Melton Won’t Hear Gay Marriage Case

From the Telegraph

A special justice has been named to hear an appeal involving the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage, the Georgia Supreme Court announced Thursday.

Superior Court Judge F. Larry Salmon, of Floyd County, will hear arguments in place of Georgia Supreme Court Justice Harold Melton, a former counsel to Gov. Sonny Perdue. Melton is named in legal papers challenging the same-sex marriage ban from his time in the executive branch and has declined to participate in arguments in the case.


  1. Whistleblower says:

    There is strong evidence of Harold Melton obstructing justice when he was Governor Perdue’s Executive Counsel.

    If anyone would like to read about my experiences witnessing documented serious public corruption, please go to the following links:

    Everything is documented. The FBI should be ashamed for not informing Georgia citizens about these public officials before Election Day. But of course, the GOP doesn’t want to loose its foothold in this state.

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