Just An Editorial Note

Peach Pundit is never, has never been, and will never be the place to do the following:

  • Discuss the children of politicians and political figures who are not themselves involved in politics or in the news themselves.
  • Christianity vs. Judaism vs. Any Other Religion.
  • The sex lives and orientations of individuals who have not themselves made it an issue.

Should you want to discuss that information, go elsewhere. Should you do it here, I will cut you off.


  1. Demonbeck says:

    “Discuss the children of politicians and political figures who are not themselves involved in politics. ”

    I take it that this rule will be heretofore known as the “Demonbeck Rule” and is the result of a post I made a while back. I do have one question about it though.

    It is a well-known fact that the director of a “pro-family” organization has a daughter who does not see eye-to-eye with her on certain issues. This daughter has made public announcements about their disputes and has worked with other Georgia and non-Georgia political organizations opposing the efforts her mother makes. Since both are very public in their opinions, why is it off limits for that subject to be brought up here?

    I would think that pointing out that the director of a “pro-family” organization has rather large issues concerning her family would be a valid point in legitimizing or delegitimizing her views.

    I am fine with whatever the powers that be decide on this subject and will abide by whatever is handed down. I am merely asking for a clarification/justification of the rule.

    Also, if this post is deemed too controversial for discussion, I would not be offended if it were deleted or edited.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    I disagree Demonbeck. Kids should be off limits. Sadie’s daughter should be off limits and so should Mark Taylor’s son.

  3. debbie0040 says:

    Two of Reagan’s children were against his beliefs. IE: Ron and Patty

    It had nothing to do with his character.

  4. Anyone who willingly injects themself into the political arena should be fair game. No exceptions made. Sadie’s daughter is fair game. Taylor’s son, however, is not–he hasn’t brought himself into the game…yet!

  5. Bill Simon says:


    You said if we engaged in these forbidden discussions, you would “cut” us off.

    Are you licensed to perform circumcisions, in addition to being a lawyer? πŸ˜‰

  6. Demonbeck says:

    Tess injected herself into the political realm at least two years ago with this guest column in the AJC. This spat is public news.

    Tess Fields: Reject My Mother’s Bigotry

    Friday, 29 October 2004

    Atlanta Journal Constitution
    Published on: 10/29/04

    I am the daughter of Sadie Fields, president of the Christian Coalition of Georgia. I was appalled by the column my mother wrote justifying her bigotry, and I feel compelled to respond (“Can’t let the few hurt society as a whole,” @issue, Oct. 25).

    The first time there was a definitive split between my mother and me, I was in the seventh grade. My best friend’s name was Lisa. She was Jewish. Concerned about what our pastor had stated about Jews in the afterlife, I went to my mother and asked her if Lisa was going to burn in hell. My mother’s response, “If she does not accept the Lord Jesus then yes, she will go to hell.” Right there, she lost me. I have disagreed with her ever since.

    I was 24 years old when my mother, through a series of mishaps, found out I was gay. My mother came over to where I worked, screaming, and told me I was “dead” to the family. She called me “sick,” “crazy” and “of the devil.” She said that I would never see my family again.

    For more than five years after that day, I heard nothing from my family. No birthday cards, no invitations to Christmas or Thanksgiving events. It wasn’t just the loss of my immediate family that was difficult, but the loss of my extended family as well. Since my mother refused to be in the same room with me, it forced my aunts and uncles to choose sides. I have not been to a family reunion in more than a decade.

    When my partner, Trisha, and I decided to have a child, we were not unlike most couples making this decision. We considered whether or not we were emotionally and financially ready. We considered the ways that it would change our lives and our relationship with each other.

    After two years of planning, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Trisha, during the pregnancy, held my hair out of my face when I vomited from morning sickness. She attended birthing classes, cooked organic meals for me every single night, and calmed my fears about the labor. We bought baby books and argued about names, started a college fund, and perused garage sales for the best deals on cribs and diaper-changing stations.

    The only thing unusual about our pregnancy was the critical necessity of a lawyer.

    Given my mother’s abject hostility toward gay and lesbian people, in the process of my pregnancy we had to spend thousands of dollars protecting ourselves from her potential interference. In spite of the fact that she has never, in more than a decade, visited me, and has written numerous articles comparing me to pedophiles and people who have sex with animals, according to the law, my mother has more rights to our child than Trisha.

    What if I died during the birth? What if something happened to me before the lawyers could get the adoption finalized? These were the kinds of fears that our family had to face, and we felt robbed. Expecting a child should be a wonderful moment in a couple’s life. Pregnancy, in and of itself, can be challenging, but the greater excitement of a baby on the way seems to balance these fears for most people. My family, however, had to be concerned about my mother’s extremism, and what legal grounds she had if she decided to try and take Trisha’s child. And then we had to prepare, meticulously, if that threat were ever realized.

    A friend once told me that becoming a parent does two things: It teaches you to love in a whole new way, and it teaches you to fear in a whole new way. It was not until I became pregnant that I understood completely what she meant.

    While some people may disagree about gay marriage, passing a constitutional amendment ensuring that one group of people is singled out to be treated differently is wrong. The state’s constitution is for protecting our most basic and important rights. It should not be used to settle partisan, religious, or ideological disputes. And it should never be changed in a way that hurts people. But Amendment One would deny thousands of gay and lesbian Georgians and their families access to health care, fair survivor rights and the ability to make lifesaving medical decisions. We may disagree about social issues such as marriage, but those disagreements do not belong in the state constitution.

    So my fellow, fair-minded Georgians, I am writing to encourage you not to follow my mother’s lead. Learn from our example. For all of the struggles my family experienced while I was growing up, none has been more damaging to its foundation than my mother’s religious extremism and fervent black and white ideology. We have not been in the same room together for more than 11 years. My mother’s religion has left us not merely splintered, but broken. It leaves no room for compromise or even mutual respect for people that have different ideologies.

    But most importantly, I have this to say. If we lose this battle on Nov. 2, I want to let my gay and straight friends in Georgia know that we will not lose the war. Celebrate and be proud of who you are and the strong families that you have created. Spit in the eye of your oppressor with the ultimate revenge; be happy, be successful and live your life fully and completely, as God intended.

    For those of you voting no on Amendment One, thank you for standing up for families like mine. Thank you for making the world a safer place for our son. Thank you for helping ensure that he receives good health care. Regardless of what happens to me, he will continue to grow safely in the arms of his loving mother and grandparents. Thank you for not allowing a form of religious extremism that leaves families shattered and broken to be written into law, becoming a way of life for all.


    Tess Fields is a manager with a Portland, Ore. affiliate of Planned Parenthood.

  7. debbie0040 says:

    Demonbeck, you are right. Tess is fair game but Taylor’s son did not make a deliberate attempt to become public. He should be off limits.

  8. Demonbeck says:

    He should be, but the story was in The State in Columbia. His actions were completely voluntary as well. There could be a very good argument there for him being off limits.

    That being said, I am not going to bring him up.

  9. duluthmom says:

    I first read that article back when it was published and re-reading it again still sends chills down my spine.

    I think this speaks volumes on character
    Quote: “came over to where I worked, screaming, and told me I was β€œdead

  10. Demonbeck says:

    GAWire, I think the better question is if we can talk about Cynthia’s father is certifiably crazy.

  11. debbie0040 says:

    Duluthmom, That is Tess’s side of it. I am sure that her Mom sees things differently. Tess was trying her best to destroy her Mom. That is obvious.

    I can tell you as a Mother, that if my daughter was a lesbian, I would be upset. I would tell her the Bible condemns homosexuality, that I would always love her and would be praying for her, that she would alwasy be welcomed in my home, but her “partner’ and lifestyle would never be welcomed in my home.

    How many of us, as parents, have never once at anytime said anything to our children we regret saying? How may of us have never said things in anger and hurt that we regret?

  12. Erick says:

    Bill Simon, I’m not certified for circumcision, just castration. πŸ˜‰

    GAWire, the question should not be whether Billy’s daughter is nuts or if Cynthia’s father is nuts, but are the people of Dekalb nuts for sending her back to DC.

  13. Bill Simon says:

    DuluthMom, I’m with you on the chills.

    If Sadie Fields thinks that all Jews are going to Hell, that confirms for me the kind of hate-filled organization the Christian Coalition is REALLY organized to be.

    It’s amazing that the prominent Jews who back Ralph Reed just don’t know what they are getting into when they follow him.

    I’m amazed Billy McKinney isn’t a dues-paid member to the CC…of course, for all we know, he may very well be. Both he and his nutty daughter.

    Which, of course, brings me to the conclusion that both Sadie and Cynthia McKinney hope for the same outcome to the Jewish people around the world: burning in Hell forever.

  14. duluthmom says:

    As I recall the follow up article to that letter profiled Sadie who confirmed much of what Tess said. Obviously from my name, I am a parent who has occasionally regretted things I’ve said to my children, but I have never called them such outrageous names. That’s called verbal abuse.

    And as a Christian (disclaimer just so no one thinks otherwise) if any of my children ended up being gay I would love them without reservation or lectures and I would hope that they are able to find a loving partner that I would happily welcome into my home.

  15. Demonbeck says:

    I think everyone should view the first link I posted above. Sometimes it helps to put a perspective on crazy.

  16. debbie0040 says:

    Duluthmom, If you see your children about to walk over a cliff it is your obligation to let them know the dangers. The Bible does condemn homosexuality. Sadie was just letting her daughter know the danger of her lifestyle choice.

  17. Bill Simon says:


    I’m pretty sure that WAS Sadie in her younger days. People become crazy when they get so infused with an idea and have no one around to talk them back down to Earth.

    She’s figured-out, with the help of Ralph Reed, how to turn that energy into a force of hatred for anything that doesn’t meet her view of the Bible. That we have elected officials in this state who follow her/worwhip her means we no longer have a representative republic, but the makings of a true theocracy.

  18. duluthmom says:

    Debbie- That is your Biblical perspective. I have my own. My faith (Episcopalian) doesn’t view homosexuality in that way. We even have gay and (gasp) women bishops.

  19. debbie0040 says:

    Ralph Reed is not the only Lt. Governor candidate that thinks highly of Sadie Fields:


    05 LC 98 0380

    Senate Resolution 198
    By: Senators Cagle of the 49th, Hamrick of the 30th, Hill of the 32nd, Schaefer of the 50th, Mullis of the 53rd and others


    Honoring Sadie Fields and her work on behalf of Georgia’s families; and for other purposes.

    WHEREAS, Sadie Fields has given of her time and money to the poor, the sick, and the homeless and has sought to better the lives of those in her community; and

    WHEREAS, Sadie Fields has courageously withstood criticism and personal attacks, all the while maintaining her principles and her convictions; and

    WHEREAS, Sadie Fields has led the Georgia Christian Coalition with honor and dignity and has helped turn the organization into a potent force for conservative public policy; and

    WHEREAS, Sadie Fields provides an outstanding example for young women who aspire to become active in the political process.

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE that the members of this body commend Sadie Fields for her work on behalf of the less fortunate and the unborn and for her tireless defense of the principles our proud state and our nation were built upon.

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is authorized and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of this resolution to Sadie Fields.

  20. Romegaguy says:

    The Bible also talks about women not wearing makeup, mixing meat and dairy products, and other items that I am sure most of us ignore on a daily basis.

  21. UGAMatthew says:

    Here I come again with a rather harsh opinion, but since when did a public offense on public record become a non-public issue. Yes I’m referring to Taylor’s son.

    I agree we shouldn’t sit here and rail him till the coal runs out (I just made that up, let me know if it works…probably not.) however, his father is a very public figure in a very vulnerable spot and to discuss the ramifications of his (taylor’s son) actions on his father’s campaign or any other factor relating to Taylor’s (sr.) service in public office seems rather relevant to me.

    A crime is a public offense. And I think its well within our purview to comment on aspects of how that might affect or illuminate Taylor.

    However, if that’s not the prevailing attitude, then we must respect the desire of the admins here. But, I really do think there’s some value in allowing discussion on matters of such qualification. If he didn’t want us discussing it, he shouldnt’ have committed a crime. With that said, I’m not advocating trashing him or his father, but I think we can discuss whether or not this will affect his campaign…should we so desire. (and I meam all of this in a global sense, not solely the Taylor situation, but with anyone…)

  22. Bull Moose says:

    I think Sadie Fields is a sad person and will probably turn against her hateful and mean spirited ways in her final hours. She’ll reach out for forgivness from her daughter and regret how she conducted her life.

    Jesus said to love one another. Period.

    Not hate. A heart full of hate is full of evil.

  23. LINDA says:

    June 7, 2006
    news around the world 7-jun-06
    By News Editor

    “Aussie PM John Howard has announced his decision to veto new legislation passed by the ACT parliament to allow gay couples to enter into a civil union. In the UK, the BBC Board of Governors has ruled that the word “gay” now means “rubbish” and might not be necessarily insulting to gays. Meanwhile Hong Kong has reported the second highest increase of HIV infections among MSM in the last quarter since 1984.”

    I will get the link for this in next post! I thought you all would have fun with this!

  24. LINDA says:


    Since Ann Coulter has defined Liberalism as a religion, are we banned from comparing Liberalism to Christianity?

  25. larry smith says:


    I just went to “Linda’s” website, and there is a link to David Duke’s (and several other racist sites) on there.

    I realize being censor in chief is not your job, but I hope everyone who posts here (with the possible exception of Debbie and Jimbo) can agree that this speech is despicable and has no place in mainstream discourse.

    Your call on how you want to handle this, but I am — in a word — revolted. If this were my site, I would revoke this nut’s posting privileges and delete her prior comments.

  26. LINDA says:

    Dear Larry Smith,

    There are links on my blog that are all legal and protected blogs, and I read different people’s opinions to see where those people are coming from. I do not endorse any link, but you are free not to click on them. That is your personal right. I do not allow the MSM to brainwash me into what I can and cannot read, and you are suggesting that I do not have a First Amendment right to put links for cites that I have read. You will see that I have Jewish websites, Christian websites, Muslim websites, and various other links. That does not mean that I am a hater of any group or person. All people have a right to be heard in this Country,and I try to learn what I can. If you want to move to a Country that does not protect free speech, may I suggest Austria.

  27. LINDA says:


    I take offense to you calling me a nut. You are being an extremist, and I would suggest that you not go to my blog in the future. If you actually would read my blog, you would see that I talk almost exclusively about the war in Iraq, local politics and attacks on Christianity. There are many, many funny jokes and photos on my blog. I have links to World Net Daily, which actually has much of the same postings as the links that you assume have such bad things on them.

  28. larry smith says:


    You may have a First Amendment right to free speech, but that doesn’t mean I have to pat you on the head and tell you it’s ok to be a racist nutjob.

    Did I say you should be arrested? No.

    But, I think your political views are disgusting and deserve condemnation. And, that applies to supporting Ralph Reed as well.

  29. LINDA says:

    I do not support Ralph Reed, and if I did that would be none of your business. I have not decided who I will vote for, and I may vote in the Democrat Primary! Ha! Just kidding. And, I could care less about what you think of my political view. Google my name, if you are smart enough to find it on my blog, and you will see just how patriotic I am. I attended the President’s Dinner in DC in 2003, and spent a whopping $2500 just for the ticket! I bet that gets your goat too doesn’t it? I even convinced one of my Democrat clients to up the money and go with me, and she voted for President Bush!

    Just because I have a different view point than you do, does not make me a rascist. I have lived over a half century now, and I think I know how to get along with all people in society very well, thank you. If I see someone mentioned on the news, I google that person’s name and find out what they are all about. You do not even know me, and you resort to throwing out hateful slurs. I have not posted one thing on this blog that cannot be backed up with proof. You see, PC is not part of my personality. Comprendo?

  30. LINDA says:


    Did you happen to see that I also have a link for Louis Farrakhan on my blog? Maybe you need to expand your horizon a little and learn something else besides this paradigm that you seem to be caught up in. All people have a right to exist in this world, and all people have a right to express their feelings openly.

    I bet you do not even know that there are people on trial right now in Europe for their revisionist work concerning the Holocaust. Ernst Zundel is being held in prison in Germany,after he was taken from his home in Tennessee and extradited to Canada and then to Germany. I had never heard of this person, until I was doing some surfing online, and alternative websites are the only place that one can keep up with the trial going on in Germany. You see, unlike most people that go about their daily lives and do not know what is going on past their little home town, I have got into researching historical world events. My blog is my own personal research, and you have every right in the world not to visit it.

    If you want to be respected for your rights to believe how you want to believe, then you must absolutely extend that right to others. You seem to set up a law of double standards, and I am not surprised because way too many people are like you.

  31. LINDA says:

    Dear Stephanie,

    Never mind, I took a look at your poll, and I have my answer. Yes, to both questions based upon the way you design a poll. And btw, how many times did you vote? I was able to vote 4 times! Ha! You remind me of my students that tried to memorize the multiple choice questions in their accounting exams, by just learning the letter of the anser because I always did that on the first exam from questions in the book. And then I reversed the order of the questions, and three people answered them in reverse. If only these students would spend as much time studying, as they did figuring out ways to cheat.

  32. stephaniemills21 says:


    21 has nothing to with either, just the suggestion that gmail gave me when stephaniemills was taken. I bet I could beat you on any test, at any time, on any subject, anywhere. So bite me.

    You are a teacher?? OMG. That is really really really scary? If you are public school teacher it would make me want to send my kids to private school. Can you let us all know where you teach so that we can avoid you and the school that allows you to teach.

    And are you seriously questioning my polling method? HAHAHA!! Seriously, no one had to poll to figure out that you are by far the most insane and inane person commenting on this board. (and yes, i put debbie above you, at least she is somewhat consistent) You ever wonder why so many people on this board, republican or democrat, man or woman, gay or straight, christian or other, keep on questioning you? Cause you are FREAKIN LOON.

    And i did not vote. I thought it was painfully obvious.

  33. LINDA says:

    Stephanie IQ21 said the following:

    “I bet I could beat you on any test, at any time, on any subject, anywhere. So bite me.”

    Gee, this proves that I was so very much right in my decision to send both of my sons to private school. I did not want my children to be exposed to bright people like you.

  34. LINDA says:

    Copy and pasted results at 10:45 pm on Tuesday, June 20, 2006. This is Stephanie’s brilliant poll. It looks like “I got friends in low places…” Remember Garth Brooks or was that a hit before you were born?

    Which Peach Pundit commenter is most likely to be admitted to an insane asylum?

    Other (66%)

    LINDA (27%)

    Debbie0040 (5%)

    72 total votes

    Which commenter would most likely be arrested for “standing up for their beliefs?”

    LINDA (83%)

    Debbie0040 (17%)

    24 total votes

    Which Peach Pundit commenter gives repbulicans a bad name?

    LINDA (45%)

    Both (45%)

    Debbie0040 (8%)

    24 total votes

    Ok, seriously, which one is worse?

    LINDA (83%)

    Debbie0040 (17%)

    24 total votes

    Would Peach Pundit be nearly as fun without LINDA or Debbie0040?

    Not a chance in hell. (72%)

    Debbie and LINDA who? (15%)

    Less fun, but more mature debate. (11%)

    70 total votes

  35. LINDA says:

    I have a little poll, but I am not going to take the time to use Stephanie’s model. It looks like the one that had John Kerry winning the election after the polls were all closed.

    So here goes:

    1. Do you think Stephanie21 could win a debate with Stephanie21?

    2. Do you think that Stephanie21 attended a government school?

    3. Do you think that Stephanie21 should be reported to the ACLU for using the terminology of “crazy” in a poll that is offensive to 85% of Democrat voters?

    4. Do you think that Stephanie21 should rethink challenging me to a test anywhere and anytime?

    This has been fun!

  36. LINDA says:

    Dear Erick,

    I think that you should allow Stephanie21 to create a new user name, as I hate to see someone feel embarassed about posting again. I may have been too hard on her, and I do not want to hurt her feelings. You know, it is just the compassionate conservative in me.

  37. bowersville says:

    If you are going to dig a hole for yourself, keep throwing the dirt out, instead of pulling it back in upon you.

  38. stephaniemills21 says:


    All you have proven is that you are the hands-down winner in the poll. Only you take it to this level.

    Now to answer your quiz.?

    1. Of course.

    2. No, I attended Catholic School, but I see from your blog you attended Public School. And I cannot believe we are from the same state.

    3. I think the ACLU would stand up for my first amendment right to call you crazy all I want. That is what they do, and believe it or not, they would stand up for you to say all the crap you say too.

    4. Not in a million years would I reconsider. Seriously, that would be so much fun.

    And LINDA, just so you know, my username is stephaniemills21, not stephanie21, and I can change it any time i want, and do not need Erick’s permission.

    Gosh, where is Bill when I need him.

  39. LINDA says:


    Even if Stephanie21 changed user names, I could tell who she is by the grammar she uses. Don’t worry, I have an uncanny ability to expose dual identities on blogs. I caught one guy using three different screen names!

  40. LINDA says:

    Gee Stephanie,

    Who checked your grammer and punctuation for you with your previous post? I will tell you what when you pass the CPA exam, and get your MBA then I will talk to you about taking a test with you. You are not in my league, sweetheart.

  41. bowersville says:

    Then let me make an uncanny challenge. Mills and Linda have some interesting viewpoints which would be very interesting in an open debate. If there is not time for debate prior to 7/18, let’s do it afterwards at the place of your mutual choosing.

  42. LINDA says:

    I am not sure Bowersville,

    Mills said “bite me” and I am afraid she is into that wierd stuff where people have all of these rings in their eyebrows, and purple hair and lead each other around like dogs with collars on them. I would have to see a photograph first, and a resume before agreeing to meet someone that says “bite me.” That truly gives me the heebie geebies.

  43. LINDA says:

    Oh, I forgot to read the Administrative rules before posting my comment above: Ar people with purple hair and rings in eyebrows a protected class in the hate speech rules. I will have to refer to what Orville said in his book “1984” about whom we cannot offend.

  44. GP says:


    The fequency of your postings is bordering on manic (7 in the last hour). Unless the criteria for the test was for the most batshit crazy person in the world, I believe that Stephanie would probably take you to task.

  45. bowersville says:

    Just a question, is Mills Amber, Duluth mom, Larry Smith or Rusty? Linda don’t answer, let them deny it.

  46. LINDA says:

    Well, I got to sign off. It is late, but I am trying to finish my Diversity and Tolerance online class that I am taking. A friend emailed me and told me that I need to be a little more exposed and tolerant to people that are not like me. I was advised to watch this Ellen’s Golden Globes Special on WMAZ, and so far all I have seen is a woman dancing around a chair and jumping up in it without taking her shoes off. I bet she gets that chair pretty dirty.

    Then, when the audience was panned it looks like it must be girls night out because none of them have husbands with them. I heard this Ellen is Dorie in that Finding Nemo movie, but she doesn’t look like a fish at all. Well, I really got to go because I have to pay attention and answer some essay questions about the show. Later gators!

  47. Chris says:

    Hahahhaha. With folks like you all, its amazing the Democrats manage to lose all the time.

    BTW, Debbie is by far the crazier. And I demand a paper trail on the poll! How do we know that Steph isn’t working for diebold skewing the results in LINDAs favor?

  48. Jimbo says:

    Stephanie, my vote for craziest is you, Larry, Busdriver and Bullmoose. Your lack of class and maturity is astounding.

    I do find something I agree with Linda on. I believe the 21 after your name is your IQ. Grow up. You are just like a little neophyte gnat buzzing around. No one cares what you or people like you think. Tell me are you and Brian Laurens dating? If not, you should. You are a perfect match. The fact you included Debbie on your poll should make her very proud. When you take strong stands on issues you offend people. I think Deb considers it a badge of honor to offend someone like you, Larry, Busdriver, Bullmoose and others. If you guys were not being offended, she would not be doing a proper job. Man is it great!!!

    I do disagree with Linda , but don’t believe she should be censored. If you censor her, then Stephanie, Larry, Busdriver, BullMoose, Bill Simon should all be censored as well because they offend people..

    Chris, you are far more insane. I have read your blog… You are a social liberal and would fit in more politically in a state like Massachusetts or Vermont.

    GP, you need to check out others as far as posting a lot. But you are not bothered by someone posting unless you disagree with what they had to say.

  49. Bill Simon says:


    I think you are holding your own quite well. However, were you and Linda to debate, you might be required to shut down half of your brain. Or, consume something that will raise you to the level of inanity that Linda’s at.

  50. jacewalden says:

    I know I give Debbie a really hard time on here, but I don’t think she’s crazy. I just think she’s wrong on the issues we disagree on.

    StephanieMills21, I think you and Debbie would probably agree on more than you would like to think…

  51. Rusty says:

    It’d be pretty hypocritical for me to rail against astroturfing the way I did and then engage in it myself. So, no, I don’t post under any other alias here. Neither does Amber.

  52. LINDA says:

    I am inviting anyone that would like to look at my recent post on my blog to do so. It is a writing by Dennis Prager, and it should clarify for some of you that there is difference between being anti-zionist and anti-semitic. I understand where you could be shocked by some of my writings because most are simply not aware of things in society that are treated as taboo subjects, and actually create anxiety when educated people attempt to discuss the forces that are pulling the United States to become a secular country against those that want to retain a religious identity for the country that was founded upon God’s laws. It is like a tug of war, and Christians for the most part know that they are fighting against an enemy, but they just cannot grasp or identify this invisible enemy.

  53. LINDA says:

    And perhaps enemy is not the correct noun to describe the secularist because in their mindset they are simply inserting man in control of his own destiny where on grounded in faith believes that God is control of the universe.

  54. duluthmom says:

    Just a quick note to bville-
    I don’t post under any other name but this one.
    I’m not Rusty. I’m a married mother of three in Duluth (hence the sn).
    From my posts, obviously I lean liberal on social issues; but I’m extremely conservative on fiscal issues. Politically, I’m a former Repupublican (voted Reagan and Bush Sr.) turned Independent due to the whole ultra-right swing in the party (still holding out hope that the GOP will regain the sense of real priorities that they used to have). However, that being said, I can’t embrace the Dems either. So here I sit solidly in the middle.

  55. Bill Simon says:


    Yes, there is a difference between being “anti-semetic” and “anti-Zionist.”

    Your previous links to the Web page that talks about the supposed beginnings of the Federal Reserve appear to directly imply you are more the former than you are the latter.

  56. LINDA says:

    No Bill, you are incorrect. If you would read the “Ghost of Jekyll Island” that I linked you to concerning the Federal Reserve, you will see that it is against Zionism or the New World Order (one in the same). I think you are wanting to find a reason to believe that I am anti-semitic for some reason. A Christian that recognizes Jesus Christ as a Jew cannot be anti-semitic. Please read Dennis Prager’s article on my blog, and look at the area where he discusses that the Jews that formed the present day Israel were “irreligious.” I do know that the present head of the Federal Reserve, Mr. Bernanche (sp?) is a very conservative Jew and seems to be an excellent communicater and very transparent (unlike the former Greenspan).

  57. LINDA says:

    Also Bill,

    If this link that I posted about the Federal Reserve has other offensive things to you, then rest assurred that I do not endorse every website that I find information on. I happened to see this book, “The Ghost of Jekyll Island” advertised on World Net Daily and I googled for it online. I know I cheated by not buying the whole book, but I have dozens of books that I need to finish reading that I have ordered. Peace to you and God bless.

  58. Demonbeck says:

    Seriously, Erick, how long are we going to be subject to this? Linda’s postings have absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand and are entirely off base. If I wanted to discuss New World Orders and Judaism, I’d find another blog.

  59. Bill Simon says:


    Your post on the Federal Reserve was all intertwined in your posts about “who controls the money supply” and who is in charge of this country.


    We frequently wander off-topic on lots of other posts, so, if you don’t like the way this is going, then don’t read the thread. πŸ™‚

  60. LINDA says:

    Dear Demonbeck,

    I have tried to expand your knowledge about who I am as an individual, and where I come from in my post. I have read comments on this, since I saw it on Erick’s personal blog. I have never seen many of you post more that one liner slurs against this politician or that politician. Georgia politics is much more than a two opposing teams in a football game, as we are a part of the United States. We are in big trouble in this state and in the entire United States in a global way. When someone is over your head, then the best thing you know how to do is throw mud. This conversation about the Jews, not Judaism, is a carry over from an earlier section that was talking about the Christian Coalition.

    Now, I don’t think you can debate me when it comes to limited government and fiscal responsiblity because that is what I thrive on. But, we are never going to get there, as long as we have people unwilling to look at the big picture and see that bigger and bigger government is not the answer. So if you want to debate me on fiscal responsible governments vs. socialism, bring it on.

  61. Demonbeck says:


    I make it a general rule not to argue with conspiracy theorists and people who lack sanity. Judging from your posts on the New World Order and how Jews run the world, I would have to say you fall under both categories.

  62. LeftOFLeft says:

    Hey Demon,

    those guys were the best in the NWO, that was the hey day of wrestling. ole vince mcmahan had to go and screw up a good thing.

  63. LeftOFLeft says:

    nice to meet you fellows, hey Bill, you got some more of them Hustler magazines to pass around. maybe you can just post some links for your picutres.

  64. bowersville says:

    Rusty, Amber,
    I know that, I wanted to see if Linda would use her “uncanny” ability in her study of grammar usauge, and reveal “who is who” on this blog. As I get time, I read several different blogs. Your two and Amber’s are blogs I read from time to time. Don’t agree with either often, if ever, I don’t offer comment, but I read them.

  65. LINDA says:

    Dear Bowersville,

    I have not been on here enough to know who is who, but trust me that if the person does not disguise their writing style I can figure it out in due time.

  66. jacewalden says:


    I only asked because I vaugely remember a blogger on here who posted under the name “RadialGeorgiaModerate” or “RadicalGAModerate”…something to that effect…

    I was just wondering if there was a connection.

    You know, it could be a part of this Zionist/NWO conspiracy theory which, thank GOD, someone has been brave enough to expose, thanks LINDA! I just hope the radical Zionist/NWO henchmen don’t bust down your door and silence you. WE NEED YOU TO EXPOSE THEM!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope everyone appreciates a little sarcasm.

  67. bowersville says:

    Thanks, I just went back and read the entire column. I’m not making any accusations, but Larry and Mills are still missing.

  68. larry smith says:

    I refuse to participate in conspiracy theorizing with a bunch of racist nuts who have praise David Duke and see a Jewish conspiracy behind every major event in world history.

    Frankly, I’m amazed Erick allows this to continue unabated on a blog that’s got his name on it.

  69. bowersville says:

    Please lay your foundation for “a bunch of rascist nuts,” the emphasis being on “a bunch.”

  70. Rusty says:

    I’m about 99 percent sure I didn’t ever post here as either of those names, but who’s to say I didn’t sign up for an account under my web site’s name when I was drunk one night, comment, and then forget it all ever happened?

    There’s someone who posts here as flamingmoderate, but that’s not me.

  71. larry smith says:


    That would be Linda and all the people who are patting her on the head and saying “nice racist nut.”

  72. stephaniemills21 says:

    Linda, Bowersville et al,

    Been out of town all day yesterday. I am no one else on this blog and have no aliases. And even though I regret even attacking LINDA because of all the stupid posts of hers that I have been forced to read (usually just skip past them) I would still take her in any gereral knowledge test anytime anywhere.

    If you want to continue this Linda, just email me, I feel bad enough already I made the other posters on this site deal with your insanity even more.

  73. Demonbeck says:

    The biggest winner out of all of LINDA’s rantings is Debbie. She seems almost normal compared to Miss Jew World Order.

  74. Bill Simon says:


    If you had gotten drunk and blogged under another name, you’d be guilty of either BWD or BWI…blogging while drunk or blogging while intoxicated.

  75. LINDA says:

    Well you see Stephaniemills21,

    I think you are full of fluff and your ego is way overblown. You are so silly and immature, it is almost laughable. I have not the time to argue with someone that acts so childish.

  76. LINDA says:

    And to Demonbeck,

    You are to the point of where I just ignore your comments, so you are wasting your time. I got your number way back, and you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer or do not seem to rowing with both oars. Get my drift, dude.

  77. Demonbeck says:

    Am I not playing with a full deck of cards? A few guppies short of an aquarium? A few inches short of a foot / yard?A few kernels short of an ear? A few lanes short of a highway? A few links shy of a chain? A few peas short of a pod? A few pickles short of a jar? A few sandwiches / apples / ants short of a picnic?

    Gosh, how can I keep up with your witty reparte?

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