Georgia Campaign Blogs

At some point in the mid to late ’90s, political campaigns figured out that they were supposed to have web sites. The first ones were terrible of course but they have improved, at least aesthetically. Of course most campaign websites tend to be simply an online version of campaign collateral. But some have become quite good.

One might think that this election cycle would usher in the age of campaign blogs. I decided to do a little research to see what Georgia candidates are implementing blogs and whether the candidates really understand blogs.

(note: I only reviewed those candidates that had any mention of a blog.)


Sonny Purdue – Sonny has a blog as part of his campaign website, though it took some sharp eyes to find it. Although Sonny doesn’t write all of the posts, he seems to be updating his blog fairly frequently. Nick Ayers and Chris Scrimpf round out some of the posts.
Cathy Cox – Cathy has a “Blog for Change” as part of her website. However, it doesn’t appear that Cathy actually writes any of the posts and the most recent post is from 5/31.
Mark Taylor – Mark has a blog that is updated on a fairly regular basis. While it doesn’t appear that Mark actually writes any of the posts, I have to give him credit for allowing comments on his blog.

Lieutenant Governor

Jim Martin – Pretty good blog. Jim writes all of the posts himself and allows comments.
Greg Hecht – Greg has a “blog” but there is only one post and Greg didn’t write it. Memo to Greg: that isn’t a blog.
Ralph Reed – Ralph writes his own blog but it doesn’t appear that he updates it very often. (At this point I will make no further comments about Ralph either pro or con so as not to start a “flame war“.) 🙂

Secretary of State

Walter Ray – Walter actually has a Blogspot blog. Nice job Walter. However, he hasn’t posted anything since March. No soup for you, Walter!
Karen Handel – Karen has a blog that she calls her “Journal”. Not the greatest formatting and not recently updated. However, she was the only candidate that has a link to her RSS feed.

US Congress

Rep. Jack Kingston – Jack Kingston is probably the best blogger in Congress. He actually has a blog on his official House of Representatives website and occasionally guest blogs at Redstate and here at PeachPundit.
Brad Hughes – Brad is running against Sanford Bishop and has a Blogspot blog. Decent updating but I can’t tell if Brad actually writes the posts himself.
Cynthia McKinney – Cynthia has a “blog” but it only has one post. Kinda like her tenure in Congress; on the surface it sounds substantial until you find out she hasn’t actually done anything. (I couldn’t help editorializing on this one)
Loren Collins – Loren is running as a write-in candidate in the 4th District. He has a Blogspot blog that is updated frequently. However, I have to penalize him for having a MySpace page.

Mac Collins – Mac has a Blogspot blog as well and it appears that Mac writes much of the content. Kudos to you Mac.


  1. Maurice Atkinson says:

    “””David Safavian testified Monday that he wouldn’t have taken a golfing trip to Scotland arranged in 2002 by Republican influence peddler Jack Abramoff “if I had known what I know now.” “””

    Sounds familiar.

  2. Emily says:

    I am on one of those citrix things at the office so i cant listen to anything. . . are there really songs? Does it say “Sonny did…?”

  3. blazer says:

    That is exactly what it says… I thought that it was bad until I listened to the rap though.

  4. Fiddes says:

    As I sat back in my office and relaxed to the soothing sounds of “Miss Angela for Secretary of State” and pondered how professional her campaign is, I noticed that at the bottom of the “rap” page, she is sitting in front of the wrong Georgia flag. Nice. VERY in touch.

  5. UGAMatthew says:

    I didn’t notice the flag…classy touch. My favorite part of the rap is when they start talking about being from “Li-Thon” , I seriously fell out of my chair.

  6. Fiddes says:

    Clearly, UGAMatthew, you do not have your pulse on the community. As a resident of “A-tla,” I am shocked at your insensitivity.

    Two other interesting points on this wondrous contribution to the broad tapestry that is Georgia politics:

    (1) At one point the singer expresses that an “an SOS [to vote for “Miss Angela” must go forth] from here to Los Angeles.” Is she unaware that only registered voters in this state can vote for Miss Angela?

    (2) Here’s another well crafted lyric: “We gotta vote for Miss Angela. Vote or die. Vote or die. Vote or die. Vote or die. Vote or die. Vote or die. Vote or die.” Is that really the only choice available to the electorate? Must I cast a vote for Miss Angela or undergo an immediate cessation of all life functions? Is the Rapture tied into the campaign for Miss Angela? Is it just a coinidence that I have heard this song on 6/6/06?

    Since all the voting machines are run by the Diebold Company which is part of the grand conspiracy to keep George Bush in office, I plan to write them in order to learn the secret code I must enter so I can vote for Miss Angela multiple times in order to stay alive.

  7. one big D says:

    I listened to the rap and as John Kerry said “we can do better Democrats”.

    If the P. Diddy voting population “tips the scale” and she wins the Democratic primary, then I’m choosing death.

    Why does the chorus sound really creepy when they sing the “vote or die” portion? I’m not sure that is very inspiring, especially to senior citizens who only think about death all day.

  8. mspoon25 says:

    I think that classy is the best way to put it. I know that I ALWAYS choose my representatives in government by which one has the most brain numbing rap song. I’m sorry, are we really calling that rap? Can’t we come up with a different category for it, like “sounds that make me lose the will to live/ remove my ears with a melonballer?”

    Who votes for that?

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