Dignan is in tha’ house

Big thanks to Erick for indulging my desire to write more about Georgia politics. I feel like I have been called up midseason from AAA Richmond.

Let me briefly introduce myself. I am a 4th generation Atlantan and a 4th District constituent without representation. This latter fact of course spurred my exploration into running against Cynthia McKinney. My permanent home is Dignan’s 75 Year Plan where I cover politics, culture, and religion.

I am also an ITP guy, which probably colors my perspective. I’ll let you guys figure out what political label to affix to me after I write a few posts. Good luck with that.

I will also be organizing more blogger events like the one we had last week in Decatur. Hopefully next time we will branch out beyond the “facist white-boy cabal“. I kid!


  1. jackson says:

    Well, you have a post from Os Guiness on your site. Tells me a lot of good things about you right off the bat.

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