The Big Guy’s Big Lie

That is what Cox is calling it.

Cathy Cox held a press conference on the steps of the Georgia State Capitol this morning to address the blatant lies and reckless disregard for the truth in Mark Taylor’s latest television advertisement.

Cox reiterated her commitment to moving Georgia forward in education, and made it clear that she will not back down from her solemn vow to protect universal pre-kindergarten and the HOPE scholarship for generations to come. Cox believes deeply in the importance of these programs, which have helped hundreds of thousands of Georgians earn an education, realize their potential, and give back to their communities, and she has backed up that belief with thirteen years of unwavering support for the HOPE Scholarship.

Cox also corrected the Big Lie Mark Taylor has been telling the voters of Georgia – that prior to her service in the Georgia Legislature, as a private citizen, Cox voted against creating the Georgia Lottery – by clearly stating that she personally voted for the creation of the Georgia Lottery and the full funding of HOPE scholarship.

I also hear there is a new ad in the works responding to Taylor’s latest punch. These two really are going to tear each other apart.


  1. jackson says:

    Its funny. Cathy Cox is copying Steve Stancil. He did a website called Big Guy Big Lie when Steve ran against Taylor 4 years ago.

  2. LINDA says:

    I will be so glad when this Georgia Primary is over. The Democrat Primary reminds me of my son’s fifth grade class voting on class clown.

  3. falco says:

    Cathy Cox needs to be careful who she calls a liar. Especially after giving this interview last night on Fox5

  4. GTdem says:

    I didn’t recognize the first two clips where Cathy actually says her name. Were those actually part of the advertising campaign in question? I recognize the last 4 as part of the campaign.(notice there is music conveniently playing so there’s no chance to hear if Cathy is saying her name)

    Since the text fonts on the screens are different on the two sets of ads, I’m guessing that the ads at the beginning are from some other ad campaign.

    Nice try though falco.

    If I’m wrong about these ads being from a different ad campaign, please let me know.

  5. ces says:

    Those are from the same investor protection trust campaign.

    The last ones appear to be the ones she ran saying visit my website, and the first ones are from when she said come to my seminar.

  6. Tuckertown says:

    Face it, the next governor won’t have a Democratic legislature. Ain’t gonna happen. After the childish way Taylor acted when the Republicans took office, I wouldn’t be surprised if they move to auction the governor’s mansion if Taylor is elected. He will get nothing done if elected. It’s a joke to say he sponsored HOPE and Pre-K. Those were Miller and Barnes bills that he dutifully supported as floor leader. He didn’t do anything but promise some pork to party members to ensure they supported the governor’s bills. What joke that he’s taking credit for these things. Where was Taylor as the Reps. slashed education funding the first 3 yrs. of Sonny’s admin? Cox has fresh ideas and a record of sensible governance as SOS. Hope Georgians will see through Rick Dent’s crap in the last 30 days of the election.

  7. Romegaguy says:

    Saw her response ad up this morning or early afternoon. It should have been up yesterday or Monday…

    Also saw this new one from Taylor

    After watching the youtube clip that Falco had a link up for, I was reminded how good her ads were for the protect the old folks campaign she did a few years ago. Why arent those people in charge of her campaign ads?

  8. Melb says:

    Tuckertown, It’s nice to blame Rick Dent for all the troubles of the Cox campaign, isn’t it? Honestly, maybe that is the trouble with the Cox campaign. Instead of sitting down and saying “Hey, maybe I should stop pandering/contradicting myself/lying/etc.” Her camp wants to blame the spokesperson for Taylor’s campaign. No wonder she is sliding in the polls. Is she denying what she said about the sales tax on groceries? And what exactly did she mean at that gathering if she didn’t vote against the lottery? I also think Decaturguy had an excellent point about some of her other comments regarding race and redistricting Cox refuses to accept her past actions. Nobody makes her say these things. She thought she could play both sides of the fence and it would be okay. Well no one likes someone they can’t trust. And the people of Georgia cannot trust Cox.

  9. rugby_fan says:

    “These two really are going to tear each other apart.”

    And thats what Republicans should want.

    MT does have a “taint” as it were, of being an old-school Democrat (read: one who can win elections/not socially liberal) to many of CC’s supporters and I am not sure they would be enthusiastic about supporting him (or if they would).

    I honestly believe that MT will win the Primary (if only because of his strength in the past few months), make it a *very* tough and close race but loose to SP because of a lack of enthusiasm from CC’s Crew/damage to CC in the primary.

    And Dems wonder why they can’t win elections…

  10. Decaturguy’s posts on his blog have been great shedding light on Cox. I do remember the radio ads saying “I’m going to call Cathy Cox!” I personally remember these ads. It wasn’t that long ago and she is stating that her name was never used?

  11. rugby_fan says:

    so GTdem, you are going to split semantic hairs and then act as if it means nothing to *use* your name in such a commerical, that you have to actually say it?

    That is rediculous and you know that you are only doing that because you (allegedly) support CC.

    Sorry, I don’t like to argue like that in politics. Don’t expect to see it too soon.

  12. pathfinder says:

    I gotta agree with rugby fan, if Cox’s defense was that she never said her name, but her name was used in the ads, she gets the William Jefferson Clinton Definition of “Is” Award in the category of Nonsensical Hair Splitting in Defense of the Indefensible. This is the kind of crap that drives the public to want to tar and feather lawyers and politicians.

  13. GTdem says:

    Yes, I am going to split semantic hairs. If your going to use a quote against someone, make sure that they actually said it.

    And no I am not acting as if it means nothing to use her name in the commercials. I think that it is a legitimate question to ask her about those commercials. I’ve not argued one way or the other on that issue.

    And if Cathy would have asked me what to say, you can bet it wouldn’t be the lame excuse that she personally never said her own name in the ads. Whichever advisor prepped her for that interview has some explaining to do.

  14. truerblue says:

    Peach Pundit bloggers….aren’t you tired of your intelligence being questioned? You will never hear her SPEAK her name in the ads in question by MT’s lawsuit. His campaign is spinning this the same way he did the lottery issue. Again there is a huge difference in “I did not vote for the lottery” and Cathy Cox “voted against the lottery”. Come on–let’s start asking some hard questions of these candidates like–what is your plan for education and how will it be paid for? What is your plan for alternative fuel sources and what will Georgia do to be a part of the solution instead of a part of the problem? What is your plan on prescription rx’s for seniors and how will it be paid for? What about insurance coverage for thousands of Georgians who cannot afford coverage & how can we serve the indigent but keep the hospitals open and solvent? What is your plan for bringing business and industry to ALL parts of Georgia? What is your plan to lower the drop-out rate in Georgia schools and what about better pay for teachers? The list goes on and on and look at the subject matter on this blog site-WORTHLESS topics full of lies, innuendo’s, speculation and bullshit! For the sake of this party and democracy let’s get back to what is real and meaningful to every Georgian….starting NOW!

  15. I’ve got to agree that Cathy Cox saying that she never said her name in the commercials is like Bill Clinton saying he didn’t have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, and then arguing over whether or not a blow job could be considered sexual relations.

    Shoot, that’s like me going into a murder trial and defending someone by saying that they didn’t kill the person, the bullet from the gun did.

    The fact is that Cathy Cox used her name in the commercials whether or not she said it herself or it appeared at the bottom of the tv screens.

    Sure, you Cox supporters are right…

    She never said, “Hi, my name is Cathy Cox,” but we all knew what was up.

  16. RiverRat says:

    wow. I think I can actually smell the desperation from Cox’s supporters. They know this thing is done. I guess the real question should be whether Dems should start asking Cox to withdraw so MT will be stronger against Perdue…

  17. truerblue says:

    RiverRat…I can actually smell you from here. Again-why do you babble on and never post anything with any meat. Do you actually care about the candidates and their platforms or are you just here because you are lonely for interaction?

  18. truerblue says:

    Oh yeah Andre….I forgot to respond to your Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky comment–that was funny. Ask MT’s wife that question?

  19. GTdem says:


    I would love for the candidates to address the issues you mentioned. Unfortunately neither one has done a very good job of that so far.

    Other than a few press release and corny commercials with generic feel good, “I’m for education and health care” messages we haven’t seen a whole lot of policy ideas come out of this campaign.

  20. Romegaguy says:

    Truer this is at least the second time you have brought up Mark Taylor’s wife in your posts here. What’s your deal? Maybe you are the one that is lonely for interaction in here.

    GT dem I agree with your assesment that someone should have prepped her better for that interview. And while they are at it, they should have done a better job running her campaign, too.

  21. RiverRat says:

    Bill, didn’t Perdue talk quite a bit about the state’s poor education status his first campaign? Didn’t he blame the Governor?

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