Fact checking claims from Cox

Reality Check from the AJC:

While Cox says she has always supported the HOPE scholarship, she doesn’t say in this ad that she backed the lottery. Taylor has accused her of voting against it as a private citizen, citing a newspaper article about a speech she made in 1993.

Cox said last week that she did vote for the lottery and the author of the article Taylor used for the attack ad on the lottery said this week that his quotes were taken out of context.

However, the Taylor campaign produced a letter from former Blakely City Councilman Benjamin Cawthon, a member of the audience at the Cox speech in 1993, who said Cox did, in fact, indicate that she voted against the lottery.

[UPDATE] From FactCheck.org – “A False Ad in Georgia

Hat tip to CynicalGeek in the comments.


  1. justin says:

    This is more he said, she said. The reporter who covered her campaign has said that Mark Taylor used his article out of context to paint Cox negatively. Taylor should take that ad down. If he feels he has someone else who can back his attack, then he should use them.

    Although you don’t mention it, the AJC article primarily talks about THIS AD, which is the Cox campaign’s response to Mark Taylor’s dishonest attacks.

  2. GTdem says:

    Taylor has put out an email linking to the YouTube video of Cox claiming she never said her name. Isn’t this an implicit authorization from the Big Guy for this type of willingly deceitful campaigning. I’m sure Taylor has said a few things on camera that can be spliced together to appear to be damning. Also, isn’t it convenient that they just happened to ‘find’ it on the internet.

    Here’s the email:

    A problem with the truth
    Dear supporters:

    We found this video on the Internet. Please take a moment to watch it at the link provided. You have to see it for yourself and it requires absolutely no explanation. The comments by Cathy Cox were made during an interview broadcast in Atlanta Tuesday night. You simply cannot believe anything, ANYTHING, Cathy Cox says.

  3. justin says:

    Wow, that is ridiculous. Not only are the first two commercials clearly not from the infamous advertising campaign everyone is so familiar with, but she doesn’t “say” her name in the commercials in question. Beyond that, her name appeared for all of two seconds, literally, in the stadium commercial. Which, I assume, is the length they appeared in the other commercials. This is yet another attempt by the Taylor campaign to bring the campaign to new depths. We deserve better.

    I would add that those were some fine looking commercials. I wish her campaign commercials looked as nice. I’m glad to see them again.

  4. Romegaguy says:

    Less than 24 hours from Cathy’s campaign running an ad calling Mark a liar, Mark has a response ad up saying she is a liar, is soft on crime and voted against the lottery that created the HOPE scholarships.

    Nice turnaround.

    On the otherhand, Cathy’s response ad took 5 days to get up from his ad last week saying she voted against HOPE. 5 days turnaround vs less than 24 hours.

  5. truerblue says:

    The letter issued by the Taylor campaign which leads readers to the YOUTUBE video……what a whiny piece of drivel. And now Rick Dent sends a request to her to stop the attacks on Mark and his family—(I thought that’s the way they wanted to play the rest of the race!) The Big Guy need not complain about attacks on his family as he is the one doing the special favors for his family; prison labor, etc.. The recent corporate filings show that his father is listed as Secretary of the company involved–I guess next they’ll say that these records were doctored, now Rick Dent says they are “inaccurate”. Can you imagine the ass kicking that the person who filed those documents will get. All of this goes to show what kind of BIG GUY he is–a 49 yr old man who has never bought his own home or had to get a real job, who has lived off the largesse of his wealthy family trucking empire, etc..not the kind of guy who has any understanding or empathy for the “little guys”.
    As far as GTdem’s assumption that she is being out campaigned I can only say that all that is probably about to change! Grab a cold beverage and get ready!

  6. RiverRat says:

    InsiderAdvantage has the scoop on Taylor’s answer to Cox’s ad. It includes the revelation that Cox voted against tougher penalties for child rapist and other sexual crimes against kids. She must be the dumbest politician ever.

    This isn’t one that Cox can hide from, either. The bill’s original sponsor is IA CEO Matt Towery, who was a GOP legislator at the time. After a bit of rambing about how Towery didn’t like the legislative process involving the bill, he says, “I can’t say Mark is wrong in raising the issue; I can’t say Cathy was wrong in voting against it.” Pretty clear – from the horse’s mouth, she voted against this bill. I wonder if Georgia voters will think Cathy was wrong to vote against the bill…

  7. bowersville says:

    On January 14, 1991, Governor Zell Miller…79th Governor, introduced legislation to amend the Georgia Constitution to allow for a lottery… On January 31, 1992 a resolution before the…Georgia house passes 126-51 and later the the Senate 47-9 to allow a vote on the referendum….On November 3, 1992, Georgia voters pass the lottery amendment, 1,146,340 to 1,050,674.
    So could Cox have voted for/against the lottery prior to being elected to the statehouse? YES!
    Google “Georgia hope referendum,” you’ll find it yourself. Maybe http://www.factcheck.org needs to check the facts before they issue such an unfactual release!

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