By the way

I’m in Memphis with the 9 month old and no wife! Stress I tell you. Thank God we were blessed with a very happy, easy to handle child.

That’s all to say — light blogging from me for the next few days.


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    Oh no! Check this out from atlantaman’s link:

    The song even has some political opponents talking — and considering their own stab at political hip-hop.

    “I am auditioning talent and toying with some potential lyrics,” said Katie Grove, campaign manager for Republican Secretary of State candidate Bill Stephens, who said the song has made the rounds in her office. “Miss Angela simply beat us to the punch on this one.”

    Other than Eminem, white people simply can’t rap. Please don’t do it Bill, you’ll end up looking like Vanilla Ice! :o)

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