On The Road from Carrollton

Christy and drove back to Macon down GA-16, via Little Mexico Newnan and Griffin. Lots and lots of Gary Black signs — about evenly split between right of ways and yards. There were several large Kemp signs and Cagle signs, usually clustered together.

There were a good mix of Cagle and Reed signs, but my wife pointed out that most of the Cagle signs were in yards and most of the Reed signs were in right of ways.

There were also a fair number of Handel signs and Taylor signs. I still haven’t seen a Bill Stephens sign or a Cathy Cox sign in the wild.


  1. rugby_fan says:

    I have heard 3 people say that South GA has a great deal of MT signs. Two were his supporters, 1 was not (I haven’t been there so I don’t know).

    It may have been here but I have only heard one person say that CC signs outnumber his in S GA, I find that hard to believe outside of Bainbridge.

    Haven’t heard anything about SP signs there (or anywhere), can anyone enlighten me?

    Seeing more and more Cagle and Handel signs in Metro Atlanta (ITP).

    Love discussing signs btw…

  2. Danny says:

    I too have seen a few of the 4×4 Cagle signs in McDonough. However, they’ve all been at intersections instead of private property. I have seen a some Reed signs in front yards down there. I’m surprised, but most of the signs I’m seeing are for Taylor. I don’t see the Cox campaign making many inroads in Henry.

  3. JaseLP says:


    I have only seen one Reed sign. You’re right about the Cagle signs being in intersections and along the side of the road.

  4. NewnanYankee says:

    “Little Mexico?” Dude, that is harsh. I do realize that when travelling from Carrollton to Griffin on GA-16 that you travel some of the less flattering portions of my fair city but, “Little Mexcio?”

    I will agree on your assessment of the signage. Despite all the early speculation, it looks like the Cathy Cox capaign is a non-starter.

  5. Danny says:

    When I said that I’ve seen “some” Reed signs in the front yards of folks in Henry I should have said “a couple” instead. My mistake for being unclear. But I’ve yet to see a Cagle sign on private property down there. I’ve seen a half dozen or so bumper stickers in the past month, but no yard signs. However, I do like those Cagle signs, they really stand out & are easy to read (no pun intended).

  6. JaseLP says:


    Don’t mistake the lack of Cagle signs on private property to mean that there is a lack of support for him here in Henry County.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    On Coastal Georgia there are a lot of signs up…

    Perdue has one big one up in Savannah
    Mark Taylor has several big ones up in Savannah
    Cathy Cox doesn’t have any big ones up in Savannah

    Casey Cagle has several big ones up in Savannah
    Ralph Reed has a few big ones up in Savannah
    The Dem candidates do not have any big ones up in Savannah

    Brian Kemp has several big ones up in Savannah
    His opponents do not have any big signs up in Savannah

    There you go as far as signs…

    Interesting thing I’m hearing is that people are stunned at how bad of a campaign Cathy Cox is running for Governor. For someone who did such a good job as Secretary of State and who was looked favorably on by many, she hasn’t played up any of her accomplishments and is running a very boring campaign. In contrast, people are very surprised at how well Mark Taylor is doing and I’m hearing MANY people say that they like what he’s putting forth.

    I continue to hear grumblings about the Governor and the campaign he is running. His support does not seem to go any further than Republicans.

  8. Headin\' South says:

    Cox should be able to win the Dem. nomination, although Taylor has great connections, more political savvy, and more money. Wait a minute .. this is politics. Technical ability matters little.

    As to signs, I finally saw a few Bill Stephens signs this weekend. They were nestled in two snug little spots of south Fulton county in Palmetto, Georgia. I’m sure they’re both worth a handful of votes.

    Of course, the Handel signs seem a great deal more prevalent. I’m biased, however — I’ve known Karen for many years (including in non-political capacities), and she’s just a heckuva good manager and person. She’s works her tail off and has very little ego. She’ll have no trouble doing quite well in the Sec. State’s office.

  9. JayDubya says:

    I try to strain to pick out the local candidate signs while driving. Forsyth Co. was getting covered by only Tibbets signs. But I think the vendor finally filled Jack Murphy’s sign order and they’ve been sprouting like ‘shrooms.
    Over in Hall are the ubiquitous Cagle signs, but seeing more and more Lisa Jones for District Attorney. Lots of Lisa Jones yard signs in Dawson County, too.

  10. Michael C says:

    West and Cobb has Stephens covered pretty well. I have yet to see any Handel signs.

    I have seen a couple large Reed signs but no Cagle signs except the one in my front yard.

  11. Ben says:

    In metro been seeing a lot of Handel and Kemp signs going up over the past week. Seems like all of the Reed and Gary Black signs I see are in the right of way and not on private property, just thought that was interesting.

  12. Adam says:

    I drove on I-85 north from Norcross to South Carolina (and back) this weekend and didn’t see any signs along the interstate. SC, by contrast, had lots of signs and billboards along the highway for both statewide and local races. Is it pretty normal for that corridor to be empty of signs this late in the primary season?

  13. TheAngryBeaver says:

    Hey Adam, after you’re mom picks you up from school and you’re done with the 3rd grade why don’t you check out when South Carolina’s primary is.

    In case you’re mom doesn’t want you to skimp on your summer reading I’ll tell you that their primary is today.

    Ride through on your Big Wheel next week, then tell me what the landscape looks like…

  14. bowersville says:

    The way I took Adam’s post, Adam lives in Norcross, drove up to Lake Harwell, enjoyed the weekend, drove back to Norcross without seeing any political signs on the right of way of I-85, because the DOT has been removing them and depositing them in the dump. Has The Angry Beaver morphed into The “Mad” Beaver?

  15. truerblue says:

    Okay guys….there was a day when politicians really loaded up on yard signs, road signs, whatever you want to call them. Those days are over. They are costly to make, costly to distribute (have you checked the price of gas lately) and most importantly are destroyed and removed by DOT workers, typical jerks and opponents and in the end they have to be picked up by someone. This is 2006! More voters can be reached by email today than all the signs hanging in a Walmart! The number of signs you see or do not see really mean nothing. Also, todays campaigns know how to work smarter–not harder. I read here that Mark Taylor had 4 big signs up in Savannah maybe they’ll help him–since he plans to be no show at the Georgia Press Meeting there tomorrow. He’ll certainly need the help of signs. Every reporter in Georgia will be writing about Cox and what she has to say tomorrow in Savannah. Talk about working smart…get in front of a HUGE crowd of reporters while your primary opponent is off at a buffet or something to avoid tough questions from reporters. These are clearly the SIGNS you should be looking for.

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