1. Karla Stuckey says:

    The contrasts between those two pieces are striking. Though it would be impossible to get an objective opinion from the Cagle koolaid drinkers who regularly post here, several of us have been looking at the pdfs this morning here in DC and every vote has been for the Reed piece.

    Someone said, this is what happens when the kid goes after the boss. He is outclassed every time.

    If Reed’s other media is as good as this in comparison to what Cagle does then this race is finished.

    I think Cagle ultimately is just like Cox. Outclassed and taken advantage of by people who are either in this for the wrong reasons, or just for their own pocket books or hatred of their former boss.

    I love to read the posts here and see how morally self righteous the Cagle folks are. They might as well be living at Neverland.

    Reed will execute his plan. And by the way, rumor has it that his poll shows him safely in the lead, not 9 points behind as someone said. obviously doing what the Cagle koolaid drinkers do best–mislead, half truths, lies.

  2. GAWire says:

    Karla, you and your friends need to get back work at the Leadership Institute or whatever, and pay attention.

    Ralph introduced himself to thousands of voters as a negative, critical candidate lacking any real experience, badmouthing a sitting and respected state senator.

    Casey introduced himself as a respected sitting state senator, with the tact, honor, and decency of the kind of person Georgians want leading their government.

    And btw, Cagle supporters can’t drink any kool aid b/c the Reed folks are hogging it all … we stick to mint juleps and lemonade … the drinks of people from the REAL SOUTH.

    One more thing, I’m not criticizing Morton Blackwell or anything, but it’s annoying when the Hill staffers attend an LI training seminar and all the sudden they think that they are being groomed to be the next Rove.

  3. lobbyga says:

    Yes, there is some buzz among the lobbyists this morning too. Some have hoped against hope that Cagle might pull this off, but that Reed piece has them worried and especially the contrast section.

    Rank and file Republicans will not understand the $1,000 contribution to Taylor. It is hard to spin that away. Indian gambling they might not understand-hell many may have been to one of their casinos–but giving Taylor a contribution is almost an unforgiveable sin. My sister sure asked me about it.

  4. SouthernConservative says:

    I spoke with someone just yesterday from a larger metro area in Middle Georgia. This individual is a respected community leader, and made the statement that Casey’s story really appealed to him. However, he ws upset by the fact that Cagle had given money to Mark Taylor, and was resolved not to vote for Casey based on that reason. Republican primary voters do not like Republicans who support Democrats. This is going to hurt

    Wire, you’re obviously disseminating Joel’s talking points. Anyone with any real political experience can compare the two pieces and know that people will read Ralph’s because it’s simple, it flows, and it’s pleasant on the eyes. Cagle’s is crowded, useless information, and people will never take the time to read it. People also have their more “morbid” interest piqued by contrast pieces – another plus for Ralph’s piece.

  5. landman says:

    Karla,lets see the poll,Ralph is leaking oil bad and he knows it.Cagle will win this race and be our next Lt. Gov.,Ralph is trailing in most all areas of the state,except maybe RR’s hometown of Miami,Ga.

  6. larry smith says:

    Today’s Reed Supporter Ratings:

    KarlaStuckey: Is the person the biggest joke you have ever seen or what? The priceless “inside” political gossip a 19 year old Leadership Institute graduate posts when she isn’t oogling Bob Ney in the Longworth Cafeteria or getting cofee for the LA she interns for. Wow. I’m impressed.

    LobbyGA: A lobbyist who apparently spends his time talking to other lobbyists and chasing waitresses at the Hooters in Underground. I am sure that achieves enormous benefit for his clients — if he has any, which I doubt. Frankly, the fact that a bitter, ineffective, and incompetent lobbyist hates Cagle is about the best endorsement he could get.

    SouthernConservative: He’s completely wrong, but at least he’s not lying or incoherent. This guy is actually worth debating. He should schedule a weeklong seminar focused on raising the IQs of his Reed compatriots — although I’d hate that because it would seriously cut down on my morning entertainment.

  7. SouthernConservative says:

    landman – you’re so full of bunk it’s hilarious. How can you say Ralph is trailing Casey in all areas of the state when even Casey’s internal polling showed Ralph ahead in South Georgia by double digits?! Goodness.

  8. SouthernConservative says:

    And Wire, if we’re talking drinks of the REAL South, we should be talking Mom’s sweet tea and Dad’s three brothers – Jimmy, Jack, and Evan 😛

  9. larry smith says:

    SoCo —

    South GA will account for 10% of the GOP primary electorate — tops. Frankly, it will probably be less than that given that two S GA natives are contending for the Dem gov nomination.

    So, landman’s point aside, can you really say with a straight face that S GA is going to save Ralph’s ass? Don’t make me take back my earlier comment that you had your head screwed on halfway straight.

    Further, remember those numbers will change when Cagle’s ads hit south of Macon.

  10. GAWire says:

    “””Wire, you’re obviously disseminating Joel’s talking points. Anyone with any real political experience can compare the two pieces and know that people will read Ralph’s because it’s simple …”

    Who’s Joel? Do you mean Joel Alexander? I don’t have any talking points from Joel, b/c I don’t care about talking points – I leave those up to the Reed crew.

    Further, talking points are usually reserved for those who need help understanding the issues or those who are the underdogs in the debate – this isn’t the case here. It’s so absurdly easy to debate Ralph’s points, I could get Erick’s baby girl to point out how bad a candidate Ralph is.

    And, as for the real political experience, you might need to understand what real political experience is … it isn’t working as a Victory Program volunteer for the state Party or attending CPAC while you were Secretary of your local CR group. The contrasts are simple – Ralph tried to jumble up positive, negative, and everything under the sun in that piece (which is what he had to do when he can’t afford another one); whereas, Casey presented a basic piece that communicated positive name ID with a good look, and he can follow up with other pieces as the Primary gets closer. Talking about “readers will never take the time to read it” … you know what, for a piece like this, that is totally fine. All this is is name ID for Casey. However, they WILL read Ralph’s piece, but they will get a negative taste from it, b/c he is criticizing a respected leader. Register for another LI session and this time take better notes!

    SoCo, touche.

  11. Bull Moose says:

    Okay folks, I don’t live in or around Metro Atlanta and I’m very glad about that.

    In good ol’ Savannah, Casey Cagle is steadily showing momentum. Heck, from what I hear, he’s showing momentum across the state.

    As for this mess about a contribution to Mark Taylor, Senator Eric Johnson also contributed $1000 to Mark Taylor. It was a way of making peace with him after the debacle of the Skandalakis campaign in which Skandalkis settled out of court with Taylor. Had Ralph Reed not done such a disastrous job then, Johnson and Cagle wouldn’t have had to clean up his mess.

    You know, I don’t have a crystal ball, I don’t know if Reed is going to be indicted, but I sure as well know enough about politics to know that I don’t want to gamble on whether or not the other shoe is going to drop in this ongoing Abramoff probe.

    Can you imagine what will happen if Reed does get indicted and is on the GOP ticket? Goodbye Governor, House and Senate Majority, and maybe a Congressman or two.

    Don’t gamble on Ralph Reed, he’s not worth the trouble.

  12. Tater Tate says:

    Bull Moose–give it up please. No one is buying Cagle’s “Ralph’s going to be indicted” scare tactic any longer. If that were going to have happened–and it never was in the cards because he did nothing to be indicted for–it would have already occurred. You can bet Zell Miller, Lynn Westmoreland, Rudy Giuliani, and all the other Republican leaders who have endorsed Reed would not have done so if they had been worried about that. So, sorry that scare tactic won’t fly. Seems like you’re just guilty of the negative politics and dirty tricks you seem to want to blame Ralph for.

    And I have a little surprise for you. Where I am from people never even heard of Casey Cagle. You might as well pack it up and go back to South Carolina and work for McCain in 08, cause you’re going to see Reed sworn in as LG come January.

  13. RealConservative says:

    Exactly what I’m talking about. Nastiness, threats, and punk-ness is all I have heard from ANY Reed supporter I’ve met or heard from. Debbie unfortunately appears to be a prime example of ALL Reed followers, as every other one soudns just like her.

  14. Bob Roche says:

    Am I the only one who noticed “Georgian’s” on the front page? Who does the proofreading?

  15. northside elephant says:

    Lobby, Karla, SouthConsv., Jeff, you guys are just looking for a ray of sunshine here aren’t you?

    Direct mail won’t win the race for Casey OR Ralph.

    S. Ga is not decisive territory. You can win a statewide Republican primary by getting a nice margin in only a few counties.

    No one does better mail than Jay and the guys at Stoneridge Group.

  16. Bill B. says:

    Casey didn’t go to college…he doesn’t know the rules of grammar. Don’t make fun of him.

  17. Jeff Emanuel says:

    “Lobby, Karla, SouthConsv., Jeff, you guys are just looking for a ray of sunshine here aren’t you?”
    Northside, you’re not lumping me in here, are ya? I’m the non-partisan player here, bro…I’d appreciate it if you’d find one comment I’ve left favoring either one of these guys before you pick me out. I’m just giving Wire a little grief for–again–picking on the good ole CRs 😉

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