If A Tree Falls . . .

Apparently Jim Sehorn, the state’s first Inspector General resigned. But, apparently, he resigned in April and people are just now noticing.


  1. Fiddes says:

    That’s weird. The Fulton County Daily Report had an article and interview with the new IG about a month ago!

  2. Demonbeck says:

    Bobby, I wish you would post about your retirement as Chair of the DPG and your hopes and predictions for the future of your party. That would be much more interesting than stooping to this conspiracy theory stuff, which is, quite frankly, beneath you.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    BASED only on what I read in the AJC (which, upfront, is well-known for writing highly biased and incorrect/false/flat-out lying articles they purport to be truthful) on this Kathy Cox vs. James Seehorn process, it appears that Seehorn was there to protect Republican officeholders.

    AND, over the course of the nearly three years this new ofice has been in operation, I haven’t heard jack out of them from the AJC…and, I do assume that had they issued press releases, articles would have been written. But, nothing much has been printed except for the helicopter stuff.

    Was this office largely a “feel-good” proposal by Sonny Perdue and Seehorn was never really given a budget or freedom to investigate? Was this office run like the Ethics Commission with Sonny as Governor and Teddy Lee as Executive Secretary, in that Sonny made sure the amount of funds available was barely enough to buy paper clips on there own? OR, was this office run like the FBI and nothing is ever revealed about anything until an indictment is ready to be handed-down?

    I don’t know the answers to these questions…but, I’d like to certainly know. I do not wish to spend 3 months going back-and-forth on this with Bobby Kahn on mere conjecture, due to inadequate data.

  4. SouthernConservative says:

    Bill sez

    BASED only on what I read in the AJC (which, upfront, is well-known for writing highly biased and incorrect/false/flat-out lying articles they purport to be truthful)…

    I reckon ya’ll believe that until they start talking about Ralph Reed, eh?

  5. Bill Simon says:


    Uh, I read OTHER stuff about Ralphie. Like, the ENTIRE 22 Megabyte PDF files of all the freakin’ e-mails dropped on the Web by the Senate Commitee on Indian Affairs between he and Jack Abramoff. Those e-mail copies are real, SC. Download Adobe Reader and open them yourself.

    You have to be a complete moron, SC, to not believe this stuff about Ralph: That he is a crook, and a pretty slimy one at that.

    So, the question is, SC, are you a moron, complete or otherwise?

  6. Demonbeck says:

    Apparently, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, that Ralph Reed (knowing what he knows now) would have never had sexual relations with that woman.

    oops, my bad, I got Ralph Reed mixed up with another slimeball poltician.

    If Ralph Reed knew then what he knows now, he would have never posed with confessed felon Jack Abramoff, indicted David Safavian and the Honorable Bob Ney (currently under investigation) during that trip that cost an undisclosed amount of money that Reed may or may not have paid back.

    The bigger question is, knowning what we know now, will Georgians see through the shell game that is Ralph Reed’s campaign?

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