CQ calls Price Primary Opponent “Vigorous”

CQ Politics featured a piece today on Tom Price’s Primary opponent, John Konop.

Yet Price has drawn a vigorous — though long-shot — challenge in the July 18 Republican primary from first-time candidate John Konop, a local businessman with experience in the credit-card processing industry, who is trying to portray himself as a more steadfast Republican than the incumbent.

I definitely this is a long shot, but I honestly never thought it would ever get to a point where Konop actually got any attention.  As I understand, Tom Price is pretty popular in the 6th district.  Either way, how Price does in the Primary will say a lot about what could happen in the future.  He needs to get 65% of the vote to rule out any real opposition from coming along down the road. 

But, let’s face it … Tom doesn’t have anything to worry about!

On the campaign side, I think I have seen one Konop sign, and that is the extent of where I have seen his name.


  1. northside elephant says:

    Bill I agree that it is a mistake for Price to give Konop an audience.

    Don’t be bitter just because Lammut and Clay got spanked in 2004 though. Tom Price brings intellect and a geekish-love for policy to our Congressional delegation. If you are unsure of his commitment to immigration reform you should talk to him or write him. Don’t bash the guy though.

  2. GAWire says:

    Interesting … so, do you guys think that Tom doesn’t have the level of popularity in the 6th that some believe, particularly you, caroline?

    I don’t live in his district, so I really don’t know, and am curious as to what others think.

    I will say that my information and knowledge on the issue says that he is popular. I know for a fact he will win next month – that’s not even a debate. I could live in CA and tell you that, but I am curious as to what the majority of his constituents (not colleagues, not GAGOP people, not pundits, etc) think about their Congressman.

    I would also like to see some polling data, but my early analysis tells me it would lean pretty high in support of Tom.

    He is definitely conservative … you can’t say he isn’t. Now, perhaps Konop is more conservative, I don’t know – he doesn’t have a voting record to back that claim up in an emperical sense, but sounds like his policies in general are very conservative, even though he is in agreement with Tom on almost all of their policies, with a few exceptions.

  3. Bill Simon says:


    Ever since I witnessed Tom Price vote against the majority of the Caucus in returning the Rules back to where they were that required ANY leader to resign if they were indicted (a’la Tom DeLay), I have ZERO confidence in Tom Price being able to give me any kind of answer other than a lie.

    The fact is that Tom Price signed a deal with Tom DeLay back in September of 2004 whereby if DeLay got the RNC to go along with re-drawing the 6th District so that Price didn’t have to represent the Western part of Cobb County (and, therefore, not have to “move” as he had promised in the Primary), Tom Price would support DeLay in ANY WAY possible.

    This includes voting for whatever DeLay wanted, as well as doing everything he could to protect DeLay when it came to indictments.

    I am ashamed of Price as my Representative in Congress. I thought he knew better…but, since he has become a congressman, he has become the most arrogant SOB I’ve ever seen in a transformation of a state level official to a federal level.

  4. Bill Simon says:


    Let me get this straight: You admit that you don’t live in the 6th District, yet you state “I’ve only seen one Konop sign.”

    GEE, DUHHH….ya SUPPOSE that the reason why you haven’t seen more Konop signs is because you don’t live in the District?


    Just what WERE the minimum IQ levels you use to decide if someone can/should be a Front-Page Poster???

    Damn…my DOG is smarter that GaWire!

  5. GAWire says:

    The comment about Konop signs was simply saying what I have seen … I wasn’t saying anything else with that comment. I do not live in Price’s district; however, I do work in the 6th district, which means I am there EVERY DAY, driving through a big part of it, so one might think that if there were more signs, perhaps I would be someone that would see them … even though I don’t live there.

    But seriously, do you have to try and make contreversy with every single non-issue that you dream up? I know you don’t like Tom Price, and this post was actually an opportunity to have some good/real discussion about Price and the politics associated with him. But, instead, you have criticized Price based on a wild accusation about his alliance with Tom DeLay. Well, NEWSFLASH, Bill … every single GOP Member of Congress had alliances with DeLay, and everybody agreed to back him … unfortunately that was to the Party’s misfortune, but that’s not the point here, b/c we can’t vote out the entire GOP and put new guys in there. The point is, that is how things work with Congressional leadership. So, welcome to the process … pull up a chair and learn a lesson every once in a while. That might require you not to speak/write about something you don’t understand.

    Now, stop crying about your boy, Konop not having a chance. If you can’t debate the topic with some legitimacy, then quite frankly, you just shouldn’t say anything. And, if you are going to bring the debate down to your third grade level, then I will have to come down and explain it you in a way that you might actually understand: Nanny-nanny-boo-boo, Konop eats doo-doo!

  6. Bill Simon says:


    If “every GOP member” allied him/herself with DeLay, then that pretty much shows incredibly bad judgement on their part.

    I could tell DeLay was a damn fool the second he opned his mouth up about the Federal judge in the Terry Schiavo case being an “activist” when the judge was FOLLOWING THE LAW.

    I’m not the one “crying” Wire. I simply pointed out something to Northside. and, I pointed out that you were an idiot. I was wrong. You’re a FUCKING MORON!

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Interesting footnote here…apparently Wire doesn’t get out much to the District in which he “works in”…the following is an editorial written in today’s Cherokee County Ledger:

    Cherokee Ledger-News Editorial
    June 21, 2006
    James Budd, Editor

    Konop Exposes Local GOP’s Weak Link

    Cherokee County financial services specialist John Konop, who is challenging entrenched GOP incumbent Tom Price for the Sixth District seat in Congress, said the Cherokee County Republican Party (CCRP) is finally giving him a little respect.

    Konop’s recent battle with the CCRP has also exposed the gangrenous underbelly of the local GOP, fomented primarily by CCRP Communications Vice Chairman Bart Brannon, who was arrested several years ago for violating state election laws by the Cherokee County Sheriffs Office.

    Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison, a longtime Republican, said Brannon’s role as director is a concern. “I think it was a very bold move by party leaders to put him (Brannon) in that position because he does have a history of being divisive,” said Garrison. “There will always be a doubt about him.”

    On June 14, Konop said the CCRP listed his campaign announcements for the first time on the party’s website. Konop observed the date the CCRP started posting his announcements coincided with the publication of this column in which I documented some of Konop’s woes with the state and local GOP power structure.

    “Up until yesterday (June 14), the CCRP refused to post any announcements regarding the Konop for Congress Campaign,” said Konop, who said the party has given full service to incumbent Price, a physician from North Fulton.

    Konop reported to me in last week’s column the state GOP and the CCRP had refused to put links to his campaign on their websites.

    Sheila Auffrey, corresponding secretary with the CCRP, said the state GOP has a policy to support incumbents only. However, she said a link to Konop’s website has been posted for many weeks on the CCRP’s website. “After qualifying it was definitely there,” said Auffrey.

    Pete Castello, chairman of CCRP, said the party is fair to all Republican candidates. “Whatever the Cherokee County Republican Party offers, John (Konop) gets a fair shot as does Tom (Price),” said Castello.

    But, Konop said the CCRP has:

    · Refused to list his hosting of a Minuteman Caravan rally in Atlanta several weeks ago. More than 300 members of the group, a citizen vigilance organization monitoring immigration issues attended, said Konop, an avowed America-first candidate.
    · Refused to post information about a May 31 debate between Price and Konop hosted by the League of Women voters in Cobb County. Price later was a no-show at the forum, said Konop.
    · Refused to list Konop’s name as a $250 donor for the annual CCRP Gala while other names were published and acknowledged. CCRP also refused to run a correction once the error was noted.

    Castello acknowledged Konop and Brannon have had an “e-mail war.” Brannon is the webmaster for the CCRP, said Castello.

    Konop blasted Brannon, a failed 2004 candidate for Post 2 on the county commission, in an e-mail to the CCRP Board a few weeks ago. In the e-mail, Konop said Brannon had refused to put his campaign events on the party website. The following is a partial transcript of the e-mail to the CCRP Board:

    “Dear CCRP Board, Bart (Brannon) has accused me of numerous hateful charges in public as well as to the board. All I am asking for is fair treatment. We all know Bart has refused to book me to speak to the CCRP as a candidate, while offering Tom Price multiple opportunities. Even if Bart honestly forgot to list me as a gala sponsor, why didn’t he send out a correction? I have asked Bart numerous times to schedule a debate between Tom and me, and I continue to receive no answer. I also asked Bart to post my campaign events on the website, and all I get is unprofessional and inappropriate e-mails denying my request…I am not asking for special treatment, I am simply asking for fair and equal treatment.”

    CCRP Chairman Castello said he strives to keep the party neutral in all GOP primaries. “Whatever we offer as the Cherokee County Republican Party, we offer to everyone,” he said. “I don’t care if it is Mike Byrd or Buzz Ahrens.”

    Konop said without a doubt Brannon has attempted to hinder his campaign and is hurting the reputation of the CCRP. “Absolutely,” said Konop. “Brannon is a renegade and they can’t control him.”

    Brannon and a co-conspirator were arrested in 2002 for violation of Georgia election laws, including campaigning too close to polling place, violating campaign literature and disclosure requirements, and obstruction of law officers, records show.

    Brannon and his partner could have faced jail time, but were allowed to produce a pamphlet on election law as part of the terms. The arrests stemmed from dirty campaigning against—Sheila Auffrey, who was then running for a state House seat.

    Ironically, Auffrey nominated Brannon for the communications job with the CCRP. “I have watched him,” said Auffrey, who is standing by Brannon to keep his job. Auffrey said Brannon is qualified for the job and accuses Konop of stirring up trouble.

    UPDATE: CCRP Chairman Castello said because of the Konop-Price controversy all campaign political announcements have now been yanked off the party’s website.

    –end of article–

  8. Bill Simon says:

    Sounds to me like the Cheorkee County GOP is in violation of McCain-Feingold laws, similar to the Fulton County GOP.

    A county party cannot show favoritism over a federal candidate in a contested race unless they are registered as a federal PAC.

  9. I live in the 6th and I’m voting for Konop. Price pretty much lost me on the CAFTA vote (and big spending and failure to address the earmarks/corruption issue, but mainly CAFTA).

    Still, I’m pretty anti-incumbent right now. And this give me a chance to be anti-incumbent AND still vote for a conservative.

  10. debbie0040 says:

    I support Tom Price but county and state parties should provide equal access to all GOP candiates. Konop has a legitimate complaint about his treatment.

    Tom Price in very popular in the Sixth District and it will take a miracle to defeat him.

    Tom is dedicated to Immigration Reform. D.A. King with the Dustin Inman Society and Anti Illegal Immigration activist has endorsed him. I have spoken to Tom as well, and he is very much dedicated to illegal immigration crack downs and no amnesty.

  11. BB says:

    If anybody really cares about John Konop’s querulous antics, the owner of the newspaper where this op-ed appeared is reviewing data including emails that absolutely contradict all baseless allegations put forth by Konop and the editor James Budd. If any charges should be filed in this matter, they should be directed to the Cherokee Ledger News for reporting lies and false innuendo without performing simple due diligence and/or possibly Konop for knowingly submitting false information as a candidate for U.S. Congress.

    Facts: despite Konop’s claim in the op-ed, a 6th District Candidate Forum was agreed to by both GOP candidates on June 6th to take place July 7th…I have the email from his campaign manager thanking me for the work putting it together. Additionally, Konop’s website was linked from the CCRP website on 9/27/05…once again I have an email from Konop’s campaign manager requesting the link then thanking me when it was put up that evening. End of story.

    Bart Brannon

  12. Bill Simon says:


    Let’s recall your admittance of the attack on William Konop (John’s 10-year old son) by Betty Price on the PP thread denoted as “Simon & Konop”:

    BB Jun 8th, 2006 at 12:57 am


    Betty’s full quote admitted to on PV by your candidate in an obvious moment of premature unchecked reply, “You should be ashamed of your father for lying about my husband

  13. BB says:

    You posted a BS op-ed, I replied. Refute it or just get back to helping Konop put more signs in the ROW because nobody will allow them on private property. Only 27 more days until election day, then Konop can get back to driving the BMW again.

    Interesting switch by Bill Shipp as reported in the CQ story that started this string. Supposedly he said Konop was the future of the GOP two weeks ago, yet now refers to him as a “fringe candidate”. Bill Shipp must have studied up a bit.

  14. caroline says:

    Interesting … so, do you guys think that Tom doesn’t have the level of popularity in the 6th that some believe, particularly you, caroline?

    I was mainly looking for evidence not “impressions.” The fact that Price has a primary opponent who seems to gaining traction would point to me that he isn’t all that popular.

  15. DTK says:

    If Konop’s campaign is truly “gaining traction” it would show in his fundraising numbers. What are his numbers looking like for this quarter? Is he still his campaign’s primary donor?

    The answer to those questions will all but determine whether his challenge is for real or whether he’s just going to pull in a third of the vote. I can’t think of an example of a primary challenger raising less than $75k and still beating an incumbent with more than $1 million in the bank. Can y’all?

    It’s true that money ain’t votes, but it’s a pretty good proxy.

  16. Bill Simon says:

    In this case, the traction is that he is getting more attention. As far as raising money, he’s not spending his time or energy doing that.

    SO, that “measure” of traction gaining won’t apply in this case, DTK.

  17. Bill Simon says:


    With regard to the signs not being placed in people’s yards, I hear from the Konop campaign that over 200 signs have been stolen out of people’s private yards.

    That sounds a LOT like the machinations of people like you and Dick Hall.

    It is amazing how a dick like Tom Price, who has over $1,000,000 in cash, is SO worried about signs from his opponent that he instructs his supports to go out and steal signs. Yet another sign thta Konop is gaining lots of traction when Tom Price lovers steal signs from private yards.

  18. The Busdriver says:

    At what point can we confidently declare that this thread has completely spiraled out of control?

  19. northside elephant says:

    Tom Price is well liked in his district. I think that some of this hostility is left over resentment from the brutal primary run-off he won in 2004.

  20. GAWire says:

    Bus, probably reached that point at “nanny-nanny boo-boo, Konop eats doo doo!”

    Bill, are you accusing Tom Price of telling his supporters to steal signs? Is Konop claiming this? That’s an awfully big accusation, and is one that requires some substantial evidence. Let me re-phrase … PROVE IT!

    Finally, claiming the “Money isn’t important” strategy isn’t going to work against Price, especially in GA 6th.

  21. Bill Simon says:

    Signs are being stolen, Wire/David. I say Tom Price is doing things to encourage that theft, and I don’t have to “prove it”…it’s happening all by itself.

    No one has ever claimed that money isn’t important.

    And, you’re still the biggest pussy on the planet. Right behind you is Northside Elephant. If you cannot blog under your own name, people won’t be putting ANY stock in what you say. Why? Because you’re a pussy.

  22. The Busdriver says:

    Tom Price is going to win, and win handily. Sure, he’s a little quirky, but big deal. The guy is a solid legislator, he votes the right way, and he doesn’t seem to have any ethical baggage.

    His opponent, Karump, has raised enough money to either send out one color dot-matrix mailers or to park an F-150 with a “Vote Karump” sandwich board atop it outside Wal-Mart.

    The shame of this is that these guys probably agree on 99% of the issues. I’ve never understood the mentality of those that seek to take out an incumbent that’s voting the right way. I’m all for primary’ing Arlen Specter, Lincoln Chaffee, and their ilk, but it seems to be a silly endeavor when Republicans try to “out conservative” another Republican that’s doing a good job.

  23. Bill Simon says:

    Bus, “Doing a good job” is in the eye of the beholder. As I’ve said on my blog, if you want someone who can just vote and do what the leadership always tells them to do, I suggest we elect a monkey and send it up there…It would be cheaper and the monkey would be more honest whenever it pursed its lips.

  24. GAWire says:

    Bill, I bet even if people don’t know me from Adam, they still put a lot more stock in what I say than your assenine accusations, unnecessary character assassinations, wild goose chases, and conspiracy theories.

    But, you really put it to me with the whole name-calling thing … really proved your point there. What a minute, what was your point again? I mean, besides calling me names. What was your point?

    Bill, you remind me of the kid in school who, when he gets proved wrong or someone disagrees with him, doesn’t have the ability to defend himself legitimately, so he proceeds with calling people names and criticizing them personally, ultimately making you look more pathetic. I bet if we were having these discussions in person, you’d probably try to fight me, too, because you’re just that “tough”.

    I post under a pseudonym. I have my reasons, as I am sure everyone else does, too. We all don’t have the same luxeries to post political views under our own names that you apparently do. Get over it and move on!

  25. The Busdriver says:

    Bill, if you can find a monkey that opposes our horrendous farm welfare program, dairy compacts and earmarks, I will support him. So I guess what I’m saying is find me a monkey with the limited government principles of Tom Coburn or Mike Pence.

  26. “It’s true that money ain’t votes, but it’s a pretty good proxy.”

    This may be true, but that one statement describes what is so wrong and PURELY EVIL with politics in our country. It’s why politicians feel that they can kick the average voter (yes, even conservative voters) in the head and get away with it.

    It’s a big part of the reason why we are hopelessly addicted to foreign oil — which leads to all kinds of problems with terrorism. It’s also the reason turncoat Republicans in the Senate would pass a treasonous immigration bill. And it’s why we would even consider leasing our ports to dubious countries with populations that hate us. And it’s why we can’t get real ethics reform passed in Congress.

    Yeah, the whole money=votes things is a real winner. This is why I consider myself an Independent (albeit a conservative Independent).

  27. Bill Simon says:


    You said this: if you can find a monkey that opposes our horrendous farm welfare program, dairy compacts and earmarks, I will support him.

    Tom Price won’t be voting against the farm welfare and dairy compacts. Why? Because, to do so would violate Saxby’s Law of protecting anything and everything having to do with providing supports for the farming industry. Price wouldn’t DARE vote against Saxby’s wishes.

    So, tell me again why you think Price is such a “fine conservative.”

  28. Bill Simon says:


    I suspect your “reasons” for posting anonymously are because you’re one of those legislators that Erick keeps referring to as being a poster on here.

    And, again, you’re nothing but a little wussy who is too much of a chickensh** to put your name to your post.

  29. The Busdriver says:

    Bill, after F-bombing GAWire, I don’t know why you’re “asterisking” your adjectives. It’s all kind of down hill after you’re earlier post. 🙂

    Here’s the thing–I can’t vote for Tom or for John because I’m not in that district, so my opinion doesn’t really matter. Besides, I’ve learned that until I move to Westmoreland’s district or to Muncie, Indiana, I’m never going to get to vote for a true limited government conservative congressman that wants to chip away at the federal budget.

    Price’s record isn’t flawless, but it’s better than most.

  30. RTrim says:

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to see this but I actually was working. Why not stop dropping the f-bomb and verbally assaulting all of us, and for some reason you chose to bring up an issue that you know the facts on and throw my name in the mix and not even come close to telling the truth. If you would quit being so emotional and maybe ask some real questions of those paying you for this firey rhetoric and then did an honest analysis you would see you are way off base on this one. I understand that you and Bart aren’t going to be taking long walks on the beach together when this is over but dude take a breath. You don’t care about facts unless they suit you or your ends. For instance to call someone a pussy for not using their real name? How long did you do the anonymous thing before beinng outed? There is no need for the pissiong match and I will tell you what I told John when he was bouncing around a month ago with a flyer about Bart. The race last I checked was Price vs Kanop.

  31. debbie0040 says:

    I don’t believe for a minute that Price is encouraging signs being stolen of Konop’s. Price is the front runner by a long shot and he would not stoop to stealing someone’s signs.

    I supported Lamutt in 2004 but strongly support Tom now. He has done a good job.

    I don’t believe Bill or anyone else is supporting Konop because of bad feelings about the Sixth District GOP Primary in 2004. Everyone pretty much moved beyond that.

    I think Bill and others have a disagreement with Price over CAFTA .

  32. northside elephant says:

    Bill has got to make this about Trim and Brannon instead of the issue. As for Price he will continue to be the 6th dist Congressman as long as he wants to be.

    As for Trim and Brannon they have made enemies like anyone in politics is bound to do. But they were fighting to make the GOP a majority when being a Republican wasn’t cool.

  33. northside elephant says:

    And by the way there are many lobbyists that cannot let their political leanings be made known and so anonymity on a political blog might be neccesary.

  34. Bill Simon says:


    My argument was against Bart. But, Bart has a tendency to forget so many things about his past that I felt that I had to mention you in the same statement of “[Bart] FAILED to say that you and Robert Trim actually had to agree with the judge to spend community hours producing a booklet on proper campaign procedures in return for having the charges dropped.”

    Now, are you going to tell me this is an inaccurate statement as to the events of that time period? That you DIDN’T have to write a campaign pamphlet on proper campaign activities??? Because, I actually remember you telling me back then what you had to do in writing this booklet.

  35. Bill Simon says:


    My “disagreement” with Price is his moral stance on political corruption. He voted to protect Tom DeLay from having to resign if he was indicted. He was one of only 20 people to vote against the majority of the House Caucus to return the rules back to the state they had been in for 10+ years that required House leaders to RESIGN if they were indicted.

    Anyone who takes actions to protect/interfere with justice should be slapped with obstruction of justice. Because he is a congressman, he is protected by layers of insulation. But, I feel that had Tom DeLay been on the run from the law, Tom Price would be one of the first ones to hide him in his home and deny that he knows anything about where DeLay was.

  36. Bill Simon says:

    Robert, Part 2

    You’re right…I did start off writing anonymously in the Vine. However, since being “outted”, I’ve discovered a newfound freedom in being able to sign my name to my comments.

    So, to those of you who looked at the early days of the Vine and think this is the way you should be…I caution you to NOT look at those earlier days of the Vine’s anonymity, and to EMBRACE your identity and your opinions as your own…and, be proud of your public individuality.

    Because, the right to free speech is a wonderous thing, as is the right to go tell someone to go fuck themselves if you think they need telling. 🙂

  37. RTrim says:

    OK so now you are free and that makes everyone else who choose’s to not be free a pussy? Think before you type.

    As for Bart forgetting, trust me neither Bart nor I am allowed to forget. The sad part is the people who try to use us as a weapon loose, see Lance Cooper, Gina Carr etc… Those who play the inside baseball game like you and I know what the Sheriff did and has continued to do is wrong and on the verge of abuse of power. The deal I made with Bart was to produce 500 pamphlets for each party at our cost and they would null pross the case. Why because after hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and more stress than is imaginable the couple hundred buck we spent on copies and the 20 minutes to cut and paste the rules was cheap. Like when you wanted to attack me about Roger Hines money laundering and Mike Bowers it too when people stopped ranting went away. Why because by definition they laundered money, I was right they were wrong. Sometimes Bill just need to find out the whole story before you spout off.

  38. RTrim says:

    And just to be clear Bill you knew nothing about this either. Again wait til all the facts are in before you spout off and you won’t have this issue. This is not the first time Mr. Konop has had to “clarify” his position, I believe part of the rant is about the minute man rally, what he leaves out is that he claimed an endorsement by them that was fake and had to “clarify” that as well.

    [email protected]; on behalf of; Steve Stoll [[email protected]]
    Hi, Robert. The editorial does mis-state the status of our website on the Cherokee County GOP website. Our website IS listed on the Cherokee GOP site (what they had refused to list was our campaign events on their calendar). Our website is NOT listed anywhere on the Georgia GOP website. We have made that clarification in our emails regarding the Ledger editorial by including the following footnote:

    * To clarify, the State GOP refuses to include any mention of John’s campaign on their website (or anywhere else). The Cherokee County GOP does have a link to John’s website but had refused to post campaign events on the calendar (a routine courtesy extended to qualified candidates).

    We are definitely not trying to be misleading about that. The following May 12 press release of ours makes that clear, I hope (please see the underlined paragraph). Thanks for your email and please keep in touch… Steve


  39. Bill Simon says:


    Again, my only point to Bart was that while he claims that “charges were dropped”, they were not “dropped” in and of themselves. They were dropped because of a deal regarding the booklet production.

    And, with regards to this effuse: “Like when you wanted to attack me about Roger Hines money laundering and Mike Bowers it too when people stopped ranting went away. Why because by definition they laundered money, I was right they were wrong. Sometimes Bill just need to find out the whole story before you spout off.”…

    All I gotta say is HUH? What about Mike Bowers and Roger Hines? I am completely confused here. Not that I wish to even continue down this path, Robert…because, if you continue, this is going to blow-up into a full-fledged war and bring-up all kinds of old wounds…some of which may directly impact the races you are currently working on.

  40. BB says:

    Good news, editor of Cherokee Ledger News fired. Proof that even those who buy ink by the barrel can be taken down when they go too far.

  41. Bill Simon says:

    If true, Bart, I suspect it was more of a case of Tom Price threatening the Ledger with something. He is known to be a threatener when people don’t support him.

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