The “fishy” 676,000 number.

As Decaturguy posted yesterday, the SoS Office claims there are 676,246 people registered to vote in Georgia who do not have either a driver’s license or a Georgia ID card. Included in that number are 70,215 people who’s license has been revoked or taken away in some other legal fashion, so there are 606,031 people who have no driver’s license or Georgia ID card. However, as Mike Hassinger pointed out, the list of registered voters Cathy Cox used to make this claim included both active and inactive voters (see my comment here for an explanation of an inactive voter).

What Secretary Cox did not mention is that Georgia has 754,028 inactive voters. I arrived at that number by taking the 4,983,443 active and inactive voters Cox used in her analysis and subtracted 4,229,415 (the number of active voters, as of June 1, reported by the SoS office).

What’s the bottom line? There are 147,997 more inactive voters than people without driver’s licenses or Georgia ID cards. Furthermore inactive voters are highly unlikely to vote, in fact the overwhelming majority of inactive voters have moved from Georgia. Therefore to say there are 676,246 people who are poised to be disenfranchised this November is completely bogus. Cathy Cox ought to retract this claim post-haste.


  1. Decaturguy says:

    I think the point is, despite how you spin the number, there will be thousands of people who will be disenfranchised because of this new photo ID requirement. Yes, the 676,000 is probably high and it only serves to make a point, but I don’t think that you can really question that there will be thousands of people who show up to the polls on July 18 who will not have a valid photo ID and will be told they cannot vote.

    Remember, it doesn’t take a photo ID to register to vote.

    I also do not question that these people (who don’t have any photo ID) are probably not the best and brightest Georgians. After all of the attention given to this issue, people should be aware of the requirement. However, even the ignorant deserve the right to vote.

  2. Demonbeck says:

    “However, even the ignorant deserve the right to vote.”

    Yup, otherwise Cynthia McKinney would have never gotten elected. Ralph Reed seems to be counting on their vote as well.

  3. buzzbrockway says:

    Well, I’m not spinning the numbers, Cathy Cox is.

    Cox can tells us how many active voters don’t have the id’s, but she choose not to. I suspect because the number is so small as to be laughable. Cox can also tell us historically how many inactive voters end up voting. I suspect it too is a laughably small number, thus to include inactive voters in the report is disingenuous.

    Nevertheless, the solution to the problem is right before the SoS’ nose. She knows the names of the people who do not have a driver’s license or a Georgia ID card because she created the list. Why not simply send those folks a letter or give them a phone call, or heck, just send the voter ID bus by their house?

  4. Fiddes says:

    Now that is an excellent idea! And I’m sure she could put her photo in the upper corner of the letter with her name in bold (grin).

  5. GTdem says:

    “the SoS Office claims there are 676,246 people registered to vote in Georgia who do not have either a driver’s license or a Georgia ID card

  6. Romegaguy says:

    I am shocked that Cox is trying to spin something. Next you will be saying that Cathy Cox didnt create the HOPE scholarship…

  7. Mike Hassinger says:

    My prediction for the number of people who will be “disenfranchised because of this new photo id requirement,” Decaturguy and GTdem, is ZERO. Anybody who wants to vote will be able to, using umpteen other forms of voter id, or by being able to cast a provisional ballot without ANY id, and coming back with something with their picture on it within 48 hours.

    I don’t know for certain how this new requirement is going to work out across the State, but letting elections get decided with fewer rules and less process than it takes to cash a check, request your own bank balance or rent a video seems a little undemocratic to me.

    Thanks to Buzz for digging out the data to back up my suspicions.

  8. jacewalden says:

    Even under the new Voter ID law, you DON’T have to have a driver’s license to vote. There are several other forms of ID that you can present.

    And…get this…the VOTER ID CARD IS ISSUED FOR FREE!!! So don’t whine about the poor folks. It’s free of charge.

    Decaturguy, are you honestly saying that someone voting in an American election shouldn’t have to produce some form of photo ID to prove that they are in fact, American citizens?

    In the other thread you said something about people “not knowing” about the new law. Well, ignorance to the law is no excuse.

    One Person = One Vote

  9. Decaturguy says:

    “letting elections get decided with fewer rules and less process than it takes to cash a check, request your own bank balance or rent a video”

    That is simply not true. There is absolutely no law that requires photo ID to cash a check, request a bank balance or rent a video.

  10. jacewalden says:


    Two things:

    (1) When are you going to get around to addressing the points I made above?

    (2) There is no law regarding check cashing ID because for most banks it is a bank policy to require ID. Bank is private sector, a law telling them how to run their business is borderline socialistic.

    One Person = One Vote

  11. Decaturguy says:

    To address your point specifically, no, I do not believe that you should have to show a photo ID to vote. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be having this debate.

    Photo ID is not required to register to vote. Photo ID is not required to vote absentee. Why should there be a special burden to produce a photo ID when you vote in person?

    How does producing a photo ID going to prove that someone is an American citizen? Illegal immigrants produce some sort of fake photo ID to their employers everyday to demonstrate their status. They do the same thing to get a drivers license. People who are not American citizens and entitled to vote (who may be here on a work permit) can still get a photo ID. Presenting a photo ID doesn’t demonstrate citizenship.

    Yes, the voter ID is free. But getting an elderly or disabled person to go get one is cerainly not easy or free. Or to try to convince them that it is necessary or required to change the way they have been doing something forever is not easy or free either.

  12. Decaturguy says:

    Oh, and by the way, none of these “free” voter ID’s have been issued yet because the state is not ready to issue them. When is the election, less than a month away?

    And you know what makes even less sense? What sort of identification is required to get one of these free photo ID’s (whenever they are ready to start issuing them)? A birth certificate, student or employee ID card, a pilot’s license, nursing home card, transit card, birth certificate, utility bill or bank statement. The very same forms of ID that people used to use to vote.

    Why the extra step? This answer has to be voter disenfranchisement.

  13. duluthmom says:

    Even without a photo ID (and as jace pointed out there are several acceptable forms) they are still allowed to vote by provisional ballot; they just must return within 48 hours with acceptable photo ID.

  14. Or…

    They could do like I did and request a “no excuse” absentee ballot and vote that way.

    No photo ID needed; just vote, mail it into your local county elections office, or hand deliver it.

    I still believe that the voter ID requirement disenfranchises elderly, low income, and minority voters, but in all praticality, why not use the gift that was given to us…

    Absentee ballots.

  15. schleyguy says:

    An even better solution would be to equip poll workers with digital cameras and take a picture of everyone signing the roll when they show up to vote. Then, if we suspect fraud we can just compare the pictures to see if someone voted twice under different names (Republican nightmare/fantasy about alleged Democrat fraud) or if someone that got credit for voting wasn’t the actual person.

    The new law does nothing to prevent fraud by complicit election officials. If I work the polls and you show up with a picture of Big Bird and I say OK you can vote how can someone investigating fraud in the future know first which poll worker ok’d your id and second which id you showed etc. It seems like the principle in play in Georgia, even after the voter ID law is, one person = as many votes as the poll worker wants (whether that be 0 or 100).

  16. 4ofspades says:

    Your going to hate this post.

    There is one candidate in the SoS race that has called for requiring a copy of a voterid or picture id with an absentee ballot, she has also proposed that you have to prove your a citizen to vote. That’s Handel.

    I think that a vast majority of people believe that only eligible voters should be allowed to vote and that they only vote once.

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