Georgia Leads Nation in Moving Welfare Recipients to Work

From Governor Perdue’s website:

Today at a meeting of the Urban Partnerships for Welfare Reform National Academy, Governor Sonny Perdue announced that the state of Georgia is first in the nation for moving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients into the workplace or to a work training program. In less than four years, the number of welfare recipients in Georgia who are either working or in a work training program has increased from 8.2 percent to more than 69 percent. Also under Governor Perdue’s leadership, the number TANF recipients in Georgia has dramatically decreased. In 2002 Georgia served more than 30,598 adult TANF cases. Today only 8,100 cases remain.

“Georgia families on welfare are working, and making strides toward the ultimate goal of gaining financial independence,


  1. Someone needed to get the tax-money-abusing deadpans off their lazy asses and into a job where they could actually contribute to society–And Sonny did!

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