Capitol Hill Police not happy.

The Grand Jury looking into the incident involving Congresswoman McKinney and a Capitol Hill Police Officer may have concluded no charges were necessary, but the Capitol Hill Police still want action:

“Although she was not indicted by the grand jury, we hope that members of Congress will review her actions in light of their own rules within the ethics committee,” said Andrew Maybo, chairman of the Labor Committee of the U.S. Capitol Police.

“This is solely about what is right or wrong,” said Lou Cannon, president of the D.C. Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police. “It is wrong to assault a law enforcement officer who is performing his duties. No matter what your status, occupation or other factors, everyone must obey the law.”

Maybo said the police union will send a letter this week to the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct seeking a review of the incident.


  1. Loren says:

    But you know who *is* happy? Greg Palast, over on Cynthia’s campaign blog:

    Granted, it’s a repost of something he wrote in April, but he actually PRAISES her for hitting the officer. A controversial position, especially when it’s included on her official campaign site.

  2. GAWire says:

    Well I just don’t see why the Cap Police aren’t happy. I mean, all that happened was that a Member of Congress – someone who is elected to respectfully represent the people – assaulted a member of the Capitol Police – someone who makes little money and many sacrifices to protect those MoC’s elected to respectfully represent the people. Seriously, it’s just no big deal that the someone who dedicates their life to protecting certain people was assaulted by one of the very same people they dedicate their life to protect. Yeah, big deal … they should just get over it. You know, Cynthia has bigger things to deal with, like obtain funding for the Tupac Center and call leaders who have actually earned their respect racists and black-haters. She has a tough schedule and is just mis-understood. The Capitol Police should just try not to be so racist and prejudiced, then perhaps Cynthia wouldn’t have HAD to assault the office. It’s just the typical racial profiling by the Man. Of course, it had nothing to do with the fact that Cynthia is certifiably insane and belongs in an institution, not to mention the fact that it couldn’t be because she’s uglier than a heffer and crazier than a bull with mad-cow, and doesn’t always match her official photo, especially when she morphs more often than Monica Kaufman. This was just a big misunderstanding, and the people of Georgia’s 4th district are better off, b/c now they have their Crazywoman, er Congresswoman back to really serve the people as she has been since she came back to office after being thrown out for making accusations that the President was apart of 9/11. Giver her a break guys!

    Wait a minute … what?!?

    (In case something I say now get’s used against me in the future, I just want point out that the above is meant to be sarcastic – CYNTHIA MCKINNY IS A DISGRACE TO GEORGIANS, TO CONGRESS, TO THE HUMAN RACE … THOSE THAT SERVE DESERVE MUCH BETTER TREATMENT AND RESPECT, ESPECIALLY FROM THOSE THEY ARE PROTECTING!)

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