Court rules against laptop purchases

According to a ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court, Cobb County had no authority to buy laptops for students with money that was intended for other purposes.

In a 5-2 ruling, the state Supreme Court rejected the school board’s argument that the use of $59 million came under the stated purpose of restoring obsolete work stations. That’s because the ballot item specified the tax was for the purpose of updating computer lab stations used by all of the school districts students, elementary as well as middle and high schools.

“We are not persuaded by the [school board’s] argument that the SPLOST referendum language gave them the discretion to use the funds to provide any type of technology system to less than all of the school district students,” Presiding Justice Carol W. Hunstein said in the Supreme Court ruling.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Thank you for the news!

    Joe Redden is gone, Laura Searcy isn’t running again. Gotta make sure the other yo-yo’s on the board who SUPPORTED the laptop fiasco go down in flames.

    Kathie Johnstone is the #1 target right now. We don’t need anymore of her idiocy, whether wasting money on fighting for Biblical interpretations in public school, or threatening eminent domain against an elderly couple who have a farm she hungrily eyed to buy, Johnstone is too stupid to remain on the Cobb County School Board.

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