1. atlantaman says:

    I like the use of flash, although it sounds like he made the recording while he was on the toliet.

  2. bowersville says:

    Can you here the Quawwiiiishhhh! No, he can’t beat the GOP! But then, if you don’t believe me send Darryl as an opponent for the GOP!

  3. George Allen 08 says:

    I think Shyam Reddy would have a little bit of a better chance to beat Handel/Stephens. However, it’ll be tough for the Democrat (where no candidate has much experience) to beat either Handel or Stephens.

  4. Stephens has a lot of baggage and Handel has flip flopped on gay marriage. Why you guys think this one is in the bag to the degree that you do is kind of puzzling to me.

  5. George Allen 08 says:

    I never said the GOP has the SOS in the bag. I said “it’ll be tough for the Democrat” to win–given that Georgia is predominantly Republican.

  6. bowersville says:

    If all this is true, why don’t you believe it’s in the bag for the Democrat. And if so, why are you puzzled? Are yoy flip flopping?

  7. 4ofspades says:

    Handel has not fil-flopped on gay marriage. She made it very clear that she believes marriage is between a man and a women.

  8. Regardless, I think an open seat in Georgia for a statewide office, especially something like Secretary of State is still considered a toss up. Haven’t seen any polls, and don’t think they’d mean that much anyway, but consider yesterday’s Survey USA poll on Bush’s approval in Georgia. 37% of the state considers themselves to be Republicans, 38% Democrats and the rest are independent but have a negative opinion of the President.

    Sonny may be able to separate himself from Bush due to his personal appeal, but it seems to me that in other down ballot races that people don’t know much about, partisanship will drive. Republican and Democratic ID is split 50/50 on average over the last year, and the independents are clearly up for grabs by both parties.

    Considering the fact that the Democrats have a lot of attractive candidates in that primary, I’d hardly act as if the Republican primary will be the deciding factor in the race.

  9. 4ofspades says:

    I’ll agree it’s not a slam dunk just because your a republican. The challenge for the dem’s in this race is experience. Most of the democratic candidates in the race haven’t really run anything.

  10. one big D says:

    I think Sexy Sham and Ghetto-star Angela have a lot to worry about in Darryl Hicks. I listened to him last night at the Creative Loafing debate and he was the only Dem candidate not to skirt around the issues. He answered every question with passion and intelligence.

    The same cannot be said of Sexy Sham, once again he stumbles and falls whenever there is a time limit on his answers. It will be interesting to see how he handles a 30 second commercial spot. Ghetto-star Ms. Angela did not appear. Her campaign strategy is to never attend radio or tv debates with her opponents. I guess she will be a no-show for the July 16th major debate on GPTV.

    I also watched as Gail Buckner rammed someone’s car after the CL debate and she nor her husband bothered to get out of their car to check on the other vehicle. Makes you wonder about her civic responsibility.

    None of the Republican weenies showed up for the CL Debate.

  11. CuriousGeorgia says:

    one big D,

    I thought Hicks skirted one question in particular – the one about his lobbyist activities for AGL. At some point, he’s got to answer that question, especially to DEM audiences.

    I disagree with you on Shyam’s performance. I thought he did a great job – the best of any candidate actually. To me it seems that he really commands an understanding of all the issues relevant to the SoS race.

    July 18th is right around the corner, and while I think Hicks is a viable candidate, I think Shyam has a much better opportunity to win statewide in November.

  12. one big D says:

    Maybe we were at two different debates because I thought Mr. Hicks clearly answered the question. It’s very easy to find out what Mr. Hicks did as a lobbyist, just go to the legislative web page and see type in “AGL” and see what appears during the years of 2002, 2003, and 2004 – the only years he worked as a lobbyist for AGL. His record is the most transparent. What huge corporate clients were Kid Sham working for during those years?

    Maybe you also didn’t hear the bell ring every single time to alert Sham that he went over the allotted time period. How is that a great performance? I particularly loved his juvenile approach of saying “aw shucks I went over again”. It makes you wonder who is really writing his weekly press released proposals if Kid Sham can’t develop concise answers in person.

    What base of voters are likely to vote for a 31 year old, never been a part of the community fabric, buzz word using, no managerial experience kid?

  13. Batman says:

    This guy has billboards on the southside of Atlanta, but half of them you can’t even see that well. This guy cannot beat Stephens, and he could not beat Handel either. I think Reddy would have a better shot, but still wouldn’t win against either. Amazingly, I agree with 4ofspades in that their biggest problem is that most of the democratic opposition do not have the experience of the Republicans. The two that might, Walter Ray and Gail Buckner, don’t have a shot. Of the rest, one is a lady who’s best assests are her rap song and coffee mugs, and then the other three are nice and successful guys, but they are inexperienced and it shows anytime you ask them questions.

    Even if Stephens had baggage, which he doesn’t, and even with Handel’s changing opinions, they both are in a much better position to win this race than any of the dems.

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