor Contribution-which he lied about, Cagle’s financial disclosure form where Cagle listed contributions he h ad not received to puff up his report, Cagle coming up with several excuses on why he helped kill Tort Reform in 2004 by sending it to a committee where the chairman had bragged about killing it. Want more?

  50. landman says:

    Tater,Im beginning to think your cows may be smarter than some of the Reed Enablers on this site.I dont know what part of South Ga. you hail from but Cagle is doing real well in many parts of the Southern Ga.

  51. northside elephant says:

    Ralph people trying to mount a counter-offensive? This is really, really funny. This report is both objective and damning.

    At worst Ralph was complicit in something that is appalling even by beltway standards. At best he was too stupid to realize that he was part of a corrupt scheme funded by casinos.

  52. Bull Moose says:

    You know what… the crime is called laundering and it’s what I think Reed and his buddies participated in.

    Ralph Reed is a national disgrace and only a few morons in Georgia would be stupid enough to think that warrants electing him to statewide office.

    I pray that common sense will prevail.

    The only election I want to see Ralph Reed win is that of cell block chairman!

  53. lobbyga says:


    I don’t know where you live, but it must be in Cagle’s own backyard. I was on a tour of GA last week with one of my clients visiting constituents and I was shocked at how many Reed signs there were. Someone told me Cagle just had a couple of hired guys traveling the state staying in motels putting up the few Cagle signs I saw evidence of. In one place I saw a DOT truck taking down a Cagle sign that was obviously in the right-of-way.

    Reed’s presence was clear and consistent.

    I know Reed gets criticism for being a lobbyist, bit it is funny that most of the Atlanta lobby crowd has been solidly for Cagle. There is a reason. They know they own him and can control him.

    But funny I was invited to a meeting last week of some lobbyists who now know Reed is going to win and they were plotting their strategy to seek forgiveness and offer their support right after the primary.

    I think the wheels on the Cagle bus are coming off. I don’t know were landman lives, but I see nothing to warrant his optimism.

  54. debbie0040 says:

    Busdriver, Debbie, I know you think you’re helping Ralph, but you are not. Do you realize that you’ve cut-and-pasted some of the most damning parts of the report?

    I never said Ralph knew the money was from the choctaws. I was responding to the numerous accusations that he did. If I were in his shoes, I would have seen nothing wrong with taking money from the Choctaw Tribe and would have not insisted it not come from them.

    There is nothing damning in the report about Ralph.

    The bottom line is, who do the majority of voters in Georgia have a higher opinion of? Casey Cagle or Zell Miller, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Haley Barbour, Nancy Coverdell, etc

  55. debbie0040 says:

    Bullmoose, That report did not accuse Reed of money laundering nor any crime. Abramoff was the one guilty of money laundering and the report makes that clear.

    Do you expect us to believe the facts and evidence were there of lawbreaking by Reed but Reed’s nemesis John McCain covered it up for Reed?

    You and the Cagle Campaign have been insuinuating for months that Reed would be indicted and go to jail. I will ask the same questions I am sure voters will ask-“Where is the beef?”.

  56. Bull Moose says:

    I officially call on our Georgia Republican elected officials to distance themselves from Ralph Reed and his Washington, DC scandals.

    His actions are deserving of condemnation.

    Ralph Reed is not fit to serve in office.

    What say you Lynn Westmoreland, Newt Gingrich, Nancy Coverdell and others?

    Do you really want your name associated in support of someone like this?

    Show us that you really care about Georgia and come out and condemn this man for his actions.

  57. CynicalGeek says:

    Wasn’t Reed campaigning through the Christian Coalition with a anti-gambling theme while at the same time he was involved with the Indians?

  58. Bull Moose says:

    Dear God people… Ralph Reed was the one that directed how the funds were to be funneled to him so that they would be clean. Come on. Wake up.

    We have an alternative candidate who is unscathed by these Washington scandals. That candidate is Casey Cagle, a Georgia Senator with character, integrity, and experience.

    Don’t turn to people involved in Washington scandals for leadership, they’ll just end up in jail one day.

  59. Tater Tate says:

    Bull Moose–Clint Murphy

    I’m so sick of your posts. You can say it all day long, but it don’t make it so. There is no scandal here, just a big lie to try to destroy a noble and worthy guy who has given his life to our cause.

    Reed kicked your guy’s rear in SC and you can’t get over it. But you know what, politics is a contact sport.

    Cagle is getting ready to find that out too. All his sleeze is about to become known.

    And yes, I wish my cows could vote. I’d put a Reed sign on their sides if they were close enough to a road.

  60. Bull Moose says:

    From http://www.tpmmuckracker.com

    Committee: Reed, Norquist Used as Pass-Throughs
    By Paul Kiel – June 22, 2006, 11:25 AM
    Here are some damning details about Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist, courtesy of the newly-released McCain Report. It goes into great detail describing Ralph Reed’s scheme to launder casino fees through non-profits.

    Everybody who’s been paying attention to the Abramoff scandal knows that when Ralph Reed, the boy-king of the Christian right, went to work for Jack Abramoff’s Indian casino clients (his job was to roust grassroots Christians against competiting gambling platforms), he got skittish about accepting money from the tribes directly, since he’s, you know, supposed to be anti-gambling. So he used non-profits, like Grover Norquist’s American for Tax Reform, as pass-throughs to disguise the origin of the funds.

    But it’s refreshing to hear the Senate Indian Affairs Committee not mince words in their report. As part of their retelling of Abramoff’s work for the Mississippi Choctaws, the report provides a damning blow-by-blow of how Reed came on this scheme, and how Norquist got started accepting a “management fee” (read: laundering fee) for his services.

    The report is unequivocal. According to the Choctaw’s planner, Nell Rogers, the tribe agreed to launder the money because “Ralph Reed did not want to be paid directly by a tribe with gaming interests.” And at one point, she told the committee, Norquist became “nervous” about laundering the money. (But apparently not too nervous, because he kept on doing it.)

    The section on Reed and Norquist begins on page 23 of the 373-page report, but I’ve reproduced the juiciest excerpt below (with my emphasis). In the beginning, Abramoff paid Reed through his lobbying firm Preston Gates (Abramoff even once suggested that the Choctaw pay Reed directly). But at some point, Reed became uncomfortable with that arrangement.

    The report goes on (what follows is all excerpted):

    “By May 10, 1999, the Choctaw had paid Reed $1,300,000 through Preston Gates, with another $50,000 outstanding. For reasons unclear to the Committee, in late 1999 the Tribe discontinued paying Reed through Preston Gates. Rogers recalled that there came a time when either Reed or Preston Gates (or both) became uneasy about money being passed through Preston Gates to Reed. Abramoff thus searched for another conduit.

    “Abramoff turned to his long-time friend Norquist to have his group ATR serve as a conduit for the Choctaw money. Earlier, on May 20, 1999, Norquist had asked Abramoff, ‘What is the status of the Choctaw stuff. I have a $75K hole in my budget from last year. ouch [sic].’ Thus, in the fall of 1999, Abramoff reminded himself to ‘call Ralph re Grover doing pass through.’ When Abramoff suggested the Choctaw start using ATR as a conduit, the Tribe agreed.

    “In late 1999, the Choctaw paid ATR $325,000. In a 2005 interview with The Boston Globe, Norquist said that ATR had sent $300,000 of that $325,000 to Citizens Against Legalized Lottery (CALL). Norquist explained that he sent the money to CALL because the Tribe wanted to block gambling competition in Alabama. Out of the Choctaw’s $325,000, ATR apparently kept $25,000 for its services. According to Rogers, Norquist demanded that he receive a management fee for letting ATR be used as a conduit:

    But I remember when we discussed needing a vehicle for doing the pass-through to Century Strategies that Jack had told me that Grover wouldwant a management fee. And we agreed to that, frankly didn’t know any other way to do it at that time.
    “On a similar project in early 2000, Reed and Abramoff discussed using four groups instead of one as conduits to pay Reed: NCPPR, ATR, Toward Tradition and one unidentified have a c4” and asked Reed for ‘the name of the c4 you want to use (include address) and we’ll divide it among the three groups.’ Within days, Abramoff advised Reed that Amy Ridenour, president of NCPPR, ‘does not have a c4, only a c3, so we are back to ATR only.’

    “Abramoff asked Reed, ‘Let me know if it will work just to do this through ATR until we can find another group.’ Though Reed did not respond, on February 2, 2000, Abramoff informed Reed, ‘We’ll have $300K for Monday and more shortly thereafter.’ This project apparently was centered on opposing a video poker initiative. The Choctaw made the first of three $300,000 payments to ATR on February 7, 2000. Abramoff warned Reed, however, that ‘I need to give Grover something for helping, so the first transfer will be a bit lighter.’

    “During this time, Abramoff advised Reed that the Choctaw might be limited in the amount of money it could devote to his activities. In response, Reed assured Abramoff that he was also seeking money from ‘national anti-gambling groups, Christian CEOs, and national profamily groups.’

    “The Tribe was nevertheless able to continue funding Reed’s efforts. On February 17, 2000, Abramoff advised Reed that ‘ATR will be sending a second $300K today.’ This money, too, came from the Choctaw. Norquist kept another $25,000 from the second transfer, which apparently surprised Abramoff.

    “On March 2, 2000, Abramoff told Rogers he needed ‘more money asap’ for Reed, and requested ‘a check for $300K for Americans for Tax Reform asap.’

    “Abramoff’s executive assistant Susan Ralston asked him, ‘Once ATR gets their check, should the entire $300k be sent to the Alabama Christian Coalition again?’

    “Abramoff replied, ‘Yes, but last time they sent $275K, so I want to make sure that before we send it to ATR I speak with Grover to confirm.’

    “Rogers did not speak with anyone at ATR about using ATR as a conduit. As far as Rogers knew, ATR was not involved and was not considering getting involved in any of the efforts the Choctaw ultimately paid Reed and others to oppose. Based on everything Rogers knew, ATR simply served as a conduit to disguise the source of the Choctaw money ultimately paid to grassroots groups and Reed. Rogers told Committee staff that she understood from Abramoff that ATR was willing to serve as a conduit, provided it received a fee.

    “The Choctaw’s intent and understanding was that the money would pass through ATR and ultimately reach either Reed or a grassroots organization engaging in anti-gaming activities. It was never intended as a contribution to support ATR’s general anti-tax work.

    “As far as Rogers was concerned, ATR was serving as a conduit on a project that had nothing to do with taxes and that was designed to oppose gaming.

    “At some point, Rogers recalled that Norquist apparently began getting nervous about his role as a pass-through. Rogers thought that part of Norquist’s discomfort derived from press accounts reporting that ATR was one of the largest contributors to an organization that was fighting against the expansion of gaming.

    “The question arises why the Choctaw paid money to Reed through various conduits, such as Preston Gates and ATR, rather than directly. Rogers told Committee staff, ‘I always assumed it’s because Ralph was more comfortable with that.’ Rogers understood from Abramoff that ‘Ralph Reed did not want to be paid directly by a tribe with gaming interests. It was our understanding that the structure was recommended by Jack Abramoff to accommodate Mr. Reed’s political concerns.’

    “Nevertheless, the work Reed and his company Century Strategies performed and for which they were paid through Preston Gates and ATR was on the Tribe’s behalf and for its benefit. The Tribe has no complaints about the quality of work Reed undertook on its behalf.

    “Once ATR ceased serving as a conduit, Abramoff and Reed looked for other conduits for the Tribe to route money to Reed’s Century Strategies. After he left Preston Gates for Greenberg Traurig in 2001, Abramoff suggested the Tribe pay into entities owned or controlled by Michael Scanlon. In 2001, the Choctaw paid money into American International Center (AIC), which Abramoff described as vehicle for passing money through to Reed. By the Committee’s accounting, the Tribe paid AIC $1,485,656 in 2001, and $1,170,000 in 2002.”

  61. Bull Moose says:

    Tater Tate, oh, how you may think you know who this is… Trust me, you are very wrong.

    You really need to learn to accept reality and realize you are supporting a hypocrite, lier, charlatan, and perhaps, yes, perhaps, even a felon.

    Get over yourself already. It’s a blog for goodness sake…

  62. landman says:

    LOBBY,Could you in all of your infinite wisdom tell us the names of Washington Lobbyist who have successfully run for State-wide office in Ga.,much less one with the baggage that Reed brings?

    Secondly,you are wrong on the signs comment,Ralph has a strong showing in Macon but outside of that its pretty thin.Overall I would say the one person out of all campaigns that has more signs is Taylor.

  63. Demonbeck says:

    I heard some Holsteins in Bryan county endorsed Cagle, are Tater’s cows going to strip them of their status? Sounds like they might follow the footsteps of the CC sheep.

    And no, LINDA, Holstein cows are not Jewish…or are they?

  64. Bull Moose says:

    Mark Taylor is working his *ss off… If he keeps it up, they won’t be able to call him the big guy anymore…

    I have to say, it’s kind of impressive to see someone work so hard for office, even if he is going to lose to the Governor.

  65. Bull Moose says:

    Demonbeck, what about those mules that are still supporting Reed? Is there redemption for them?

  66. Karla Stuckey says:

    Don’t know who Bull Moose is listening to or what he is smoking, but he should not take his cues from liberal folk on this.

    If you hear a sound coming from DC it is a great sigh of relief. Even McCain staffers are glad to have this over with.

    All of Reed’s supporters are elated with this report and the fact that nothing new comes from it, and no charges of anything illegal. Rove and company feel vindicated in their support of Reed and standing by him.

    It is good to have this over with. Congratulations Ralph Reed.

  67. jacewalden says:

    “All of Reed’s supporters are elated with this report…”

    I’ll bet they are. It means their boy still has a chance of staying on the ballot…

    but not much more than that.

  68. debbie0040 says:

    Bull Moose, tht web site also blasts Porter Goss, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, Cheney, Scooter Libby, and other elected Republicans. In fact I don’t believe saw any criticism of Democrats. I can see why you have your liberal views reading that crap.

    Read the report, it is unbiased…

    You must be in mourning now that you realized Cagle is toast.

    The Walton Tribune


    Getting to know Ralph Reed

    By Patrick Graham
    The Walton Tribune

    Published June 21, 2006

    I’ve had the opportunity to hear Ralph Reed speak twice now in the last week.

    Reed, a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, was part of a series of debates involving statewide candidates held at the Georgia Press Association’s annual convention last week. Reed was also the guest speaker at Monday’s meeting of the Monroe Rotary Club, marking his second visit to Walton County in a little less than three weeks.

    On both occasions, Reed did very well.

    After Thursday’s debates, I felt like Reed had gotten the better of his Republican opponent, state Sen. Casey Cagle, a viewpoint shared by other members of the industry I later talked to about the debate. And why shouldn’t he? A debate format is one Reed should thrive in due to his past experience in politics and political strategy at some of the very highest levels, and he did.

    And he may be giving Gov. Sonny Perdue some tips because his public speaking ability today is light-years ahead of where it was even a year ago.

    Reed was equally impressive during his address to the Rotary Club. He downplayed his run for office. In fact he never said he was a candidate for anything. Instead he spent his time singing the praises of the state’s incumbent Republican governor and discussing things he believes state government should be doing in order to help grow business in Georgia, a good approach when talking to a group of business owners and operators. Reed is as polished a speaker as you will ever see, and that came across during both the debate last Thursday and Monday’s visit to the Rotary Club. But to his credit, his presentation doesn’t come across as phony or rehearsed, but rather as what he believes should be done to make the state a better place to live and work.

    And he seems to be placing an emphasis on Walton County leading up to the primaries, whereas his opponent is much less visible locally. Of course, if I were a Republican candidate for statewide office I’d make sure to emphasize a county that voted 80 percent Republican in the last election as well.

    I’ve said in this space before I thought Reed would likely win the race for lieutenant governor based on name recognition if nothing else. I’ve seen nothing in these two public appearances that would cause me to change my prediction.


    Copyright © 2006 The Walton Tribune

  69. Jimbo says:

    You Cagle devotees must have had to get your refill of Prozac after the report came out. Reed was not accused of wrong doing after months of listening to you guys state he would be indicted.

    Like Debbie asked, I ask, “Where is the beef?”

    And man that article form Walton County must have made you Cagle guys reach for a barf bag..

    Cagle is history. Reed will be elected Lt. Governor…

  70. Demonbeck says:

    According to this article, Reed is either an idiot, a money changer, a thief or otherwise unethical. I’ll leave it to you Reed supporters to let me know which one it is.

    Report: Reed’s ‘political concerns’ diverted payments
    Candidate for lt. governor worked with Indian tribes to protect gambling interests

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 06/22/06
    Washington — Representatives for Indian tribes in Mississippi and Louisiana said former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed used money that was filtered through numerous organizations to fight competition to tribal casinos, according to a federal report released today.

    Tribal representatives said the filtering was used to satisfy Reed’s “political concerns,” according to a 373-page report by the U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee. The report was released less than a month before Georgia’s July 18 primary, in which Reed is a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor.

    The document was the result of a two-year investigation into influence-peddling by Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who directed the money Reed used in his anti-gambling efforts in 1999 and 2000.

    “The report confirms I have not been accused of any wrongdoing in this matter,” Reed said Thursday morning. “It also confirms that I was hired as a subcontractor for a very respected law firm, and had no direct relationship with their clients.”

    Reed has maintained that he was always assured that his efforts against casinos wouldn’t be paid with money tainted by gambling. “It is now clear from benefit of hindsight, that this was a piece of business I should have declined,” he said.

    The Senate report is an extensive narrative of Abramoff’s relationships with his tribal clients, how he and a partner bilked them of tens of millions of dollars, and of Reed’s participation.

    In 1999 and 2000, Reed waged a battle in Alabama to defeat a state lottery and video poker legislation, at the behest of the Mississippi Band of Choctaws, an Abramoff client.

    “The question arises why the Choctaw paid money to Reed through various conduits…rather than directly,” the report states.

    Nell Rogers, a planner for the Choctaw who coordinated payments with Abramoff, told Senate investigators that “Ralph Reed did not want to be paid directly by a tribe with gaming interests. It was our understanding that the structure was recommended by Jack Abramoff to accommodate Mr. Reed’s political concerns.

    The report says the Choctaw paid Reed $1.3 million and were satisfied with his work. Both Reed and the tribe have also said that money from the Choctaws came from the tribe’s non-gaming accounts.

    Later, Reed did similar work for the Louisiana Coushattas, another Abramoff client, directing campaigns against efforts to expand gambling into neighboring Texas and Louisiana.

    According to the report:

    “Abramoff specifically proposed that the tribe work with former Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed. According to [Coushatta attorney Kathryn] Van Hoof, Abramoff understood that gaming opponents, like Christian conservatives, would of course eschew direct contributions from the tribe.”

    The committee report quoted William Worfel, the elected vice chairman of the Coushattas, who said Van Hoof gave the tribe explicit instructions. “She was real careful about a Ralph Reed person. It can’t get out. He’s Christian Coalition. It wouldn’t look good if they’re receiving money from a casino operating tribe to oppose gambling. It would be kind of like, hypocritical.”

    Find this article at:

  71. landman says:

    Ive never seen so many people happy that their Candidate for Statewide office is not being indicted….Thats a real high bar you guys set.

  72. debbie0040 says:

    What do you expect from the AJC? Jim Galloway should be a paid member of Cagle’s staff.

    He also left out the following:Page 24,

  73. debbie0040 says:


    we are happy over the fact you Cagle people have lost the first of many battles. You and Casey Cagle have proclaimed for months that Reed will be indicted and hurt the ticket like what happened in the 1996 campaign. You and the State Senators have used scare tactics. Now it will all backfire.

    “Where is the Beef?”

  74. Demonbeck says:

    “Ralph Reed did not want to be paid directly by a tribe with gaming interests. It was our understanding that the structure was recommended by Jack Abramoff to accommodate Mr. Reed’s political concerns”

    Thank you for making my argument for me.

    Reed did not care where the money came from initially, as long as it came to him from a clean source. Reed’s political concerns (ie: how he is percieved publically) is the only reason he did not accept the gaming money directly.

  75. Bill B. says:

    BullMoose…what an idiot:

    “I officially call on our Georgia Republican elected officials to distance themselves from Ralph Reed…” Then the idiot goes on to try and get the people that are behind Ralph Reed such as Nancy Coverdale, Newt Gingrich, Lynn Westmoreland, etc. to not support him. Officially? What’s he elected to? McCain Fan Club President?

    Later the idiot states, “Get over yourself already. It’s a blog for goodness sake…” Good advice-follow it!

    Ralph did nothing wrong. The game is over. Cagle’s ace in the hole was that something would come out of this. Guess what…he missed the card he needed. He needs to fold now and try to leave with some dignity.

    By the way, today Rush pointed out the John McCain was part of the Keating Savings and Loan Scandal! I’m sure all the cagleites won’t support him for president now that they know that!

  76. gopdoc says:

    On vacation, but great to hear the news about Reed being vindicated. I’ve enjoyed hearing the Cagel supporters squirm through these posts. Cagle’s campaign sham is now clearly exposed. I even thought the Jim Galloway article was very moderate. I suspect the media will now finally turn away from this, just in time for the campaign media blitz.

    I belong to physicians for Reed, which is just getting cranked up. We are confident that Cagle has strong connections to the trial lawyers because of his past actions and contributions from them. He has not always been a friend to tort reform. In fact, he tried to kill it more than once. And his big supporter Sen. Shaffer is a big friend of the trial lawyers on the Republican side.

    Plus, when I have told my doc friends about that $1,000 contribution to Lt. Gov. Taylor they shake their heads. That’s a damning reality for Cagle.

    We know that in Reed we will have a friend for healthcare issues in Georgia.

  77. SouthernConservative says:

    I leave for a one hour lunch break and it takes me a whole hour just to catch up on what I missed. Sheez!

    First of all, screw all of you who keep posting these long – a** articles.

    Secondly, I love how so many of you so called conservative Republicans quote Jim Galloway like he’s Ronald Reagan.

    Thirdly, landman, two things to you: in answer to your question about a lobbyist winning before: you show me a Washington lobbyist who’s tried running for office before, then I’ll answer your question. There’s not many lobbyists who make a run for office. There are, however, certain legislators who, upon completion of their official duties, make an immediate run for a lobbyists position. Then, as we’ve seen, there are legislators who make lobbying for personal gain a part of their official duties. Ahha, ha, ha. And landman, I drove through Macon yesterday: if you think that Mark Taylor has up more signs in Macon than Ralph Reed, Ray Charles could call a ballgame better than you.

    I’d like to pose a question to all of the Cagle folks on here: compare and contrast for me the various actions of which the two candidates have been accused, and tell me why one is worse than the other.

  78. Demonbeck says:

    Anyone who didn’t know that McCain was implicated in the “Keating Five” is either an idiot or a moron. To have to rely on Rush Limbaugh to remind you of that doesn’t say much for you either.

    The first thing I thought about when I saw the Gimme Five title on this report was the correlation with the Keating Five.

    About the Keating Five:
    “The ethics committee’s special counsel concluded that of the five, Glenn (a former astronaut) and McCain (a former Prisoner Of War) were not substantially involved in the influence-peddling scheme. Indeed, it was believed at the time that the Democratic party, which at the time controlled the Senate, wanted McCain — the only Republican in the group — to remain a target of the investigation in order to avoid the impression that the scandal was only a Democratic problem. As Glenn’s involvement with Keating was equivalent to McCain’s, the only reason that Glenn was made a subject of the investigation was to keep McCain in the suspected group. “

  79. SouthernConservative says:

    By the way, sucks to be Erick in Memphis missing all this great, original candor… 😀

  80. Demonbeck says:

    OK SC, I’ll bite:

    1.Ralph Reed runs a dirty campaign for GA LG in 1997 accusing Clint Day of desecrating Indian burial grounds among other untrue and dastardly deeds. His candidate wins the primary and continues to run such a dirty campaign that he gets sued by the eventual winner, Mark Taylor for libel. As the result of this dirty campaign, his candidate goes to jail.

    1.Cagle gives $1000 as an apology to the eventual winner of that race along with the Senate Minority Leader, Eric Johnson to try and make amends for the dirty campaign run by Reed and his candidate. Later, Cagle’s campaign misquotes Cagle on the reason why that donation was made. Cagle corrects the quote later.

    2. Ralph Reed bilks Native American casinoes of millions of dollars and has the money laundered through friends and cronies so that his image might remain squeaky clean for his CC buddies.

    2. Cagle announces that he has raised more than $100,000 in a day and reports the promised donations prior to having recieved them.

    Yep, their both pretty dirty. I’ll go get some hand sanitizer for Cagle, Reed may need some turpentine.

  81. Bill B. says:

    If it takes 7 weeks for him to notice a mistake that big, think how bad he would do as LG? Or maybe he had to wait until someone could read the press release with all those big college words for him? Perhaps his single-mother…

  82. blazer says:

    “I dont know what part of South Ga. you hail from but Cagle is doing real well in many parts of the Southern Ga.”

    Landman, please tell me what parts of South GA Cagle is doing so well in?

    Because this is directly from Cagle’s website:

    “Cagle and Reed are close in the middle of the state, but the poll shows Reed with an 8-point lead in South Georgia.”

    So I am just a little curious.

  83. Demonbeck says:

    That poll was weeks ago. A lot of things could have changed. Who knows? With all this wonderful press Reed has been getting maybe he’s leading the race right now.

    Cagle’s been making a lot of inroads in S. Georgia in recent weeks. Don’t count him out down here.

  84. Tater Tate says:

    Admittedly I live about 30 miles from anywhere significant, but my county and neighbors are solid Republicans these days. I have yet to meet anyone of them who even knows who Casey Cagle is.

    Now I know that will not be true everywhere, but I still believe that on the whole people don’t really know much about Cagle or who he is.

    Reed, on the other hand, is better known, but not universally known. He has spoken to “R” groups that I attend. Cagle has not been down here to my knowledge.

    I have not seen any Cagle signs in my county, but I have two big ones on my fences and have left signs with a number of neighbors. I’m one of that grass roots team. I’ve knocked on doors and made calls and will do a lot more between now and the primary.

    But I really believe all Reed has to do is get the word out about that $1,000 contribution to Taylor, whose family is pretty much hated around here, and Cagle will be toast.

    Then tell um about his absence from the vote on SB 86 and their property rights and that will send um right over the edge. Down here we love Sen. Jeff Chapman and think his bill should have carried the day. We’ll fogive Sonny for striking out on his own, but we won’t forgive Cagle for ducking out on a vote to protect property rights. Nothing more damn sacred than that around here.

    And then tell um about Cagle using his position to feather his own nest. That’ll win him friends.

    Cagle should have gotten himself more around the state and not counted on the liberal media to do his work in destroying Reed. I just think its too damn late now. And I don’t trust him. I see Cagle as one of those insiders and what’s wrong with Georgia politics.

  85. Demonbeck says:

    Well, I guess Tater Tate has Echols county and its twelve voters all locked up for Reed.

    “I see Cagle as one of those insiders and what’s wrong with Georgia politics.”

    And I see Reed as one of those insiders and what’s wrong with US politics. You cannot deny Reed’s involvement in the largest scandal in DC since Watergate.

    “that $1,000 contribution to Taylor”

    – which was done to make amends for the horrible condition Reed’s Skandalakis campaign left Georgia Republicans in.

    “Then tell um about his absence from the vote on SB 86 ”

    His excused absence. After which, he supported in an amendment to HB1313. The amendment ultimately failed.


    Don’t be duped by the Reed spin machine. Each of the three Reed talking points you have brought up are lies and innuendo spread out by a man desperate for power.

  86. Jack S says:

    This manic, throw everything at the wall trying to distract folks from the fact you’re man is a lying crook – well it just proves it. You reed people are just plain nuts. Hurry or you’ll miss the short bus!

  87. Here is the summarized facts and Reed’s spin all in 4 paragraphs.

    Houston Chronicle

    “”The report also highlighted the work of former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed on behalf of Indian gambling interests. Reed, seeking the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor in Georgia, was paid more than $4 million by two tribes between March 2001 and February 2002, the report said. The money was sent through intermediaries to satisfy Reed’s concern that he not be linked to Indian casinos, the report said.

    Reed, a longtime friend of Abramoff, received the bulk of the credit for shutting down the Tigua’s casino, a campaign carried out to benefit another Abramoff client’s gambling operations.

    In a statement, Reed said, “The report confirms that I have not been accused of any wrongdoing.”

    Reed said he was assured he would not be paid with money derived from gambling. “While I believed at the time that those assurances were sufficient, it is now clear with the benefit of hindsight that this is a piece of business I should have declined,” Reed said.””

  88. Bill B. says:

    If Cagle had ever tried to be positive and tell the voters who he is and what he stands for, this wouldn’t hurt him as much. But his whole campaign has been an I Hate Ralph campaign. His negative attacks have turned voters off and not raised his name ID.

    And the Reed campaign of ideas and a vision for a better Georgia is hitting stride at just the right time.

  89. Demonbeck says:

    The only new and fresh idea I have seen from Reed throughout the campaign is “it is now clear with the benefit of hindsight that this is a piece of business I should have declined.”

  90. duluthmom says:

    I haven’t had a chance to wade through the report but according to the old Nation article there was an email confirmation that Reed knew where the money was coming from.

    But their e-mail exchanges, made public by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, indicate that Reed knew where his bread was being buttered. In a 1999 e-mail Abramoff asked him to “get me invoices as soon as possible so I can get Choctaw to get us checks ASAP.” In 2000 Abramoff told Reed, “The firm has held back all payments pending receipt of a check from Choctaw.”

    Was this confirmed in this report?
    If so, there’s no way any one can say Reed didn’t know.

  91. larry smith says:

    Did you see the part where Ralph and Abramoff were setting up a plan to have elderly parishoners at black churches in the south get life insurances policies? The beneficiaries of those policies would be conduit charities that would kick the proceeds to Ralph and Jack.

    One of the more disgusting get rich quick schemes I’ve ever seen, for a variety of reasons.

  92. JP says:

    Thank God that Ralphie hasn’t “been accused of any wrondoing” and that he had “no direct relationship” with the organizations in question.

    All that says is nowhere in the document does it reference anyone handing him an indictment, and that he’s not saying he didn’t have an INDIRECT relationship. Is that the best our state can do?

    Can we afford this guy in our #2 elected office when Delta’s already bankrupt and our two auto plants are closing?

  93. JP says:

    I forgot one thing. Debbie, you’re full of it. Supporting Reed at this point is like putting up a sign in front of your house in favor of highway robbery.

  94. JaseLP says:

    About the vote on Senate Bill 86. The Reed campaign is saying that Cagle walked off the floor of the Senate before the vote. Cagle participated in the vote before the SB 86. If you look at the time you’ll notice that the vote took place 40 minutes before the vote for SB 86. In that 40 minute time frame Cagle was excused from the Senate. He missed four votes while he was excused (the votes were for SB 86, SB 135, SB 154 and SB 173).

    Cagle did vote for the Chapman Amendment in HR 1306, which would have provided more protection for property owners in Georgia.

    The failure to pass SB 86 was on the House. It was passed in the Senate, in the wake of SB 5. But during the break between the 2005 and 2006 sessions the Supreme Court dealt a blow to property owners across the nation with the Kelo decision.

    Sonny Perdue saw a campaign issue and he wanted to make his personal imprint by introducing his own legislation through his floor leaders. House leaders complied.

    So, if you really want to blame someone for the failure of passing SB 86, blame Sonny Perdue, the Speaker or the Republican House leadership. At this point though, Ralph Reed is trying to find anything to stop his sinking ship. Is this all he has?

  95. LeftOFLeft says:

    just wondering, is it true that Reed’s is recording a campaign song with Cher where they will sing “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves?”

  96. LeftOFLeft says:

    well I’ll raise you one 4ofspades, kenny rogers’ “You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em.” that will be for the country music voters!

  97. Bull Moose says:

    I am dissapointed that more people haven’t called for Ralph Reed’s condemnation because of his acts in the Abramoff Corruption of Congress Scandal in DC.

    We do not need that type of influence on Georgia politics.

    Keep the scandals in Washington!

  98. Bull Moose says:

    I can’t leave this quote out from officials in Washington…

    “Reed was accused of no wrongdoing, but the committee said the use of nonprofit corporations by Reed, Abramoff and others “to obscure the source of funds” was worth more investigation.”

    Okay, do you really want to throw an anchor around Republicans this fall?

  99. bowersville says:

    Bull Moose,
    Let me add my .02 cents worth. Duluth Mom offered the best evidence that Reed knew exacltly what he was doing. His alibi of “had I known then what I know now,” does not work in the world of logic. I believe, just as he knew then, he knows now, his followers can be duped, and he’s duping them again. And like blind sheep of the Pied Piper, they will follow him off the cliff. They can’t be swayed by logic, and Reed will lead himself off the cliff by his own justification at the polls on July 18th. To Reed, his quest for power, by whatever means, jusifies the end. Calling for condemnation for his corruption will do no good, Reed and his followers can’t and never will see it. When Reed looses, they will simply martyr him as the victim of the liberal media for “DOING RIGHT!”

  100. bowersville says:

    Again, your quote “to obscure the source of funds was worth more investigation” is wothy of consideration. The Reed supporters will not see this as a refferal to a federal prosecutor or Grand Jury to procede. Apparently, there is some mis-understanding among them(or intential blindness). A Senate Committee has no criminal indictement powers, only a prosecutor along with a Grand Jury.

  101. Bull Moose says:

    Good point bowersville…

    We’ll just have to remember those that continued to follow Reed and make sure not to elect them to higher office, or office period.

    They are demonstrating they do not have the judgement to serve.

  102. Bull Moose says:

    bowersville, that quote was from the AJC article… I hope they come down hard on this scandal that way we can clean out DC from those that are unethical once and for all!

    Our country deserves better.

  103. Maurice Atkinson says:

    This is some really salacious stuff. The sad fact is that so many have apologized and excused the corruption of this man and have put their reputations out there for him to lean on.

  104. bowersville says:

    One other thing that I found more than coincidental. At about the same time as the Senate report was released, on The Drudge Report, under AP breaking news(sorry I don’t do links), they reported Federal Prosecutors, along with defense attorney’s argued successfully for the beginning of Abramoff’s prison sentence to be post-poned, so that his continued co-operation with Federal investigators can continue. Ironic? No. This Saga isn’t over by a long ahot.

  105. bowersville says:

    I read the comment about the insurance scam. I’m waiting on valid documentation, because if this proves true, not only has the Titanic struck the berg, it has broken apart and met with the icy floor of the Atlantic, to never float again.

  106. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Absolutely, in fact, the report advocates further investigation into the laundering through non-profits. Wonder if it was taxed?

  107. bowersville says:

    You know they weren’t taxed by there own memo’s reporting the scim off of 25K, two times, and the remainder going to Reed.

  108. debbie0040 says:

    Bullmoose, get over it.Reed will NOT be indicted and did nothing wrong. You should focus your attention on helping your ethically challenged candidate, Casey Cagle, dealing with his loss.

    You guys kill me. Trying to say that McCain covered up Reed’s involvement. McCain HATES Reed. How many times have you guys bought up the phone calls in South Carolina that you say Reed was responsible for? If you really believe that then I have some tickets to sell you for an Elvis live show at the Sands Casino in Las Vegas.

    Bullmoose, Cagle has a lot to answer for. He was supposed to be serving and representing his constituents while State Senator. He obviously server himself more. He i ncresed his wealth by 900% in four years. Imagine what he could do as Lt. Governor…

  109. Bill Simon says:

    I’ll bet if Ralph decided he was in favor of gay marriage, Debbie and Crew would then turn against him.

    BUT, as long as the only thing he did was lie and mis-use his fellow Christian breathren to launder money from immoral sources, that’s okay for them.

    After all, gay marriage is a far worse sin than bearing false winess over and over and over…

  110. larry smith says:


    The fact that Reed has not been indicted yet certainly does not mean he won’t be. If you’ve had any exposure to federal criminal investigations of large complex schemes, you know they take months, often years, to lead to indictments.

    For example, by setting up charity groups as shells and laundering money through them, Ralph clearly abused the non-profit statutes and most likely evaded taxes. And, the life insurance scheme he and Abramoff were hatching sure sounds a lot like fraud to me.

    If Ralph doesn’t go to jail, it’s not because there wasn’t evidence of criminal conduct, but because the prosecutors moved on to bigger fish.

  111. larry smith says:


    I think Debbie and Crew is basically just Debbie plus Seth Millican and Jason Shepherd. “Jimbo” is definitely one of her alter egos.

    That then leaves these fictitious political sitcom characters like an anonymous Washington insider, a make believe Republican doctor, and a bad caricature of a rural voter. I’d be willing to bet those are all some junior staffer in Ralph’s office.

  112. debbie0040 says:

    If Ralph had betrayed his Christian principles and helped open a casino that would be wrong. He did not do that. He helped stop a casino.

    Ralph did not mis-use his fellow Christian brethern. Reed did not bear false witness.

    You Cagle supporters need to deal with the fact you did not get what you wanted out of the report..

    Reed will win the GOP Primary by 15 % Remember that number

  113. debbie0040 says:

    Larry, if you think I am Jimbo, then why don’t you take him up on his offer to meet him? Chicken? Put up or shut up.

    You are losing your objectivity. Jason Shepherd a Reed supporter? Jason has gone to the extremes to maintain his neutrality in that race. His boss, Oxendine, endorsed Cagle. I would imagine if Jason had any leanings it would be Cagle.

    And who are you Larry ? Your sentiments are an awful a lot like Bullmoose, busdriver, etc. Are those your alter egos?

  114. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Debbie, nobody is making that assertion, and quite the contrary. The report advocates further investigation, by appropriate agencies, into Ralph’s laundering schemes. The abuse of non-profits.

    So if I understand you correctly, Debbie, a new benchmark has been set on how to effectively organize and run a campaign. The new method is to establish bogus non-profit groups, wage the war for the for-profit client, then disband the non-profit. Appears that he proved it could work, to some degree, in Alabama by establishing the Coalition to Protect Our Children, working diligently for his client, Channel One.

    Yes, this is a rehash of the same. We rile against corrupt government, yet embolden people who have made an artform out of corruption.

    The issues should speak for themselves. In fact, they do. Why then, was it so important to sleaze around to cover the expenses? The answer is simple. It’s greed.

  115. larry smith says:


    Here’s how I can tell you are Jimbo:

    1) “He” has the same stream of conciousness, please God never let me have to sit by this person on an airplane, raving lunatic writing style as you. It’s painfully obvious you’re astroturfing.

    2) Every time I bring this up, you go off on some nutty tirade about wanting to meet me … doesn’t matter if you’re playing Debbie or Jimbo.

    3) You can’t clone crazy.

  116. Bill Simon says:


    I don’t know why you brought in Jason Shepherd’s name into this mix. He’s not where you might think he is in this matter. So, drop him from your references, okay?

  117. SouthernConservative says:

    The Reed mailer with Sadie’s endorsement hit yesterday.

    Why don’t we all sit around the campfire and cry foul, oh how hypocritical is the hate – mongering, Jew bashing, gay – screwi..er, hating Christian Coalition…

  118. debbie0040 says:

    I am not Jimbo. Put up or shut up and find out by meeting him. You will find what a complete fool you are..

    Let’s see now. I have been accused of being both a man (Jimbo) and woman (Sadie Fields). What is next for you Cagle supporters?

    Your writing styles and sentiments are very much like busdriver, Bull moose. Are you all the same?

  119. debbie0040 says:

    Ok Maurice where in the report does it say more investigation needs to be made into Ralph’s money laundering schemes? Does it mention Ralph and money laundering? Do you have a different report than what I have? Abramoff and Norquist were the ones guilty of money laundering and the arrangements not Reed.

    From the report:

    Referrals to Other Committees
    1. Possible Misuse of Tax Exempt Organizations
    In the course of its investigation, this Committee uncovered numerous instances of
    nonprofit organizations that appeared to be involved in activities unrelated to their mission as
    described to the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, the Committee observed that a number of
    nonprofit organizations were used as instruments to channel money from one entity to another in
    an effort to obscure the source of funds, the eventual use of funds, and to evade tax liability on
    funds. Finally, the Committee also observed tax exempt organizations apparently serving as or
    being used as extensions of for-profit lobbying operations.
    Recognizing that oversight of nonprofit organizations under the Internal Revenue Code is
    not within the jurisdiction of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, the Committee, at the
    request of the Senate Committee on Finance, transmitted a number of relevant documents
    pertaining to this issue to the Senate Committee on Finance on February 9, 2006. Those
    documents are included in this Report in the supporting documents following the text of the
    The Committee believes that the evidence it uncovered raises serious issues involving
    nonprofit organizations, not only with regard to compliance with existing federal revenue laws,
    but also with regard to whether existing federal revenue laws should be altered to prevent or
    discourage such activity. The Committee therefore recommends that the Senate Committee on
    Finance investigate, hold hearings, and report to the Senate on its findings and recommendations
    on these issues.

  120. Smillican says:

    I suppose I should begin by telling Maurice how honored I am to have been accused of being a contributor to this site. Erick’s a good friend of mine, and I consider this site a daily read. I’m not, however, nor have I ever, been a poster or contributor, to this point, though I have been accused of being so in the not too distant past (President’s Day, Mr. Simon?)

    Lest there be any doubt about my loyalties, I’ll clear them up. I’m firmly and proudly supporting Mr. Reed for Lt. Governor. With all due respect to Senator Cagle whom I consider a friend and a good man of most estimable character, I also say that should Ralph lose this primary, I’ll work just as hard for Senator Cagle as I am for Mr. Reed. I’m not going to take pains to explain my position, as it appears it would be, to borrow the colloquialism, spitting in the wind. I will say this to Mr. Atkinson et al, since ya’ll seem to think so condemingly upon my character and/or my political commitment – your time would be much better served, sir, by actually campaigning for your man, rather than wasting your time attacking your opponent and your opponent’s supporters. Being bused to out of town events and being quoted in Yankee newspapers does nothing for your candidate, and really nothing for you either.

    With all due respect, I hear that Senator Cagle’s 4 x 4s are being constructed by a team of young men driving around the state and staying in hotels as they put signs up. Perhaps if all of Senator Cagle’s supporters on this site would actually put boot to butt and campaign for the good Senator, instead of trying to put their boot up Mr. Reed’s hindquarters, it would be better for all involved and Senator Cagle’s campaign wouldn’t have to pay someone to put signs up.

    May the best man win, and my hope is that each one of you support the nominee just as strongly as you’ve supported your man in the primary, Reed and Cagle alike. I think some of us might have begun to forget what it was like back in 2000 and 2001, when Senator Johnson stretched the crime scene tape across the back of the Senate chamber. I, for one, don’t want to go back there, and for the sake of the hard work of dozens of true Republicans like Mr. Reed around this state who have been laboring for 20 and 30 years to see this day come, I hope we’ll all put party above personal opportunism and support the nominee, regardless of which man it is.

  121. larry smith says:


    1) Reed was a far more central figure in the money laundering scheme than was Norquist.

    2) McCain referred that element of the investigation to the Senate Finance Committee, which is pursuing it as part of its longstanding inquiry into criminal abuse of non-profit groups.

  122. debbie0040 says:

    Larry/Busdriver/Bull moose, Did he mention Reed’s name in regard to money laundering? No he did not. It was clear in the report that Abramoff was the one that made the arrangments.

    Quit grasping at straws

  123. Jimbo says:

    Larry, you little pu**y email me at [email protected] and find out who I am. Meet me and you find out I am not a woman or Debbie. Go ahead, make my day.

    You Cagle people are pretty humerous and you can not deal with defeat. Get used to it. Reed will not be charged with a crime. You make things up in the report that is not there.

  124. debbie0040 says:

    Ralph made it clear he would not accept money from gambling interests. Jack wanted Reed’s help so he filtered the money on his own.

  125. jacewalden says:

    Debbie/Jimbo/Southern Conservative/and Other Reed Supporters:

    Reed will lose. Sorry.

    To All of my Fellow Cagle Supporters:

    Cagle will win regardless of whether or not Reed is indicted. Quit hoping that Reed is indicted…it’s very unbecoming. C’mon, the guy has family, afterall. Everytime someone talks about Reed’s wrongdoings, it only adds fuel to the fire. Argue the one point that no Reed supporter can Refute: Cagle is a true conservative who has work hard as a Georgia Senator for 12 years, and will be a credit to all Georgia Republicans if elected:

    Cagle: A+ Rating NRA
    Cagle: Endorsed by GA Right to Life
    Cagle: 100% Voting Record with NFIB in 2002.
    Cagle: co-sponser of Zero Based Budgeting
    Cagle: Cagle also has worked for passage of tax relief legislation, as well as measures to provide alternative sources of revenue (other than property taxes) to support public education.
    Cagle: Authored the bill to allow use of a one percent special purpose local option sales tax for school construction.
    Cagle: Has Never Voted for a Tax Increase
    Cagle: Voted for the Chapman Amendment of HR 1306 (which, had it passed would have eliminated “blight” as a potential justification for eminent domain)

    Those are the facts. And no Reed supporter can deny the facts.

  126. The Busdriver says:

    Ralph gave Jack the names of the organizations to launder his fees through. Check the emails; he names Toward Tradition, ATR, NPCC, and others. You’re asking us to believe that Ralph simply gave Jack the the names, but anything that happened after that is on Jack’s shoulders?

  127. debbie0040 says:

    Jace Walden, Cagle increased his wealth over 900% in 4 years while serving as State Senator. Cagle voted with Gov. Barnes and 27 Democrats against a GOP Driver’s License Bill, Cagle gave a $ 1,000 contribution to Democrat Lt. Governor Mark Taylor then lied about why he did so. Cagle helped kill Tort Reform in 2004 while accepting contributions from Trial Lawyers, Cagle lied on his disclosure form.

    Are you trying to say Reed is not conservative? Are you actually doubting Reed’s conservative credentials?

    I don’t see any left wing, George Soros groups, running ads to stop Cagle from being Lt. Governor as they are with Reed. There is a reason these left wing groups are trying to stop Ralph and help elect Casey. There is a reason gays are going to cross over and vote for Casey Cagle to stop Ralph Reed.

  128. larry smith says:

    So, have I mentioned that Debbie and Jimbo are the same person? And, if you don’t believe me, just check out the back to back crazy person posts above (e.g. “get used to it,” a common Debbieism).

    I might also add that I hereby fully reject he/she’s offer to meet at the flagpole after school for a fight, given that I don’t fight women.

    I would further add that posession of a fictitious hotmail account does not constitute proof of identity.

  129. debbie0040 says:

    Excuse me Larry, would you really like me to point out the same phrasing used in you Cagle supporters? Check it out yourself.

    You don’t want to meet Jimbo because you are a coward like your candidate Cagle. You don’t want to have to admit you are wrong so you just continue on with a lie.

    If you think the email adress is fictious, email it yourself. I have and received a response with someone with the last name of Stricklin.

  130. jacewalden says:

    “Are you trying to say Reed is not conservative? Are you actually doubting Reed’s conservative credentials?”


    For the love of God, please pay attention. I said that Cagle was a true Conservative. I NEVER said that Reed wasn’t.

    “I don’t see any left wing, George Soros groups, running ads to stop Cagle from being Lt. Governor as they are with Reed. There is a reason these left wing groups are trying to stop Ralph and help elect Casey. There is a reason gays are going to cross over and vote for Casey Cagle to stop Ralph Reed.”


    Are you insinuating that Casey Cagle is a liberal? Look, as soon as Cagle wins the primary, these “George Soros” groups will run from him like scalded cats to whoever the Democratic nominee is. If you accept this as “support” for Cagle, then you also accept the logic “an enemy of my enemy is my friend.”–and we know that isn’t always true.

    “Jace Walden, Cagle increased his wealth over 900% in 4 years while serving as State Senator. Cagle voted with Gov. Barnes and 27 Democrats against a GOP Driver’s License Bill, Cagle gave a $ 1,000 contribution to Democrat Lt. Governor Mark Taylor then lied about why he did so. Cagle helped kill Tort Reform in 2004 while accepting contributions from Trial Lawyers, Cagle lied on his disclosure form.”

    Debbie, Ralph Reed actively worked to UNSEAT 10 Republican Congressmen while working as a lobbyist…what’s worse, voting with Democrats once, or helping give Democrats 10 EXTRA votes in congress? Who cares if he “increased his wealth”–you have no proof that his votes in the Senate DIRECTLY increased his wealth; to state stuff like that makes you no different than the Cagle supporters whom you claim “have no proof” against Reed.

    Like I said. Cagle is a true conservative who will serve as a credit to ALL Georgia Republicans…

  131. jacewalden says:

    Just to play Devil’s Advocate here…

    I actually sent an e-mail to that address when he posted it up on the last thread…I am yet to recieve a reply.

    In case you’re listening Jimbo, the e-mail will have been from [email protected]

  132. larry smith says:

    Now, that would be priceless …

    A racist nut and someone with multiple personalities in the same room. If they brought in a slot machine or two, it would be a Ralph Reed grassroots organizational meeting.

    Let me know when Debbie writes you back, Jace.

  133. Bull Moose says:

    Debbie is in denial. That’s the first step toward recovery Debbie.

    A vote for Reed is a finger in the face of every Republican in this state.

    Why in the world would you risk putting Ralph Reed on the ballot when it’s obvious that there are going to be more investigations and probably he’ll end up indicted. Why run the risk?

    Debbie, do you care more about Ralph Reed’s future than that of the Republican party?

    Again, I’m still waiting for those Republican luminaries to distance themselves from Ralph in light of his scandalous activities…

  134. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, get ready for Abramoff Part 2 — The Senate Finance Committee…

    From today’s Washington Post…

    “The report includes new details about some of Abramoff’s activities, including his collaboration with former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed and conservative strategist Grover Norquist. The Senate report recommended that the Senate Finance Committee investigate the use of tax-exempt organizations “as extensions of for-profit lobbying operations.”

    That pretty much means the spotlight will be shifting to one and only hypocrite Ralph Reed…

  135. Bull Moose says:

    Debbie’s Dream Men – Because Ethics Don’t Matter

    Jack Abramoff
    Ralph Reed
    Michael Scanlon
    Tony Rudy
    Tom DeLay
    Bob Ney

  136. Jimbo says:

    Larry, I really appreciate you trying to subscribe my email to several gay lists you belong to, but I am not gay.

    Larry, meet me and see who I am. I am not afraid to show you who I am.

    You guys can keep dreaming. Nothing will happen.

  137. larry smith says:

    Well, clearly we can add delusions of persecution to Debbie/Jimbo’s list of mental issues.

  138. larry smith says:

    I might also point out another Debbieism from the above Jimbo post, specifically the allegation that anyone who supports Cagle is a drug abuser.

  139. debbie0040 says:

    Larry, when have I made the allegation that anyone that supports Cagle is a drug abuser? I would like to see you prove that. You are losing it!

  140. jacewalden says:


    I’m going to have to give Jimbo the benefit of the doubt. I just got two e-mails back from him.

    First one was regarding several of the “gay lists” that his e-mail had been subscribed to.

    And the second one said: “Larry smith is a pu**y boy. I live in Hall County.”

    May not be Debbie, man.

  141. larry smith says:

    Actually, this is now starting to make sense.

    Didn’t Debbie say she had a boyfriend from Hall County?

  142. bowersville says:

    I’ve just read the article reccommended by JIMBO. While it does seem that the investigation is branching into different segments, the article also states:

    “The Senate report reccomended that the Senate Finance Committee investigate the use of tax-exempt organizations ‘as extentions of for-profit lobbying operations.’ ”

    “Norqusit’s ATR served as a ‘conduit,’…to move money from Abramoff’s gambling clients to Reed’s Christian groups.”

    “Rogers told the committee that the Choctow tribe had no interest in ATR other than as a conduit for its money to Reed’s for-profit consulting firm, Century Strategies.”

    What will the headlines be in Georgia, or around the nation for that matter, when the Senate Finance Committee convenes and serves subpoenas?

  143. debbie0040 says:

    The subjects of the investigation are clearly Abramoff and Norquist. Abramoff, because he is the one that arranged for the money to be filtered and Norquist because he allowed his non profit group to be used as a conduit.

    Abramoff was not going to let Reed’s refusal to accept money from gambling interests to stop him(Abramoff) from making money.

    Are any of you going to the Wild Bill’s event tomorrow?

  144. Bill B. says:

    Those Cagle liberals will stop at nothing! Now they are promoting a CBS news story. CBS sorta fired Dan Rather because of some inaccurate reporting about the President in the 04 elections. That only happened because there were honest media outlets (Fox & Drudge) who reported the truth.

    Will the AJC fire Jim Galloway? Nope. The liberals love Cagle and hate Ralph. But the good news is, REAL republicans know this group and how they operate. And those Republicans also see who is supporting Cagle (GAE, AJC, Democrats in general, Howard Dean, etc) and correctly size him up as the RINO he is!

  145. landman says:

    Bill B,You are an idiot if you think you can paint Cagle as a Liberal or Rino,actually you are an idiot anyway but nonetheless you left off some groups who are supporting Cagle-Realtors,Builders,Bankers,Insurance,County Chairs and Commissioners,State Senators,State Reps,Mayors but hey you guys have the Debbie’s.

    Reed will never be elected at a state level….Damaged Goods dont sell.Ralph is doing what any desperate person with no options would do, but people like you and debbie are really to be felt sorry for.

  146. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie got married in Vegas. I made $150 for officiating her wedding while dressed as Elvis. It was a beautiful ceremony. I laughed, I cried. It was better than Cats.

  147. Bill B. says:

    Fox rightly has played down Ralph’s part in all this. They didn’t say he had done anything wrong or that he was under investigation or potential indictment. They reported the facts.

    Tell your buddies at the liberal AJC that. Or your liberal buddies at CBS. Or your liberal friends at the NY Times. Or your liberal pals at GAE. Or your liberal friends at Cagle 06!

    Birds of a feather…

  148. debbie0040 says:

    I highly recommend Busdriver as an Elvis impersonator. He had the whole rooms in tears when he sang “Love Me Tender”.

  149. Both RR and CC are conservative and have similar platforms. The difference is character and who will be more effective leading the state senate. Those who know both men, know without a doubt that Casey Cagle should be the next Lt. Gov.

  150. Prediction

    The Wild Bill’s event straw poll will be 70-30 in favor of Ralph. I smell a red herring event for Ralph. The straw polls for the other statewide races should be interesting.

  151. debbie0040 says:

    Thanks 4 of spades.
    It is interesting that some of us that disagree on the Lt. Governor race agree on the SOS race and the AG race. I still say Handel and Black. My vote at the Wild Bill’s event is Reed,HAndel and Black

    A photo of Busdriver and me after he performed the ceremony. Thanks again, Busdriver, you were great!! Too bad you did not wear your white jumpsuit. I bet you would have really looked hot!!


  152. Jack S says:

    According to the email I just got on the wild bills event, kemp and cagle aren’t going. And stephens staffer said they were just stopping by.

    Who cares about a straw poll run by that looney katy lady in the gwinnett gop?!

  153. Jack S says:

    According to the email I just got on the wild bills event, kemp and cagle aren’t going. And stephens staffer said they were just stopping by.

    Who cares about a straw poll run by that looney katy lady in the gwinnett gop?!

  154. debbie0040 says:

    The Governor will be there. It will be a great event. I don’t anyone connected with the Gwinnett GOP is looney.

  155. 4ofspades says:

    From the Wild Bill website – Doesn’t look like Cagle, Kemp or Stephens are attending:


    Governor Sonny Perdue
    Ralph Reed – Candidate, Lt. Governor
    Charlie Bailey – Candidate, Sec. of State
    Karen Handel – Candidate, Sec. of State
    Eric Martin – Candidate, Sec. of State
    Perry McGuire – Candidate, Attorney General
    Kathy Cox – Candidate, State School Superintendent
    Danny Carter – Candidate, State School Superintendent
    John Oxendine – Candidate, Insurance Commissioner
    Brent Brown – Candidate, Labor Commissioner
    Gary Black – Candidate, Agriculture Commissioner
    Bob Greer – Candidate, Agriculture Commissioner
    Chuck Eaton – Candidate, Public Service Commissioner
    Mark Parkman – Candidate, Public Service Commissioner
    Catherine Davis – Candidate, Congress District # 4
    John Konop – Candidate, Congress District # 6


    Chip Rogers – Candidate, State Senate Dist. 21 (Incumbent, Unopposed)
    David Shafer – Candidate, State Senate Dist. 48 (Incumbent, Unopposed)
    Mike Coan – Candidate, State House Dist. 101 (Incumbent, Unopposed)
    Clay Cox – Candidate, State House Dist. 102 (Incumbent)
    Melvin Everson – Candidate, State House Dist. 106 (Incumbent, no Republican opposition)
    John Heard – Candidate, State House Dist. 104 (Incumbent)
    David Rodriguez – Candidate, State House Dist. 104
    Bobby Reese – Candidate, State House Dist. 98 (Incumbent)
    Jonathan Aurelia – Candidate, Solicitor General
    Rosanna Szabo – Candidate, Solicitor General
    Kevin Kenerly – Candidate, Commission Dist. 4 (Incumbent)
    Commission Chair Charles Bannister
    Commissioner Mike Beaudreau
    Mary Kay Murphy – School Board Dist. 4

  156. duluthmom says:

    I’m in the same backyard (literally) and I know of no one who plans to attend this event, yet I know many who plan on voting in July. Seems like pointless voting/pseudo-victories to me.

  157. bowersville says:

    I would view it the same if it were held in Hall County on a staw poll for Cagle/Reed. I still don’t understand why Kemp/Stephens aren’t making their presence known.

  158. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Kemp was in Macon this evening for an event. Then was on Fox 24 Fox Files, a half hour current events program. He took calls from individuals. The caller’s were primarily interested in bio-diesel.

    I hadn’t followed this race a great deal but do have to say Kemp was impressive.

    Interestingly enough, he was joined by Dave Johnston, Conservative Action Alliance (formerly the Middle GA Christian Coalition until Sadie gave the kibosh).

  159. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Ralph’s response reminds me of Clinton when he was determining what “is” meant.

    He said the report “confirms I have not been accused of any wrongdoing===== in this matter.===== It also confirms that I was hired as a subcontractor for a very respected law firm and had====== no direct relationship with their clients.”

    In this matter: True, but the money laundering through the use of non-profits could pose a different outcome. It’s manipulative of the tax code.

    no direct relationship with their clients: Again true, but he didn’t say he didn’t help orchestrate the diversion so that he didn’t have direct contact. In fact, at one point, I believe it was Abramoff who suggested they deal directly with Ralph.

    The accuracy of his response is determined upon what the definition of “direct” means.

  160. debbie0040 says:

    Abramoff manipulated the tax code not Reed.

    I want you Cagle supporters to answer a few questons for me.

    1. Is Ralph Reed an incredibly stupid man ?

    2. Did Ralph Reed just develop political ambitions last year?

  161. Jack S says:

    No debbie, he’s not stupid. Which is why all his lies trying to cover up his greed are just plain unbelievable.

    I had no idea where that 5 million came from. I just cashed the check and praised the lord.

    Spare me.

  162. Jack S says:

    According to the kemp email I got yesterday, kemp has a fundraising event in bartow co tonight and he’s kicking off some kinda stock car racing event as well.

    Hmmm….nascar fans and fundraisers or looney kathy.

  163. Maurice Atkinson says:

    The email exchange that is part of the Senate Oversight Committee documents explicitly details an exchange between Reed and Abramoff on how the diversion was to take place.

    At one point, Norquist received $25,000 for allowing the funds to flow through his organization to reach Ralph.

    Without the email exchange provided in the massive amount of testimony, Ralph may have an argument. However, it is there and it provides a trail via email addresses that exposes his knowledge of the event.

    No one is questioning his intellect, quite the contrary. It was a very novel scheme.

    This is far from over. A new set of investigations is about to begin. You think our Party or the state of Georgia needs this kind of problem?


  164. 4ofspades says:

    To state the obvious, here’s the challenge. Dedicated Reed voter’s aren’t going to change their minds, neither are dedicated Cagle supporters. Only political junkies will take the time to read a 300+ page report.

    What are the very large number of undecideds going to read, and how are they going to react? It will be interesting to see who’s spin wins the day.

  165. debbie0040 says:

    4ofspades, voters will see Zell Miller, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Rudy, President Bush, Dick Cheney, Gov. Haley Barbour and others all singing Reed’s praises and talking about what a fine man Ralph is and what a great leader he is. Voters will also take notice of the fact Zell also endorsed Gov. Perdue.

  166. 4ofspades says:

    I’m not sure how much of an impact endorsements have on people. I think they are important if the people who endorse other candidates, get out and actively work to get them elected. But I would suggest that doesn’t happen in most cases. I make that as a blanket statement, not just this race.

  167. debbie0040 says:

    It will have an impact in ads. I think you will see Zell out working for Reed.

    The Wild Bill’s event was great!! There was a mixture of people from Gwinnett, Fulton, Cobb, Paulding,etc. About 480 attended.

  168. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Seth, thank you for your concern and will consider it momentarily. However, I have never been “bused” anywhere. I did accept an invitation to speak in Cobb County on behalf of Senator Cagle, as have literally dozens of legislators, County Commissioners, Mayors, Sheriff’s, City Councilmen and others.

    As far as being quoted anywhere I stand behind the statements given. They are wholly accurate. What Ralph has done is indefensible and as ridiculous as your concern over my comments.

    It is undeniable that Ralph maintained a lurid business relationship with Abramoff. More than $5,000,0000 is not chump change. It is undeniable that Ralph, while supposedly building the Party worked against 10 conservative Republican congressmen on behalf of his client. The web of deceit is clear and well documented and should be and is a matter of debate in this election. It is undeniable that Ralph sought to discredit and destroy the character of Clint Day on behalf of his convicted client.

    I contend that the ends do not justify the means. Integrity is pinnacle in this election, as it should be in any, but more so due to Reed’s dubious alliances.

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