Peake Wants Tax Freeze Too

Allen Peake, running against Beck Burgess and Stebin Horne in District 137, has also joined the tax freeze bandwagon.

Apparently, while I was sobering up celebrating my birthday, he released a press release saying he would push for new legislation modeled on the “Stephens-Day property tax relief legislation


  1. Bill Simon says:

    So, this all kinda swell about middle Georgia races and stuff, Erick, but, it doesn’t appear as though you are generating a lot of comment traffic on these races. 😉

    As a suggestion, it’s been a REAL long time since we’ve had a Cagle vs. Reed column…

  2. Hortence says:

    Well, I think that the comments by Eric Johnson were overlooked and are worthy of debate…

    On health care:

    “We must lobby the federal government to remove the requirement that hospitals treat everybody who walks into their emergency rooms. No reform can work as long as ‘free’ care is available.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Well here are some comparisons between Ralph and Casey…

    Reed is complacent with felons Jack Abramoff, David Safavian, Tony Rudy, and Michael Scanlon and Casey isn’t.

    Reed has a criminal defense attorney and Casey doesn’t.

    Reed accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from Enron while it was heading into bankruptcy and Casey didn’t.

    Reed lobbied for sweat shops, abortions, and continued sex trade practices on the Northern Mariana Islands and Casey didn’t.

    Reed lobbied against Conservative Republican House Members to continue online gaming and Casey didn’t. (and I say this as a TV add for online poker is on the TV — thanks Ralph! – I hope Bob Goodlatte is successful with his ban now that you’re tied up)

    And now…

    Casey has elected experience as a State Senator, Reed has no elected experience.

    Casey was born and raised in Georgia, Reed born in Miami, FL and moved to Georgia.

    Casey started several small businesses, Reed has a lobbying and political consulting business.

    Casey is supported by a majority of his peers in the state senate, Reed is supported by one or two members of the senate. (give or take one or two)

    The contrast seems pretty clear to me… What about you folks?

  4. Hortence says:

    Bill, there’d be no legislators on the blue ribbon panel, this needs to be citizen based, since health care is for the benefit of the community, not elected officials…

    Maybe add someone representing government interests, but not an elected official…

  5. Maurice Atkinson says:

    June 5, 2006

    Mr. Jared Thomas

    Reed for Lt. Governor

    Duluth, GA

    Dear Jared:

    Several weeks ago, you issued a press release leveling several ethical charges at the Cagle campaign. At that time, we invited you to stand behind your own claims and file a complaint. To date, you have refused to do so.

    Today, you issued yet another press release making yet another frivolous ethical charge. Specifically, you falsely charge that ethics rules are violated when a legislator serves on a community bank board and votes on financial services issues.

    We remind you that Georgia has a citizen legislature – farmers help set agriculture policy, doctors craft health care laws, and businessmen update commercial codes. This is precisely the system our founders set up and we stand proudly behind it. If Ralph believes that Georgia should have a full-time California-style legislature, we invite him to debate that point any time, anywhere. In reality, that is the only way to ensure that no one who serves in the legislature has a job outside the legislature.

    We also repeat the challenge we made last time you made a set of false ethical accusations: if you believe your own charges that a legislator acted in violation of the law, you should sign an actual complaint, put a stamp on it, and mail it to the Attorney General. We are committed to running an open, honest and ethical campaign and welcome the opportunity to address these kinds of concerns despite your continued unwillingness to accept the same standard for yourselves.

    If you continue to refuse to stand behind your own claims, what we’re left with is the sorry spectacle of Ralph making false charges he is afraid to stand behind in an effort to make someone – anyone – appear less ethical than himself. Georgia deserves better.


    Brad Alexander

    Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor
    “The Conservative Leader Georgians Trust.”
    [email protected]

  6. Meg says:

    Of course Peake is going to make a stand about property tax. He couldn’t find a stand of his own -independently – his own work – his own beliefs – no he’ll just jump on Burgess back and call it “Peake legislation

  7. leftymacon says:

    But is a property tax freeze really a good idea? Sure, it sounds good when in the midst of a property re-eval like we are in Macon, but it doesn’t sound like it is fiscally responsible.

    What would areas of the state who DON”T have a lot of housing turnover do? Their taxes would be frozen while expenses keep rising, and so you are left with the usual raise taxes or cut services conundrum.

    It sounds like just another idea to make hay, but can’t really fly (to mix a few metaphors)

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