Overheard . . .

“S**t, if Brian Kemp can run against Osama Bin Laden, so can I. At least I’m running for a real f***ing office.


  1. Demonbeck says:

    The OBL argument is pretty weak and this is coming from someone who is leaning Kemp’s way.

    Here’s how I would have done the ad:

    Open scene:

    Son (to Mother, in apron, handing him his dinner plate): “Thanks Mom… (takes bite) Hey! Who put anthrax on my Vidalia onion?”

    (Cut to mother)
    Mother: “Osama, are you trying to poison Timmy’s food again? (canned laughter) How many times have I told you that is not how we treat people around here. Do you want me to call Brian Kemp?”

    (Cut to Brian Kemp wearing a Red UGA cape)
    Announcer: “Brian Kemp, strong enough to stand up to Osama’s wily ways”

    (Cut to Osama washing dishes)
    Osama:”Brine Kemp, I’n go get you!”

  2. Romegaguy says:

    The ad I would like to see is a takeoff on the Bob Barr ad that he ran against the other pretend farmer Roger Kahn. Maybe have Brian falling off a horse or milking a bull. Maybe have Brian in a classroom with a school marm saying, “This is an apple.” Cut to Brian saying “Apple”. “This is a pecan.” “Pecan”

  3. Booray says:

    Mr. Demonbeck,

    Pretty weak. Every serious homeland security expert in the country worries about an attack on the food supply. It is the second best “soft target,” next to your weak attack on Kemp.

    Too bad that a candidate who cites national security documents gets made fun of on a website, just because the poster thinks he can look cool with a silly cheap shot.


  4. Booray says:

    Next weakest thing I have ever heard: State Rep is a “real office” while Ag Commissioner is not.

    I hope the aforementioned State Rep candidate is not running anywhere in farming country in GA…

  5. Demonbeck says:


    As I said, I am leaning Kemp, but this idea of the Georgia Ag Commissioner as front and center to the fight on homeland security is ridiculous. Any threat to our food supply on a homeland security front is going to be answered by the federal government. This ad is simply a cheap scare tactic and I expect more from Sen. Kemp. That isn’t too much to ask.

    All I was saying (granted in a sarcastic way with an equally cheap joke) is that Kemp could have done much better than this.

    That being said, we are talking about it.

  6. Erick says:

    Calm down Booray, I thought it was a really funny quote. But, the substance should be noted — we are all talking about a well done ad.

  7. Demonbeck says:

    Plus Booray, I don’t need to make a silly cheap shot to make me think I look cool. I already think I look cool.

  8. Booray says:

    Demonbeck – it was a cheap shot. Certainly your opinion is going to differ from mine, but I don’t see why it is ridiculous for the person campaigning to be in charge of food safety in GA to put an emphasis on one of the top food safety issue in the country. And the feds won’t cover it all, anymore than the feds cover all homeland security issues. State officials play a very large role in the “new normal” post 9-11.

    Erick – sort of a hair trigger today, because what I posted on Demonbeck is a moving violation compared to the perpetual first degree internet murder Bill Simon commits 🙂

    We should all take homeland security issues seriously – seems to cheapen the dialogue when we mock a candidate who is addressing them like Kemp is.

  9. bowersville says:

    Good Grief,
    I just opened up a box of Cracker Jacks and the prize was an Osama “bobble head.” Where’s the Commish of Ag. when I need them?

  10. Trackboy1 says:

    Lost a close family friend on 9/11 in the first tower. Another buddy just got out in time in the second tower.
    Drove up there immediately, and will never forget the smell
    of the airplane fuel, or thousands of papers still flying in the air a few days later.

    It’s beyond shameful on Mr. Kemp’s part to use OBL…for a freaking political ad??!! It’s an ignorant form of exploitation, and no intelligent arguement can be made to justify it. Yes, I’m hypersensitive to it, but have we become so jaded by our media-saturated society that we fail to recognize such propaganda???

    It’s equally shameful that no elected official has called him out on it. My family and I are all for catching OBL and making sure he rots in hell. But for a hack from GA attempting to use OBL to score some votes…Mr. Kemp, you are disgraceful.

  11. SouthernConservative says:

    Speaking of the issue of Kemp’s spin on Homeland Security, as Erick and I were talking earlier – I’ll tip my hat to McElhannon for that one, like him though I don’t. Think about it: you have a candidate (Kemp), who’s honestly not qualified to stand for the post. Therefore, you have a candidate with one set of qualifications, and an office with another.

    Conventional wisdom, I suppose, would say to conform/embellish the candidate and his qualifications to fit the office. Kemp’s campaign has done the polar opposite – conform the office to the candidate. Kemp’s never done anything to speak of for Ag in the Senate, but he has done some Public Safety stuff, so let’s ignore the fact that Georgia has an Office of Homeland Security and GEMA, let’s just make the Ag Commissioner’s race and office about homeland security.

    Bold. Risky. Shaferesque. I like it. I don’t think it will work. I am voting for Black. But kudos to Joel McElhannon anyway.

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