Taylor & Cox (Again)

My friend Tom and I have been talking about this race for a while.

While my original thinking in 2005 was that Cox could give Taylor a run for the money on the theory that Dems want to take out Sonny and Cathy is in a better position to do that, by about November of last year my thinking was starting to change and was in accord with Tom’s. And now, I think, we are seeing that play out.

As I’ve said before, Mark Taylor has had several dog fights in his life. Cathy has had some fights, but nothing like the brutality of some of Taylor’s races. And now that inexperience is showing in Cathy’s race.

Don’t get me wrong — Cathy can still win. She got the better looks, the hotter voice, [Shut up Erickson! — the audience], etc. but she is definitely showing some inexperience.

Now, though, here is the question — the “common knowledge


  1. Melb says:

    “Don’t get me wrong — Cathy can still win. She got the better looks, the hotter voice” — if this is the only reason you have for why she can still win, then she has lost. And try not to make me gag before breakfast.

  2. McCain-Rice \\\'08 says:

    I’ve been saying this all along, Cathy Cox was a flash in the pan…Taylor now leads her by a substantial margin:

    Mark Taylor: (51%)
    Cathy Cox: (30%)
    Undecided: (16%)
    Other Candidate: (2%)

  3. Mike Hassinger says:

    In defense of Erick, looks DO matter. And I don’t think he said (or meant to say) that being attractive was the “only” thing Cox has going for her.

    But the contest for Guv will be a meaner one if Taylor is the Dems nominee. Sonny Perdue has a pretty high “likeability” quotient, one that is significantly higher, IMO, than Taylor’s. Taylor’s folks will have differentiate Mark from Sonny, which means negative ads, which usually bring down the attackers own “likeability.” But Taylor’s an expert at getting others to do the attacking for him (see how Gloria Butler attacked Cathy Cox while Mark didn’t say a mumbling word?)so his opponents are on teh defensive while he appears to have kept his hands clean.

    I’ve always thought Perdue would have a harder time beating Cox than he would Taylor, because the differentiation is already done -Good ole boy from south Georgia who’s genuinely a nice person vs. a telegenic woman from south Georgia who’s just as nice AND has an appeal to urban voters. Attacks and negative advertising would be minimal, because neither candidate would want to risk their core strength (likeability) in weakening the other. Then it would come down to GOTV, and urban areas are easier than rural ones in which to do that.

    But I’ve said it elsewhere on this site, and I’ll say it again: Never, ever, underestimate Mark Taylor. He made mincemeat out of Mary Margaret Oliver in 1998, and he’s squashing Cathy Cox right now. I think she might recover, but her job is harder now than it was two weeks ago.

    Sonny’s folks had better be ready with a crisis communication plan, because when Taylor’s crowd sees an opening they’ll drive a truck through it.

  4. Erick says:

    Mike, I agree 100%. 100%.

    Taylor will go nasty against Perdue and then hide behind cute little babies on the Senate floor.

  5. Nativeson says:

    Taylor is brutal — he’s like a rebirth of the Talmadge machine — and he’ll bring out the worst in Sonny. Let’s not forget that Sonny has a ferocious temper. Things are going swimmingly for him now. But he doesn’t handle pressure well … and is perfectly capable of an on-camera meltdown.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    As long as Sonny does not repeat what Roy did 4 years ago with his infamous statement of “Children die every day…” in response to a question about why children in DFACS were “still dying” under the Barnes’ regime.

  7. GetReal says:

    There’s an interesting question in all this that is the flip side of Cox angering her liberal metro base with her flip on the anti-gay marriage amendment.

    Notice that her 2004 statement cited by the Ga. GOP today was given to the Southern Voice, an Atlanta free weekly targeted at the gay community. There’s also a video linked on decaturguy’s blog that cites a statement Cox made to the Atlanta Executive Network (an organization of gay professionals) in 2002 supporting legalizing civil unions.

    Note that she made these statements in forums she knew to have primarily gay audiences. Did the conservative House Democrats who have strongly endorsed her know about her 2004 position before the last week or so? If not, what do they think about this?

    The problem with being two-faced is that if you get caught (like Cox) both groups of people that you tricked feel duped and used.

  8. Mojo says:

    Cox is an amateur. All that talk about how she has the better chance against Sonny was premature. After seeing how she has handled herself in a primary campaign it is easy to see that Sonny and his machine would have ground her up. Mark Taylor has more experience, more guts, more backbone and is far more ruthless and savvy, he stands a better chance against Sonny based upon his scorched earth campaign tactics.

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