Simon and Konop

I received this email from an unknown emailer:

I thought you would like to know how much John Konop’s campaign has paid his political hit man Bill Simon.

Bill Simon has received $5,000 from Konop for Congress. I think you now can see why Simon is attacking Konop’s opponents and putting out lies because he has a financial interest in seeing Konop being elected to office. If Konop does not get through the primary or elected to office then Mr. Simon can not continue to receive anymore fees from Konop’s campaign.

Here are the facts that are all public information and verifiable.

Konop for Congress paid Bill Simon’s Political Intelligence Inc., PO Box. 703098, Marietta GA – $2,000 on 11-17-05 for political consulting services.

Here is the Federal Election Commission link to verify the payment: FEC website

Konop paid Bill Simon’s Political Intelligence Inc. – $1,000 on 1-19-06 for campaign consulting.
Konop paid Bill Simon’s Political Intelligence Inc. – $1,000 on 3-8-06 for political consulting.
Konop paid Bill Simon’s Political Intelligence Inc. – $1,000 on 3-29-06 for political consulting.

Here is the link for the three payments of 1,000: FEC website

Grand total: $5,000

In fact, William S. “Bill


  1. Bill Simon says:
  2. Bill’s reputation as an attack dog on candidate’s he doesn’t like is well established. If he and Konop decided they could work together, more power to them. Price has run a pretty weasely campaign thus far anyway.

  3. shep1975 says:

    It’s kind of a chicken and egg scenerio. Bill has been hitting Price for a lot longer than Konope has been in the race. I also know political consultants that work to get favorable stories about their candidates in the news and unfavorable ones on their opposition. Bill just has his own news outlet. What’s wrong with that?

  4. John Konop says:

    Bill Simon’s description of his services to John Konop for Congress is accurate. Anyone who knows Bill knows you can’t control what he says on the Political Vine. There are numerous other Republican candidates that have used Bill for the same database services. The only difference is we have used those services more frequently, which is why we have been so successful with our internet and phone campaign (which was recently noted by the Georgia Gang).

    Our relationship with Bill is no secret. It has been reported to the FEC and it has been publicly discussed here on the Peach Pundit (Below is a copy of a comment I made on May 11 th).

    “Bill Simon in no way represents the views of the John Konop for Congress campaign or me personally. I do not condone this type of language or personal attack. In fact, it is an excellent example of why I keep my campaign focused only on the issues. All of Bill’s writings here, on the Political Vine, or anywhere else, represent his and only his views. Bill’s help with my campaign has been restricted to database management, distribution, and supplies–he does not contribute to any of our communications.”

    The real issue is Price’s no-show at the debate (as documented by multiple newspapers and TV broadcasts) and the crowd’s dissatisfaction over his refusal to defend his record. I challenge Price to end personal attacks and instead discuss his:

    * Letter of support for NCLB

    * Votes in favor of the wasteful Highway and Energy Bills (and their contribution to our ever-mounting national debt)

    * CAFTA WHO/China votes which pit American families in an economic race-to-bottom and increased trade deficits

    While many in district are training foreign workers to take their jobs, Price cosponsored HR 3839 to nearly double technical and factory worker visas (which is why Price earned his F- from Americans for Better Immigration).

    As demonstrated past entries on the Peach Pundit, whenever I’ve posted these kinds of questions, Price’s supporters resort to personal attacks and meaningless sound bites. Let’s do everyone in the district a favored and talk about the issues. Thanks. jk

  5. Tommy_a2b says:

    This is very common for politial ops (like everyone who reads this blog) to work and be biased for the for candidates they support. Only in America can we also have the blessing of being paid for it.

    Word on the street is that your a nobody until Bill Simon trashes you in the Vine. LOL

  6. buzzbrockway says:

    Well I think this is a little more than just a political operative supporting his candidate. Bill has one of the most widely read political opinion sites in Georgia and while his readers knew he wasn’t fond of Price (I’m understating things here), they probably weren’t aware Bill was on Konop’s payroll. It’s no crime to work for a candidate and also write against his opponent, but perhaps it would have been wiser for Bill to have disclosed that fact up front.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Putting aside the fact that I am not getting paid to blog against Tom Price, but getting paid for voter file processing work, I gotta ask you something, Buzz: Were you the least bit outraged to discover when Armstrong Wiliams was outted as being directly paid $250,000 to promote a Bush agenda item on his radio show?

  8. buzzbrockway says:

    Yes I was outraged at Williams.

    I’m not flaming you here Bill, I just think it would have been wiser if you had disclosed your relationship with Konop.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    Actually, it was disclosed on PP as John Konop’s earlier post says. I also disclosed it in talking with Bart Brannon (“BB”) on here.

    But, let me ask you: In your mind, would I have to disclose at the end of every blog post on PV that a company I operate has a consulting contract with the Konop campaign? I would also have to post a counter to that that I have despised Tom Price pretty much since May 2005, and that hatred was reinforced in August of 2005 when I happened to catch him on C-SPAN on the floor of the House defending the right of religious organizations to use federal dollars to discriminate against hiring people not of their same religion.

  10. Booray says:

    Clearly a conflict that should have been disclosed. Kind of like when Ralph Reed did those commercials on Christian radio for Mitch Skandalakis back in 1998.

    Tell the truth, Mr. Simon – did you find that objectionable?

    If so, how many shades of black are there between the kettle and the pot? (and don’t cop out with “I’m no celebrity like Ralph Reed” – the rules apply equally to us all)

  11. BB says:

    Buzz, no offense, but you should pay more attention to what is posted here and on PV. I long ago and quite frequently have noted Simon’s paid relationship with Konop. In fact, it is rather interesting that the only support Konop seems to get is from those he pays i.e. Simon and Dick Williams who touts Konop’s ads (coincidentally running in the Dunwoody Crier) on the GA Gang.

    BTW, proud to be banned from PV which if Tommy_a2b criteria applies, I must be a somebody.

  12. BB says:

    Konop wrote: “I challenge Price to end personal attacks and instead discuss his…”

    1. What personal attacks? Another lie from Konop because Congressman Tom Price has never even referenced Konop. Maybe this was one of the posts Bill should have screened before letting his candidate post.

    2. July 7th, Cherokee County Justice Center — 6th District Candidate Forum with both GOP candidates confirmed. Hosted by the Cherokee County Republican Party. Questions for candidates can be submitted via or by attending the forum. There you go Konop, your big night in the spotlight…don’t get none on ya.

  13. Bill Simon says:


    As I recall, that evil woman called “Betty Price” told Konop’s 11-year-old son that he should be “ashamed of his father” for running against Tom Price. I would count that as a personal attack.

    Of course, I realize you wouldn’t. After all, it is shitbirds like you who likely think nothing of slicing Mary Wilhite’s signs and spray-painting the word -igger all over them as was done recently in Cherokee County on Sixes Road, eh?


    I am paid by the Konop campaign for database services. My hatred of Tom Price began long before I even met John Konop. Interestingly enough, that is what was disclosed on my Website on last Monday, before this post was ever made.

    So, if I combine my intense dislike for a weasel like Tom Price with earning a little money to help people defeat him…that’s like Ralph Are you saying I’m a big guru in this state and people follow my opinions that much?

    And, by the way, are you saying you actually consider my opinion valid on everything I blog on that you need disclosures?

  14. BB says:


    Betty’s full quote admitted to on PV by your candidate in an obvious moment of premature unchecked reply, “You should be ashamed of your father for lying about my husband”. She was/is correct.

  15. bowersville says:

    Wow! What an interesting turn of events! “You should pay more attention to what is posted…on PV.” “Tom Price has never referenced Konop,” to “July 7th…forum…with both GOP candidates confirmed.” And “more importantly John Konop has the attention of Congressman Price’s campaign.” Oh it’s more than that, Konop has the attention of Price, and Price knows he cannot ignore Konop any longer.

  16. bowersville says:

    Please tell me I’ve mis-interpreted your post. Surely Mrs. Price didn’t address an eleven year old child by saying “You should be ashamed of your father for lying about my husband.”

  17. Bill Simon says:

    Damn, Bowersville, I didn’t even think about THAT aspect of the interchange between Mrs. Price and Konop’s son.

    But, hey, Bart-o treats children pretty much as though they ARE his “equal”…and, that is not very far off the mark of reality, is it, BB?

  18. Bill Simon says:

    And, Booray, one more thing: There IS already “disclosure” about my business relationship with the Konop campaign. On here, on the PV, and the legal way, via the FEC…because, that’s why they are called “disclosures.”

    Again, I’ll ask you the same thing I asked Buzz: Exactly how would you like to require me to “disclose” my relationship with the Konop campaign every time I write a story reporting on Price?

    Before every comment I make, do I start off with: In the interest of full disclosure to those of you who think everything should be known about the background of a blogger, I am, admittedly, a biased person. I have had a strong bias against Tom Price ever since May 2005 when I read that he was one of 20 weenies who voted against the House to return the Rules back to a condition of Rules that maintained order and decorum. Also, in August of 2005, I had the occasion to watch C-SPAN and listened as Tom Price defended an exception written into a jobs program bill that allowed religious organizations who accepted federal funds to discriminate on who they hired on the basis of the religion of that individual. The part of the federal law that Price used to bolster his position was Title X in which he said: “There is nothing written in Title X that prohibits religious discrimination by an entity that receives federal funds.” After witnessing this speech by Price, I realized he was a dumbass, and probably in favor of turning the entire federal government into one large religious organization because, after all, Title X doesn’t prohibit job discrimination based on religion.

    Feeling pissed-off for nearly 4 months at this display by my congressman, Tom Price, I was overjoyed to learn that someone was going to run against Price. I approached the campaign of John Konop, talked with John, and asked him if there was anything I could do for his campaign. When his requests got more frequent and I realized the campaign need a little more hands-on guidance, I stated to Konop that what he’s asking me for is what most people charge for as a consultant to the campaign. He offered to pay me $1000 per month for guidance, database processing on his voter file, and the freedom for him to call me as early in the morning as he wanted, and as late in the evening as he wanted to rap about the campaign.

    Is this the disclosure you’d like to see BEFORE I write my next posting on Tom Price, Booray/Buzz?

  19. Brian from Ellijay says:

    How did I get brought into this conversation? Anyways. Bill Simon can not do anything but attack. He has no other logic. He is as someone else pointed out on another post the epitimy of the “50 yr old virgin.” Hell his dog probably gets more respect than he does from the party.

  20. BB says:


    Konop is about as relevant to the 6th District race as Ray McBerry is to the governor’s campaign. 80% of the voters don’t know who he is, the rest find him to be a flamethrowing liar (unless you count those he paid with consultant / advertising fees like Bill and Dick). To know him is to loathe him.

    His 15 minutes ends in 34 days. Then he can park the soccer mom van, hop in the BMW and get back to supporting dems like Max Cleland and Marcy Kaptur just like he has always done.

  21. northside elephant says:

    I just think it is funny that Bill is only bringing in 5k!

    I’ve always known that you can buy some crappy over-priced t-shirts or signs from Bill in order to shut him up. But the fact that Bill whored himself out to a hopeless, wack-o campaign against Tom Price for only 5k?

    Even I am surprised.

  22. Bill Simon says:

    Northside Elephant,

    Fascinating how you’re gutless enough to bleat without posting your name.

    To your point, though, the $1000 per month is for consulting only. I’ve had no t-shirt orders from the Konop campaign. Though, I do sell them, and am always looking for new business…as I cannot make a living based on lobbyists paying for $200 meals as Mr. Price receives on a regualr basis in D.C.

    As far as “whoring-out”, hardly. As I stated above, I’ve despised a weenie like Price long before I met Konop.

    And, nice to hear from a person as gutless as Tom Price.

  23. Bill Simon says:


    I’m pretty sure the “advertising around Dunwoody” to which Dick Williams was referring to is the advertising on benches at bus stops around Dunwoody. (And, if those benches mysteriously start appearing with spray paint on them, I will notify MARTA police and give them your address as a “person of interest.”)

    If you think a 1/2-, 1/4-, or 1/8- (I haven’t seen the ad) page ad in a publication like the Dunwoody Crier results in enough net income to Dick’s pocket to make him jump for joy, you’re sadly out of step with what things cost in the world.

    Of course, that’s part and parcel of what Tom Price knows as well. He thinks people that have the wrong leg amputated by a doctor in Georgia should only be allowed $300,000 in compensation due to negligence.

  24. buzzbrockway says:


    I know you well enough to know that your opposition to Price has nothing to do with your being paid by Konop. You are not the kind of guy who changes his opinion based on money. I should have made that clear earlier and for that I apologize.


  25. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Bill, I was not talking about the respect you have for me, I do not give a ratsa&* if you support, respect, like, hate, me. I said that you have about as much respect as an ant.

    BTw-Northside, We bought Simon off in 2003, we did it for 800 and got a shit load of fans. They were terrible, we used someone else after, but needed to make sure he was shut up.

    Simon is the dirt of the earth.

  26. Bill Simon says:


    Your candidate chose the cheap-shit fans, not me. I gave you folks a sample of the fans, and that’s what you get when you go cheap, Dipshit.

    What’s this “we shit,” Brian? You got FIRED from that campaign.

    Dirt of the Earth, Brian? ESAD, Brian. ESAD…

  27. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Yeah, uh huh. Do you not remember me working for them on Runoff day Bill? So much for being fired. Campaigns always hire back people that they fire. !?!

    Get your facts straight Bill. ESAD????? No Idea what that means.

  28. Bill Simon says:


    You were fired as either the political director or the CM, and I have no idea what Robert Lamutt hired you back on to do for the runoff.

    With regards to “shutting me up”, that is where you are wrong. I was for Robert Lamutt from Day One. That I talked to the campaign and got business from them is my perogative.

    That YOU are a 22-year old dipshit who lies his way across the district and state is also YOUR perogative…but, you have the right to free speech, even to lie.

    Again, ESAD.

  29. BB says:


    He’s suggesting you eat shit and die, another bit of brilliant dialogue from BS. If you are feeling like getting in the sandbox with BS, you could reply with something like GFY, or ESADMF, or FYDW, but it’s a no win battle because BS owns the sandbox as the biggest child on the playground. Have fun, don’t get none on ya.

  30. Bill Simon says:


    Shouldn’t you be briefing your candidate on which questions you will ask him so that he has a lot more time to come-up with answers in his face-off with Konop?

  31. BB says:


    My Cocker Spaniel could win a “face-off with Konop” with half his brain tied behind his back. Have you ever seen your sugar daddy in public?

    BTW, you may want to let MARTA riders know they might become “persons of interest” for sitting in front of Konop’s bench ads. There were two riders totally blocking one this afternoon on Roswell Rd., but you could still see ww{skinny black male}olco{petite oriental female]om. Brilliant!

  32. Bill Simon says:

    Bart, what does Dick Hall think about your recent interest in Tom Price? Surely he’s getting lonely at night, waiting for you to come home and warm-up his bed…

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