1. Melb says:

    From the Story:

    The Cox camp declined to comment Thursday.

    “Our hearts go out to him as a parent,” Gov. Sonny Perdue said following a news conference in Savannah.

    Now, tell me, which political opponent of Mark Taylor’s has class and which one doesn’t?

  2. LINDA says:

    You see I know a real little guy in Macon that shelled out all of his savings to save his son from going to the pen for a car accident that left a passenger in the car dead. Even though the parents of the dead girl did not sue this little family that also had to live with the reality that their son was the driver in the horrific accident, our wonderful system of government prosecuted this young eighteen year old and sent him to the pen for 2 years.

  3. LINDA says:

    The moral of the story is what is good for the little guy is good for the big guy. Money and clout should not buy your way out of a felony. The young man that we know paid the penalty for his stupidity, and so should Mark Taylor’s son. I think the law is harsh in the first instance because the young man that was sent to prison was not driving his vehicle at the time of the accident, as another friend was driving the car.

  4. Linda,

    With all due respect, I think that you’re gravely mistaken if you’re suggesting that Lt. Governor Taylor’s son will be given preferential treatment because he just happens to be the son of the Lt. Governor of Georgia.

    Fletcher Taylor has been indicted; he’s going to stand trial; and if he’s convicted, he’ll pay the penalties for his crimes.

    Now, I’m not privy to the facts of this case, but from the media reports, I can gather that the evidence against Fletcher Taylor seems to be overwhelmingly against him. And I believe that this incident further highlights the fact that drunk driving affects all of us, regardless of who we are or the social status that we’ve acheived in our lives.

  5. LINDA says:

    Dear Andre,

    Well, we shall have to wait and see where the chips fall. But if I were a gambler, my money would be on the bet that Fletcher will serve no time in a pen. But, I am not a gambler and I will try to hold my breath and wait and see if someone with money and clout gets the same treatment as the little guy.

  6. RiverRat says:

    I thought I read somewhere that they were discussing plea deals. It said the kid had completed drug/alcohol treatment. Sounds like they are cooperating – taking responsibility for what happened. I’m guessing that might have more to do with what happens in the end than money or political ties.

  7. LINDA says:


    If what you say is true, then that is BS! There is no such thing as a plea deal with a alcohol related car accident that kills someone. If you do not have money or political ties, you will do time. So please spare me and others the rationale for no prison based upon so-called cooperation and taking personal responsiblity in a case like this. I most certainly did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday.

  8. RiverRat says:

    Linda, I’m just telling you what I read

    No trial date has been set. Nathan Williams, the prosecutor in Charleston County handling Taylor’s case, said plea discussions were underway with Fletcher Taylor’s defense lawyer.

    “We’re talking about the case and how to resolve it,” Williams said.

    But you are welcome to be a bitter wretch if you want to be. I don’t think it is unreasonable at all for the prosecution to consider plea options in a case like this if a defendant is contrite, has cooperated fully with the police and the prosecution, and successfully completed a court ordered rehab – and where the victim’s family appears to be only sympathetic to the defendant’s situation.

    I’m sorry something like that happened to your friend in Macon. I obviously don’t know anything about your case, but I think you are being a bit harsh on the Taylor family. It smells of bitterness and not a little of political skullduggery. Perhaps someone will scream “ad hominem”, but a quick look at your website indicates that your political leanings might prejudice you against a Democrat. Why not leave the families involved in this situation at peace and keep politics out of it?

  9. LINDA says:

    I am not against Democrats, I am against imperialistic politicians that persuade their Kool-Aid drinking followers whether they be of any party to make excuses for them and assume that anyone can plea their way out of a DUI related car accident. I am telling you that this family I know jumped through every hoop they could, and spent from what I understand thousands and thousands on legal defense. I know that this young man was very much sorry for what had happened.

    I am not a bitter wretch, and you can kiss my rear end for saying such a nasty thing. You are typical of the scum that I saw protesting at the Republican National Convenition, and perhaps you would like to meet my Marine Sergeant son and tell him that his mother is a bitter wretch. Are you up to the challenge?

  10. LINDA says:

    Furthermore RiverRat,

    Politicians have to earn my respect, and people like Mark Taylor that practice socialism do not fit my criteria of a patriotic American that I want to elect as a leader. I want the same justice for his son, as for any other person’s son that gets involved in a law breaking situation. And plea deals do not work for the little guys out there. So get off your altar at the church of liberalism and admit that if you were not brain-washed into socialism that you would not be so bitter at those that speak the truth.

  11. LINDA says:

    And RiverRat,

    I suggest you read my blog further because you may learn something for a change, and while you are at it perhaps you could take some ettiquete classes in how you should treat your elders.

  12. LINDA says:

    Oh my dear RiverRat,

    I have lived much too long to be conned into “taking the bait.” I was actually very easy on you, and it is nearly impossible to lose debates when one is on the right side of the issues at hand. Did you ever think that maybe you are the one that took the bait?

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