Winners & Losers

It’s that time again. So here I go:

Winners: Perhaps Cathy Cox because she’s not a loser on this list for the first time, despite the less than stellar quality of her latest ad. But seriously, I think one winner this week is Jim Marshall because of his successful tightrope walking on the Iraq Resolution. Another serious winner this week is Lynn Westmoreland, who is rapidly become a leader of conservatives in the House.

But, the ultimate winner of the week this week has to be Congressman Jack Kingston (yeah, this week is kind of Congress focused). Congressman Kingston was recently named the most “Web 2.0


  1. Chris says:

    You left off the cutest communist in congress and the Grand Jury deciding not to throw her kook butt in jail.

    And the losers of the week: The people of Georgia’s 4th.

  2. stephaniemills21 says:

    Westmoreland as a winner??? The guy made a fool of himself on National TV by not being able to list the Ten Commandments.

  3. Mojo says:

    I agree with stephanie. How can Lynn Westmoreland be considered a winner? An embarassment, yes, but a winner? He cosponsors a bill for the posting of the Ten Commandments in public places, yet he can only name three of the Ten Commandments. Maybe he should post them in his own house so he knows what the hell they are.

  4. caroline says:

    Westmoreland? Yeah, he’s a winner if you consider the fact that he made the entire nation laugh at him.

  5. Mojo says:

    I love the vague praise that Erick lays upon Westmoreland to prove that he is the “serious winner,” “who is rapidly become a leader of conservatives in the House.” Okay, how has he become a leader of conservatives in the House? What bills has he sponsored? What leverage is he gaining and how? Other than the cosponsoring of a bill that he doesn’t even fully understand (Ten Commandments), what has he done?

  6. 4ofspades says:

    Instead of slamming Erick – how about your own winner and loser.

    Loser – Bill Campbell – 30 months doesn’t even cut it.

    Winner – Don’t have one this week

  7. Mojo says:

    I’m not slamming Erick. I’m slamming Westmoreland, and I shouldn’t have to offer a winner and loser if a more believable pair were offered. Sorry if I got in the way and your BFF.

    Winner-the Nothing.
    Loser-Westmoreland and America.

  8. Three Jack says:

    Winners — Republican Party — Al Zarqawi dead, Bill Campbell sentenced, William Jefferson kicked off committee, CC vs. MT ad battle heating up, Ann Coulter NY Times #1, Bush poll numbers rising, Iraq vote; Florida Marlins, Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (both in college World Series).

    Losers — Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Spirit, W for joking about the blind guy’s sunglasses, DC Grand Jury that failed to indict McKinney, Microsoft (bye Bill), Nancy Pelosi/Murtha/Hoyer…the tri-contrarian contingent with no plan other than bitching about GOP.

  9. Bull Moose says:

    I watched Westmoreland on the Colbert Report and I was surprised that he took the bait on the 10 Commandments issue. I also thought it showed that these folks who are using this issue are being just a tad hypocritical in that they are using the 10 Commandments as a political stunt and that is just sad.

  10. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Westmoreland must be effective to be hit so often by some of the lefties blogging here. Lynn is doing a great job leading the conservatives in the House and will continue to build on that.

    Loser is Cynthia McKinney. Being in Congress protects her from laws that the rest of us have to obey. Imagine if one of us struck a police officer….would there be a three month investigation, charges of racism if the officer was black, finally, no charges. Not a chance, we would have already been booked, tried and convicted.

  11. jacewalden says:


    I agree with your point on Westmoreland. He did embarass himself on the Colbert Report. But one fact that was not mentioned in that interview was that Westmoreland is one of the most fiscally conservative members of congress. For all the folks out there (like me) who moan on and on about spending this and deficit that, Westmoreland should be the one person you would want your congressman to emulate.

    So he couldn’t name the commandments. Big deal. People are blowing this way out of proportion. It’s THE COLBERT REPORT, not Wolf Blitzer Reports or Hannity & Colmes. The show is meant to make people laugh.

    Cynthia McKinney is an embarrasment to the entire state. The 4th District aren’t the only ones that will have to pay for more Cynthia. Her votes count toward everyone. The real loser is this entire state. (However, I do blame the people of the 4th for putting her in).

  12. me says:

    Aw, stop harshing on Lynn! Obviously some idiot advised him to be interviewed on a show where they ridicule the guests. But I’m sure his world-class spinmeister can fix this. … Oh, wait, you don’t think that maybe … never mind!

  13. caroline says:

    Sorry to disagree w/r/t Westmoreland and fiscal sanity. Didn’t he vote for every bill that has gone through the house? Didn’t he vote to raise the debt ceiling numerous times? After 6 years of Republican control and massive spending I would think it would be hard to convince the average american that Republicans can handle money. Colbert asked him what he would cut out and the only thing he said was “the department of Education.” Is that the best he can come up with?

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