Democratic Lt. Governor Debate

Dana reports on the Lt. Governor debate among Democratic candidates last night in Druid Hills.

I was not there, but here is my take.  People are discounting the effect of Steen Miles.  The theory is that Mark Taylor asked her to be in the Lt. Governor race because he believes that a higher turnout of black voters will be good news for him.   

Based on Denise Majette’s 2004 perfomance in the Democratic Primary for the U.S. Senate, I believe that if the black vote is solidly behind Miles, she’s got a solid 40% of the Democratic Primary.  That leaves the other 4 Democratic candidates (Hecht, Lotson, Martin and Terril) to fight it out over the rest of the vote.  In other words, there will inevitably be a runoff in this race.   

Who will be that candidate to face off against Miles in the runoff?  Hecht and Martin are obviously the front-runners.  My suspicion is that the “Steen Miles effect” will hurt Martin (since he’s the metro Atlanta candidate) more than it will Hecht.  Thoughts?


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    This is a very interesting race (no pun intended). I think it will be Hecht in the run-off with Miles. Hecht strikes me as an energetic campaigner. I remember a few years ago when he ran for CD13. He spent a lot of time in Gwinnett working hard for those votes. If he works that hard everywhere, he’ll get into the run-off.

  2. rugby_fan says:

    IT was not intended to be a Democratic event. RR and CC declined a while ago as it was announced at the event.

    All in all, poor candidates (on both sides) for Lt. Governor.

  3. atlantaman says:

    An L.G. debate in VA Highlands is going to be a fairly Democrat crowd. It’s about the same thing as saying a Christian Coalition Debate is not Republican.

    I think it’s going to be Hecht and Miles for the reason decaturguy gave. Of all the Dem candidates, I like Hecht the best and would vote for him if I were forced at gunpoint to pull a Dem Primary ballot.

  4. JakeTaylor says:

    What everyone is overlooking in regards to Steen Miles is that she does not have significant name ID or ethnic ID among African American Voters — and she has no money to convey who she is to that demographic. She may make the run-off by doing very well in DeKalb county but if so she will limp in with Hecht leading the field because he is the only candidate in this race that has invested in a real ground game and has money to be up on TV everywhere. He in fact has already started his television Ad Campaign talking about Gas Prices which I think is a good subject to start on.

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