Crotts’ Crock Rejected

From Tom Crawford with Capitol Impact:

Former state senator Mike Crotts’ attempt get back on the Republican primary ballot fell short in Fulton County Superior Court Tuesday when Judge Stephanie Manis affirmed a ruling that he did not meet the legal residency requirements.

Crotts and his lawyer, former attorney general Mike Bowers, said they would appeal the Manis decision.

Crotts qualified to run against Sen. John Douglas (R-Covington) in the July 18 GOP primary election, but his candidacy was challenged on the grounds that he had not resided within the Senate district for at least 12 months, as required by the state’s election code.


  1. pathfinder says:

    While we are on the subject of State Legislative races, I was curious as to how a couple of races around Gwinnett were shaping up.

    Anyone have any insight into any of the following races involving incumbents:

    1. Rep.Bobby Reese v. Wayne Hill

    2. Rep. Clay Cox v. Woody Woodruff

    I had heard that the Gwinnett County School Superintendent was trying to turn theses races into a referendum on the Governor’s 65% rule on classroom spending.

  2. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Bowers will appeal to kingdom come so long as Crotts pays his huge salary. But Crotts is divorced from reality now, totally out of his head. He is as loony as any candidate wannabe that has every come along. He doesnt even realize that when people arent shaking their heads in disbelief, they are laughing at him.

    With his lies, Crotts has successfully destroyed any chance he ever had of being elected to any office. No one outside of his head believes his fabrications. Even his family doesnt believe them since they go home to McDonough every night, not to some hole in the wall basement in Conyers.

    I would say this to Crotts: Go away!

  3. jacewalden says:

    UGAWins 2005,

    I find this Crotts thing rather amusing…

    Amusing as in, watching grass grow amusing.
    Amusing as in, watching paint dry amusing.
    Amusing as in, listening to a Kenny G CD amusing.
    Amusing as in, well, you get the point.

    I don’t even live in either of this guys districts (the one he claims to live in or the one he actually lives in). But this is on the verge of becoming Cynthia McKinney embarassing…

    Douglas ’06!

  4. Senator Eric Johnson says:

    The appeals over the 46th Senate district failed today, also. On to Supreme Court? Let’s just get on with the elections!

  5. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Mike Crotts looks in the mirror to relax, primp, do his hair and practice his lies…….

  6. Danny says:

    There are three Crotts signs in the yard of his “vacation” home on the lake in McDonough. Too bad it’s out of the district in which he wants to represent.

    But seriously, if Crotts would’ve won his appeal I think he’d have had a solid chance to beat Douglas. In ’02 Crotts won with probably 2/3 of the primary & in ’04 Douglas squeaked by.

    Now, I like John Douglas & he’ll get my vote again, but I have to think that if Crotts were on the ballot in July it would be a dogfight. There are a lot of fellow church & family members who are south Rockdale residents that have told me they’re chomping at the bit to put Crotts back in. From the way it looks in Rockdale there are many disappointed in his being disqualified from running.

  7. jacewalden says:

    “they’re chomping at the bit to put Crotts back in…”

    No disrespect intended, but even if both of these people make it to the polls, Crotts has absolutely no chance whatsoever of beating Douglas!

    It’s like saying that there is going to be a dogfight between Ray McBerry and Sonny Perdue.

  8. Danny says:

    “It’s like saying that there is going to be a dogfight between Ray McBerry and Sonny Perdue.”

    I would have to respectfully disagree. McBerry may get a few points if the sun & moon align correctly. Crotts would get a lot of Rockdale votes. Period.

  9. UGA Wins 2005 says:


    How many of those south Rockdale Residents believe Crotts and his family live in a basement?

    How many of those church goers think that honesty matters?


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