1. Romegaguy says:

    But earlier this year she said she created the HOPE scholarship…


    Much better ad than that crappy “I’m not the big guy” turd that Cathy started running.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    Ok, now Cathy is saying that the ad took her words out of context and that she in fact did vote for the lottery….

    I read the newspaper article in question and my understanding is that she indeed did vote AGAINST the creation of HOPE. Anybody else have that same understanding?

  3. RiverRat says:

    You know, it seems like everything Cox did gets taken out of context or misrepresented. She was in favor of the confederate flag, but of course she really wasn’t, don’t you see it was a political calculation? She hasn’t changed her position on gay marriage, everyone just misunderstood her the first three tries. She didn’t vote against the lottery, she just told people down in south Georgia that she did. Why are people so mean to Cathy?

    Seriously, wtf is with this woman? I think she is constitutionally incapable of telling the truth. I think she might be one of these situations where she has told herself these lies so much that she must believe them. The “I didn’t vote for it but I’m going to watch how the money gets spent” was the exact same line every opponent of the lottery used once it passed. Maybe whatshername from the Cox campaign who posts here and thinks everyone has Nexis can do a search for similar quotes in 1993 and see what turns up.

  4. ces says:

    Its why she shows up at debates that Taylor declines. She’s got so many positions she can debate herself.

    Can’t wait for those three televised debates. You think Cox will ask for two podiums?

  5. emily says:

    This is classic blasphemy. Is this really all the Big Guy’s got? Have you guys even read the article? The author that WROTE it even says that it’s taken out of context. I assumed the BG would go negative early, but geez!! Substance, anyone?

    Secretary Cox was not in office when HOPE was passed. We’ve established that. How, again, did she vote against it exactly? She voted for the lottery as a citizen at the poll. She then, upon election, voted over and over again to strengthen HOPE.

    I think a better question may be why we’re 2nd worse in SAT scores, why our dropout rate is sky-high, why we can’t insure our children and working-class Georgians. Mr. Taylor has done a jam-up job of taking the credit for everyone else’s work (Zell, Barnes); it’s about time he take some responsibility for what’s happened on his watch. You can’t have it both ways, Big Guy.

  6. Romegaguy says:

    Emily it is good to have the official Cox campaign view expressed here again. We havent heard from you since your campaign began their impression of an olympic diving competition…

    Speaking of taking credit for what others has done, lets go back to your boss’s statements that she created the HOPE… that was funny. By the way, speaking of going negative, is that turd your campaign dropped Friday saying Cathy isnt the big guy, is that all you have? As you say “Substance, anyone?”

    As a Sonny supporter, I read the article and came with the same conclusion that the Taylor campaign did.

    And please explain to me how Cathy’s FIRST vote as a state rep showed that she isnt one of the awful insiders involved with politics in GA and that Cathy has always been trying to change the system. Supporting Speaker Murphy was really about changing the system wasnt it…

    And speaking of having it both ways, how is that gay marriage issue going for you guys.

  7. emily says:

    Alright, Darlin. One thing straight–I do not speak for the Cox campaign. These are my thoughts, and mine alone. Secondly, is Dent paying you too (wouldn’t be surprised)?

    Back to the issue at hand: Tom Murphy. That’s it? That’s the example of insider deals? You gotta be kidding me. Well done; good job Taylor research folk. That is perhaps one of the dumbest votes I’ve seen anyone pull out in quite some time. While I wipe my tears of laughter, ya’ll go ahead and get me a follow-up. Let me guess, did she vote for a SPLOST too? (That means she voted to raise taxes, right?) Grasping at straws shows weakness, little ones…

  8. truerblue says:

    You people could play the cast of the Manchurian Candidate!
    Forget who supports who for a minute. Let’s look at the facts; (do you remember what that word means?) Yes, Mark Taylor was a key player in the HOPE–but he didn’t invent it and can’t take full credit for it, neither can scores of others involved in its passage. Yes, Cathy Cox was big on education issues when she was a legislator; she voted to increase funding and to expand HOPE and she also voted to remove the eligibility cap on family incomes. Both have done alot regarding education but this latest ad with Mark stating that she voted against the lottery is just plain out $%^&*# and Rick Dent and company should be kicked in the ass for putting his face on that. Simple research could have saved them the embarassment. The article they claim supports their accusation has been debunked by its writer and Cathy Cox was not even a legislator when the lottery was passed. Come on–let’s get back to real things that matter to real people.

  9. Romegaguy says:

    If I was on Rick Dent’s payroll, I sure have missed some checks… Nor am I research person for the Taylor campaign. I am a moderate Republican that is supporting our Governor (you know the one that will beat your candidate or Taylor or anyone else that could come out of the Democratic primary).

    Speaking of grasping straws, which would you like to discuss: Claiming to create the HOPE, voting against the HOPE, saying endorsements dont mean anything, being both for and against gay marriage, and saying Taylor didnt help create the HOPE (have I forgotten any from your weak campaign?)?

  10. truerblue says:

    Romegaguy-if you don’t have dog in this fight why are you so “into” it? Your time is coming on July 19th. In the meantime maybe you can share some of your views on why you support Sonny and maybe enlighten us on what he has done to move this state forward.

  11. schleyguy says:

    Let’s see, the only research on this topic so far presented is the Miller County Liberal story. Miller County voted against the HOPE scholarship nearly 70%. Cox’s district as a whole was in the 60’s against it. Almost every newspaper in the state editorialized against the lottery and Cox was a newspaper woman. Taken in context or even with an unbiased and uninformed reading of that story, the only conclusion you can take walking away from that story is the one presented in Taylor’s ad.

    This was the hotly debated issue of the time, along with the presidential election of Bill Clinton. Wasn’t really anything else going on. If she really was for it, she should be able to produce some sort of literature from that period documenting her support. The silence is deafening.

  12. ugadog says:

    Emily – you really should tone it down some. Taylor is kicking Cox’s butt up and down the court and y’all are making fools of yourselves. The next time you decide to support a candidate for Governor, you’ll do a lot better if you pick one with a message, not whoever’s up in the “polls” at the moment.

  13. I’m going to attempt to close out debate on this thread by saying that if Cathy Cox was the Democratic nominee for Governor right now, the Georgia Republican Party would have a field day with her; painting her as indecisive, a flip-flopper, and willing to say anything to get elected.

    I’d even venture to say that Cathy Cox is probably the weakest candidate in the field because she doesn’t even know what she stands for, but I believe that the reason why she appeared so strong so early was because Mark Taylor wasn’t running against her in 2005.

    At that time, Cathy Cox was the only one doing the talking while Mark Taylor was quietly flying under the radar raising money, putting together his campaign organization, and presiding over the Georgia Senate. Plus, he knew that only us political junkies would be paying attention to the race then meaning that virtually the rest of the state would not be.

    I remember a conversation that I overheard Mark Taylor having at the 2004 Democratic Convention with another one of Georgia’s delegates in which he said that he didn’t want to run against Cathy Cox for Governor, but if he had to, he’d just have to beat her.

    And that’s exactly what he’s done.

    Mark Taylor has run a smart campaign thus far, and as was said on the Georgia Gang numerous times, anyone who underestimates Taylor ability as a campaigner does so at their own peril.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    Emily muses aloud as to why we’re 2nd worse in SAT scores?

    It’s not because we haven’t spent enough on education. It’s that we got the dumbest people breeding kids.

  15. Melb says:

    TB, do you think that Romegaguy is lying? Does it upset when Republicans don’t support Cox or do you find that anyone who criticizes Cox must be on the Dent payroll because that is what you are doing for Cox?

  16. emily says:

    Now that’s smart bloggering. Just because I’m not drinking the Taylor-infested Kool-aid does not mean I speak for other candidates. I find it strangely telling, however, that Taylor’s talking points are recited word-for-word by “Republicans.” Call it what you will, but that’s crap.

    Substantively, Taylor’s monkeys are making negative attacks that are just NOT TRUE. That’s different from “spin,” folks. Take it off the air. (It’s not even a good ad, for chrissake).

  17. RiverRat says:

    Emily, are you seriously telling me that you read the article in question and legitimately come to the conclusion that Cox voted for the lottery??

    Can you PLEASE tell me how you explain Cox’s statements about being like the rest of her district if she was not talking about voting against the lottery? I would really like to hear your answer to this. I can’t see any other way to interpret that statement, but I’ll admit that I am biased toward Taylor. Please enlighten me.

  18. Romegaguy says:

    Emily I will try to use small words to see if this helps. You say I am using the Rick Dent talking points. Ok, tell me when has the Taylor campaign mentioned that Cathy’s first vote as a legislator was to continue having Tom Murphy as Speaker. I havent seen them use that once, but if Cathy wants to continue pretending she has always been for changing the system then I think it is a legitimate point. Also, you have yet to deny this claim of mine.

    Can you also explain to me did Cathy create the lottery and HOPE, vote against it, have nothing to do with it, or vote to strengthen or protect it? You can see how I would be confused since she has stated all of these things.

    And speaking of negative attack ads that arent true, I would like some kind of documentation that your candidate has that Mark Taylor has always stood up for the big guys but has done nothing for the little guy. These are the claims she made in her ad last week but yet she didnt offer any PROOF. Could that be because that ad, like all of her claims, are a pack of lies?

    I will go ahead and make a prediction for you and anybody else interested Emily. On July 18 at about 8:30 or 8:45 p.m., the media in Georgia will go ahead and call the democratic primary as being won by Mark Taylor with about 60% of the vote. You and your fellow campaigners will scream that it will all change when some magical precinct comes in but deep down you will know that it is over and will concede at about 10:30. Maybe your excuse will be that if you had a paper trail for those electronic voting machines you could prove that Mark bought the election. Wont that be a hoot.

  19. Romegaguy says:

    Oh, Emily why wasnt your boss doing her job today at the state elections board meeting? I could have sworn that part of her job was to be there for those meetings.

    I wish that Cathy was to win the Dem primary so that Sonny could go ahead and start planning his victory party in July. Sadly, it appears that this wont happen and he will face a close, tough November race but he will still win.

  20. GTdem says:

    Here is the quote from the Miller County Liberal from April 22, 1993.

    “Rep. Cox stated that although she did not vote for the lottery, she would be watching how the $139 million anticipated to come in the first year would be spent

  21. truerblue says:

    Romegaguy….you still haven’t accepted my invitation to share your reasons of why you support Sonny and why you are so interested in this race. I guess you, like most Republicans in the state, would rather face off with the Big Guy come November. AND, Andre in Atlanta: would you happen to remember where Mark Taylor’s wife was during this conversation?

  22. Romegaguy says:

    Truer would you like the reasons I am supporting Sonny or why he is going to win?

    Let’s see, I am supporting Sonny because the economy is doing very well true. I like that the state is limiting the amount of my money that is spent on services for people that are here illegally. Is that a good start for you? How about that I consider myself a Republican?

    Why do I think Sonny will win re-election? Well the economy is doing well which does well with voters. Georgia has been trending towards the GOP for quite some time and Sonny hasnt made any major mistakes.

    Why am I interested in the dem primary for Gov (or any other race for that matter)? I like politics. I like to discuss politics, as do most of the people that visit this site.

    And you have me wrong… I would MUCH rather see Cathy making it out of the primary. As I have stated earlier, it would make Sonny’s re-election much easier. For one, Cathy is running a HORRIBLE campaign that has yet to do anything right. If Cathy is the nominee, the next 4 months will be Sonny spending his massive warchest on commercials mostly about Cathy and her continuous gay marriage flip flop. 76% of Georgia voters agree with the Governor’s position on this issue and will overwhelmingly vote to keep him in office.

    And GTdem, the vote on the ballot in November 1992 was a yes or no question of passage of the lottery. If you voted no (as Cathy said in that Miller County Liberal article…by the way, nice name to associate with Cathy) you voted against the lottery (and HOPE). If you read Cathy’s email response today (that had the stupid petition to remove the ad…what a waste of time) you will see that she doesnt claim to have voted for the creation of the lottery (or HOPE). Instead she tries to muddy the waters with claims of the ad being out of context and a statement she prepared for the reporter (to help jog his memory from 13 years ago) to this effect.

  23. RiverRat says:

    GTdem, Truerblue, I’ll extend my invitation to explain Cox’s follow up about being outnumbered in the legislature. How else do you explain that statement other than to assume she was indeed talking about NOT supporting the lottery? I have yet to hear one single explanation for this.

    Please help me out here. Seriously, I want to know another way to interpret this – I consider myself a smart guy and would be embarrassed if there was another way to interpret that and I missed it.

  24. truerblue says:

    RiverRat-I’m sure you are a smart guy. If you are you can re-read GTdem’s posting again and maybe it will sink in. Also-do you realize that Cathy Cox was not a legislator then and “could not” have possibly voted for the lottery.
    “Did not vote” and “voted against” are all together different….and you don’t have to be smart to figure that out. This has become a game of semantics.

  25. RiverRat says:

    No, GTdem didn’t answer anything about the “we are outnumbered” bit. And nor did you. Care to try again?

    You are right that this is about semantics – Cathy Cox has repeatedly tried to twist words and make it seem like her multiple positions haven’t changed at all. Like with gay marriage. She supports a special session. But you better parse that carefully – she doesn’t support the amendment. Or the flag. She supports a bill denying schools funding if they don’t fly the confederate flag, but that bill wasn’t really about supporting the confederate flag. Parse the bill carefully, and it doesn’t explicitly state anything about the confederate flag, just the state flag, which only happened to have the confederate flag on it. So see, she would have changed the flag if she could have.

    Cathy Cox makes John Kerry look like consistent. And you think she’s still more electable??

    But again, my main point – please explain the “we are outnumbered” quote. (and obviously it is not about the legislature vote, it is about the referendum vote, don’t hide behind that BS).

  26. truerblue says:

    And you didn’t respond to “did not vote” and “voted against”. Talk about hiding behind something. That is the real subject. Mark Taylor accuses her of “voting against” the Lottery. That’s the buzz phrase here. That’s what he is lying about to the people of Georgia. Rick Dent is obviously under some spell; he thinks everyone involved in this issue is lying-when he’s the only one lying. Is the editor of the newspaper that ran the story 13 years ago lying–no he’s been resurrected and has clearly explained that Mark Taylor is clearly interpreting this to his advantage…..just like he does everything. He’s worse than Al Gore when he claimed that he invented the internet…..puhleeze.

  27. RiverRat says:

    I am willing to concede that “did not vote” and “voted against” are different, and that the article could be interpreted either way save for the follow up quote about being outnumbered. With that quote, it places the “did not vote” in better context and makes it unambiguously clear that Cox is talking about voting against the lottery. Otherwise it makes no sense. Was she saying that she and the members of her district who were not legislators at the time are outnumbered by legislators with experience? Of course not. Now quit hiding.

  28. rugby_fan says:

    “Mark Taylor is clearly interpreting this to his advantage…..just like he does everything. He’s worse than Al Gore when he claimed that he invented the internet…..puhleeze.”

    So just out of curiosity–is this the new Democratic MO in campaigns? Bash other Dems (especially those who have lost elections) so that you don’t seem like a Democrat instead of actually formulating policy?

    In case anyone cares my $.00000000000000002 is that it is total BS to think that Terry *honestly* remebers the context of that interview from 13 years ago. Sure maybe he dug up his notes and then remembered that CC’s quote was out of context (which seems to be a continuing theme with her…) but I doubt it.

    Finally, that’s a big jump in MT’s logic that b/c shes against the lottery shes against hope. C’mon.

  29. RiverRat says:

    GTdem, I think you basically proved Taylor’s point. You admitted that she was against the lottery. Sure, she’d want to see the money used for education once it was there, but the outnumbered bit clearly refers to her oppostion to the lottery, and her personal vote against it in the referendum. That is what the commercial claims.

    Now, we can debate whether the Lottery=HOPE, but that is a separate issue. The debate on the commercial is whether Cox voted against the lottery in the referendum. I think you’ve admitted that the only way to interpret what she said is that she was personally against the lottery. Therefore, the commercial is correct in stating that “she voted against the lottery.”

  30. GTdem says:

    Taylor could have stuck to Cox’s alleged ‘no’ vote against the lottery. Even though Taylor claims to know how she voted as a private citizen, he has no proof of that. We have already established that the 1993 article does not provide proof of how she voted

    If he would have shown up at the last debate he could have probably asked her how she voted. That would be fair game to discuss. It wouldn’t have gotten him very far, because as I’ve pointed out there is a very defensible position for HOPE, but against funding it with a lottery. But he hasn’t done that. Taylor is trying his best to convince people that a vote against the Lottery was a Vote against HOPE. Watch his commercial again. The text says: “opposed the law creating HOPE Scholarships.

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