Saxby’s War

This isn’t an extremeley signficant newsmaker, but I thought this article on Saxby’s efforts to procure funding for the Pentagon’s F22A. 

The Georgia Republican senator, a member of the Armed Services Committee, introduced an amendment Thursday to reverse a committee decision and restore the Pentagon’s request for multiyear procurement of the F-22A Raptor.

When the panel marked up the 2007 defense authorization bill, it included a provision prohibiting the Air Force from entering a multiyear arrangement for the aircraft or paying incrementally for the fighter jets.

Saxby always has something going on that gets him in some spotlight, even when his election is still far out.  If anyone has a safe seat in a couple of years, I think it is Chambliss.  Georgia is starting to get our own John Breaux-type Senator with tenure that will become near impossible to defeat. 

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  1. Demonbeck says:

    Saxby is a freshman Senator and has gained one of the most important Chairmanship posts for the South. If he can stay healthy, Georgia will benefit greatly from his presence in Washington.

    Same goes for Isakson as well.

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