Why Bibb County Is Dying

For a variety of reasons people are fleeing to adjacent counties, but having now seen my tax appraisal, I think the county is dying because of sneaky little appraisals.

I’m filing my appeal right now.

In September of 2004, Christy and I wanted to get a line of credit connected to the house. Bank of America valued our house at $122,000.00. In September of 2005, the Bibb County Tax Assessor decided the value was $161,200.00! That’s a 35.5% increase in one year!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think an independent appraiser hired by a bank is probably going to be more credible than the “drive by and photograph


  1. Mike Hassinger says:

    Argue value, then uniformity of appraisal. Then teach seminars to other homeowners to do this. Then demand your BOC and School Board roll back the millage rates. They’re doing the same thing in DeKalb County -pushing the valuations up while holding the millage rates the same. Where do the various Bibb County candidates come down on this?

  2. Dan says:

    The other day I was driving down a road off of Gray Highway in Bibb County. The road was pretty simple, just paved with woods on either side. Immediately when we passed into Jones County, houses started appearing. It was the starkest contrast you could imagine.

  3. Erick says:

    Mike, it’s rather predictable. The R’s don’t like it and the D’s don’t talk about it. But, no one does anything about it.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    Stephens-Day is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Demand it in your county right away. Call your local legislators and let them know you are tired of being held at the whim of the County Appraiser.

  5. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Mike, you’re pretty much correct. Uniformity in the valuation process is critical.

    Contrary to what many are saying property values are on the rise in many parts of the county. A revaluation simply is that the appraisers look at all 68000 parcels of property. They measure and photograph. Then they bring the data back to the office and begin the valuation process. They look at legitimate sales (excluding foreclosed properties and special deals) to identify comparables. They value the home, then the land.

    Of course there may be properties that are over valued. Some may end up being undervalued. An property owner simply needs to bring pertinent info to the Board of Assessors office, or via mail, and file an appeal.

    What most people don’t understand about the law is that between January 1 and April 1 a property owner can file a return.

    We conducted nightly town hall meetings last week. We had less than 50 people show up. We are airing a video on the public access channel and are attempting to get it on cable and the local stations. The video is 14 minutes and explains the process. It’s interesting and nicely done.

    The assessors value property. The commissioners set the budget which determines the millage rate. This year the Board of Education will announce their millage rate as well.

    Demonbeck, you’re wrong on this.

    The problem as I see it, and I’ve said it over and over, people don’t give a rip about government until they feel they are infringed upon. Our system of government relies on personal responsibility. Any budget is available to the public. In fact, any government agency (at least in Bibb County) loves it when a taxpayer stops in to learn what they do. It really takes the involvement of people from all walks of life to make this thing work.

  6. Demonbeck says:


    People need to be able to plan on the costs of their property tax bill. If they know what their house is going to be assessed, then they can plan accordingly. The millage rate of a city or county still affects the homeowner and should be reason enough to be outraged. Adding yet another (and usually unfair) variable to the mix is bad for Georgians.

    Stephens-Day has worked wonders for homeowners in Chatham County and forced our County Commission to make better decisions with regards to the budget.

  7. Demonbeck says:

    Stephens-Day (named after the original sponsors Ron Stephens and Burke Day) is active in Chatham County(Savannah) and I don’t know where else.

    When one purchases a house in areas covered by Stephens-Day, the original assessed value of the house remains the assessed value of the house until ownership is transferred. So if your house at the time of purchase was assessed for tax purposes at $150,000, you will be taxed on that amount for as long as you own that house – no matter how much it appreciates in value. (In the case where a couple owns a house jointly, if one member is widowed, the value remains the same.)

    That way, no matter what the millage rate does in your neck of the woods, at least the value of your home (for tax purposes) remains the same.

  8. Fiddes says:

    A “Stephens-Day”-esque operation is in effect in Florida. It’s super because people like my parents aren’t socked with HUGE property taxes, but is also means they aren’t ever going to move again (grin)!

  9. midtowndem says:

    Perdue forces Property Taxes to Increase “When it comes to education, Gov. Sonny Perdue is more interested in what can be done for his political gain than what can be done to help schoolchildren

  10. midtowndem says:

    in the last three years Perdue has cut state funding for education by over $330 million each year, a cumulative total of nearly $1 billion has been eliminated from education and transferred to corporations in the form of a $1 billion income tax break.


    The new law which is not fully funded places greater financial burden on local school systems by increasing the need for additional teaching staff, classrooms, and supplies. The Jones County school system will be short of funds by over $500,000, ***Bibb County**** needs forty new teachers which will cost the county an additional 2.4 million, Fulton County is considering eliminating music, art, and phys education classes.

  11. LINDA says:

    Bibb County is dying because it is a welfare County. The government has stifled private business to the point that the infrastructure is the pits. Demographic differences are destroying Macon, and we are New Orleans without the water.

  12. Romegaguy says:

    Erick, your mayor has endorsed Angela Moore for Secretary of State (at least according to her website). Doesnt that make you wanna vote in the Dem Primary?

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