1. Mike Hassinger says:

    Buzz, I think you and I are the only ones who take these videos seriously as a valid campaign method. They are brutal. If I had any say in the Cox campaign, I’d tell them to get a series of their own video “mockumentaries” out fast -Mark Taylor can be parodied just as effectively (maybe even more so) than Cathy Cox. Why are they not responding?

    One thing I didn’t get though: What’s the Cynthia McKinney connection to Cox? One Democrat gave another Democrat a couple of hundred bucks? Huh? I’ve heard McKinney promised many, many DeKalb County votes to Mark -and I’ll bet she can still deliver most of what she promises. Cynthia is no friend of Cox’s, and Cynthia’s already got the gay voters behind her. Why would Taylor use his ally to smear his opponent? I’m not up on Democrat campaign secrets, but that looks stupid.

    Anyway, the Cox folks better get off the mat. Taylor is flattening them, and there’s what, 30-something days left?

    And Sonny’s crew better have a brick in their glove.

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