Go Jackets! Sting ’em!

The College World Series gets underway at 2 pm today as Georgia Tech takes on the dreaded Clemson Tigers who just happen to be #1 in the nation.  UGA takes on Rice (the nation’s #2 team) tomorrow.  Both clubs are loaded with players from the great state of Georgia, and it is conceivable that Tech and UGA could meet for the National Championship.  I would wish UGA luck, but I’m a Jacket and as such I just can’t do that, but I hope they have a pleasant weekend in Omaha.  😉


  1. str8tfromtheheart says:

    If I was Tech, I wouldnt be hoping to play Georgia for the National Championship. Not just because Georgia took 2 of 3 from Tech in baseball this year, but also becuase UGA owns Tech in every sport. The last time UGA and Tech played in the tournament was in 2004 when UGA beat Tech on their own field in the Super Regional.

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Oh, Buzz…it’s a good thing for you that I’m a transplant, and haven’t yet pledged my heart and soul to UGA athletics…
    As sacreligious as it may be, I’ll be pulling for BOTH Georgia teams all the way up to the final.

  3. MAGNUS1 says:

    For a school that puts so much pride in its sports teams and to have one of the biggest football programs in the land you would think they would have several national championship but they actually only have one. However, the school which gets knocked for being smarter and full of nerds has four national championships. No that STINGS.

  4. str8tfromtheheart says:

    UGA national championships = 80, 68, 46, 42, 27

    GT national championships = 90, 56, 51, 52, 28, 17

    GT has 6 and UGA has 5 football national championships, but you were almost right.

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