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I neglected to put the spotlight on this comment from Ken Edelstein the other day. Sorry for the delay Ken.

Creative Loafing’s debate/endorsement interview of the lieutenant governor’s candidates is at We’d like to get as much input from politically active folk to help us with the endorsement, so please check out the debate online and give us a few comments on the candidates. Thanks.


  1. NewnanYankee says:

    I know that many on this site will dismiss Creative Loafing’s efforts due to their supposed liberal bias, but they are at least getting out there and putting on some programs with the candidates. It’s too bad Ralph and Casey didn’t accept the invitation to the Lt. Gov. debate.

  2. Fiddes says:

    As pretty much the only conservative who goes to the monthly CL Political Party events (unless everyone else is just in hiding there), I have to say that those who aren’t are really missing out. Sure, it’s a pretty much left of center debate and the audience is crying “ tears” but it is worth it.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Newnan and Fiddes. Come out to the event 8 pm, Wednesday, at Dad’s Garage in Inman Park. Most of the Democratic candidates for secretary of state will be there, which should be interesting because a couple of them are very sharp, potential future-of-the-party types.

  4. Michael C says:

    I think CL is left of center. Minus GOP Lt. Governor primaries we would all get pretty bored if there were not people in this country who were not liberal.

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