The Governor — Peach Pick

In the last of our Peach Picks, we come to the Governor. It’s no surprise that the GOP stands behind Governor Sonny Perdue.

On the Democrat side, I was actually a bit surprised. While we had a two votes for Cathy Cox, we had more vote for undecided. But, the majority cast their lot with Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor as our Peach Pick for the Democratic nomination for Governor.


  1. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Now now, I’ve seen him speak, and he’s been working the heck out of gun shows..

    He’s a closet Libertarian though.

    Anyone who isn’t a big fan of Sonny really loves him.

  2. JaseLP says:

    He’s a closet Libertarian though.
    HAHAHAHA. Ray McBerry is no Libertarian. He has close ties with the Southern Party of Georgia and the Constitution Party.

  3. George Allen 08 says:

    Personally, I’ll be fascinated to see exactly what portion of the Georgia population are flaggers. I’m assuming those will be the McBerry voters.

  4. Batman says:

    That will be interesting, but I do not think that the flaggers are going to make up a significant amount.

  5. RiverRat says:

    A while back there was a certain amount of talk on this blog about the GOP base being unhappy with Sonny – that he hadn’t done much, that he was out of touch, was letting a bunch of young ballsy kids run the show, etc. Has all that ended, or is there potential that McBerry could get a percentage of dissatisfied GOPers simply wanting to say “hey, you need to do a better job”. Not so much a vote for the flag but a protest vote to get Sonny’s attention?

  6. Demonbeck says:

    In the immortal words of Jim Nabors, “Soo-Prize! Soo-Prize! Soo-Prize!”

    And no, debbie, Jim Nabors did not endorse Cagle.

  7. Nativeson says:

    No one expected a candidate for governor to tell a big fib about what he would do about the Georgia flag.

    But Sonny did!

  8. bowersville says:

    Those “ballsy young kids” have taken advantage of you, and no it has not ended, and yes the all you reported (GOP Base) dis-satifaction is a myth, an illusion, are you suprized? Welcome to the reality of politics.

  9. midtowndem says:

    Mark Taylor reminds me of Boss Hog from the television show Dukes of Hazzard. I always picture him sitting around the dinning room table constantly yelling for more fried pork rinds and making smelly noises.

    Cathy Cox could play an offcenter more homey looking Daisy Duke spouting off remarks about “fag marriage

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