Survey USA: Perdue approval 63%


Sample size: 600 adults
Period: 6/09 – 6/11/06

Approve: 63%
Disapprove: 31%
Not Sure: 6%


  1. I really wish Survey USA would start doing monthly head to heads for Governor’s races. Or one of our tv stations would be so kind as to pay for a statewide SUSA poll, primary, general whatever just something!

  2. Bull Moose says:

    The Governor is doing better, but I sure do wish his campaign staff would learn to treat the people of Georgia with just a tad bit of respect.

    I saw one of them going off on a supporter in Savannah at an event and it was STUNNING. He was yelling and going off like a spoiled child.

    I sure hope the Governor doesn’t think behavior like that is acceptable.

  3. Senator Eric Johnson says:

    Please note the hispanic numbers. Legal immigrants approve of our efforts to crack down on criminals.

  4. GAWire says:

    Who cares … this race is over.

    The chances of an incumbent with 63% approval in June losing are remote, unless something big happens.

    Either way, there aren’t enough Dem donors in this state that can raise the money in the General to defeat Sonny.

    I know, it sucks knowing that you have no hopes of winning, Chris, but that is exactly how we felt in ’96.

    Now, if we can just keep ourselves from imploding due to someone like Ralph Reed. That’s your best hope!

  5. Jimbo says:

    GAWIRE, I am sure Roy Barnes thought the same thing in 2002. There are Republicans that will vote against him in the Primary just to sent a message of their unhappiness with some of the appointments he has made.

    Ralph Reed will be on the ticket and that will help Perdue in November. Who better to drive out the Christian Conservative vote than Reed? When Christian Conservatives turn out the Republican sail to victory.. Face the fact Reed will be on the ticket and he will dispose of Cagle with ease.

    Sen. Johnson, I have legal immigrant friends that are outraged about even the thought of granting amnesty to those that did not follow the immigration laws.

  6. GAWire says:

    >>”””Ralph Reed will be on the ticket and that will help Perdue in November.”””

    Oh boy

    I take back what I said about this race being over. It’s only just beginning, and boy do we have a challenge ahead of us!

  7. Senate Johnson,

    First, the Hispanic sample in the poll was 30 people. 26 Hispanics said they approve, 4 said they disapprove. Hardly a stastically valid sample of Hispanics in Georgia. Close to 50% of blacks approve of Perdue in this poll also — will they be voting for him?

    Second, I think it is telling that you claim a 30 person sample of Hispanics as “legal immigrants”. What if they are third generation Americans, or like the Salazar family in Colorado have been here since the 1500’s? Ultimately, that kind of shallow understanding of this issue and that community will become trouble for the Republican party.

    Or perhaps you were referring to recent Irish immigrant Shaquille O’Neal?

  8. debbie0040 says:

    From The Novak Report:

    Governor 2006

    Georgia: Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor (D) is still the frontrunner in the July 18 Democratic primary for governor against Secretary of State Cathy Cox (D). But Gov. Sonny Perdue (R) remains popular despite Republican woes nationwide and is strongly favored for re-election after incredibly defusing two of the state’s most contentious and emotional issues.

    One was the flag controversy, in which he eschewed the more divisive Southern Cross in favor of the less common Stars and Bars in the state flag’s design. He thus maintained an element of Confederate heritage in the flag without resurrecting what had become a symbol of resistance to Blacks’ civil rights last century. His second and more recent success was his successful handling of the immigration issue. By signing a tough bill but avoiding xenophobic rhetoric, Perdue provides a model for Republicans in the immigration debate.


    Robert D. Novak

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