Cagle Mail

I just got Casey Cagle’s mail piece in the mailbox. How the mail guy delivers on the even numbered side of the street at 1pm and doesn’t make it back to me until almost 5pm is beyond me.

I like this mail piece. It is kind of wordy, but the back side lays out, in bullet points, “Casey Cagle’s Vision for Georgia


  1. larry smith says:

    I am sure there will be several posts from Reed fans on here alleging they have found the next Watergate. Whatever.

    That mailer is great. It shows that Casey has a positive, optimistic vision for Georgia that realistically leverages the power of the office he is running for.


  2. blazer says:

    Yes, I got the mailer yesterday. Cagle has actually started campaigning outside of the bubble. Let me congratulate him on that seeing as how he is getting his tail handed to him in South GA (by his own polling I might add).

    He also was calling SouthWest GA today so I hear. Anyone get a phone call from him?


    Blazer campaigning is a process and it develops in stages. Trust me the CAGLE TEAM is working the plan, just sit back and watch it all come together on July 18th.

  4. Jack S says:

    Yippee. Cagle is campaigning where 2 percent of the vote is.

    That mailer rocked. Can’t wait for the ralph reed “vote for me so little chinese kids can hear the gospel in sweatshops” mailer.

  5. blazer says:

    Mojo, look at cagle’s website…

    “Cagle and Reed are close in the middle of the state, but the poll shows Reed with an 8-point lead in South Georgia.”

  6. debbie0040 says:

    You will likely see mailpieces and ads of Reed with W, Cheney, Rudy, Sean, Zell and they will all have great things to say about Reed and talk about what a great leader he is.

    The bottom line in politics is that most voters don’t really start to pay attention until about six weeks out from the election. Why waste money until then?

  7. SouthernConservative says:

    That mailer Casey did was nice. It was wordy, but well done for wordy. He’s now broke. His poll proved he was low on money to begin with, and this mailer, good though it was, wasn’t cheap. I guarantee they’re gasping for air. I habitually watch Fox, ESPN, and the Braves in the evening, and I’ve yet to see one of his commercials. Am I missing it?


    I wonder will RR’s “mail pieces” be poker chips or old Enron stock certificates, and will Jack Abroamoff and Ken Lay be in the picture to????

  9. SouthernConservative says:

    I’ll refer to the Cagle mailer from yesterday – no fan of Casey’s, voting for Ralph, but I thought this was funny.

    Inside facing page one, last paragraph, last sentence. Casey sez,

    “They know he [Reed] will never break like a reed in the wind.”

    Cheap. But funny.



  11. SouthernConservative says:

    “We’re” out of money? Joel would have a fit if he caught you wasting time on here. Or would he?

  12. jsm says:

    I was surprised to see the picture of him with “bed head.” I would have picked another shot with the kids. I’ll bet someone pulls that pic out for his first “roast” after he’s elected.

  13. Bull Moose says:

    If I had more time (and talent!), I’d make mock Ralph Reed mailers and post them for you all… But picture this…

    Ralph Reed on the front cover with the quote:

    “I didn’t know”

    Under that… the sub-headline: Association doesn’t mean guilty…

    Ralph Reed – Lt. Governor
    I’ll run Georgia like I run my business

    Inside the mail piece would be further points of Ralph pointing out his business successes…

    Picture casinos, slot machines, the Enron label, Channel One, and now the Northern Mariana Islands… Ralph can argue that he was trying to limit casinos by being against competition in that industry. He can argue that he his $20,000 a month retainer from Enron wouldn’t have mattered to any employees who lost everything – they should have been smarter in their investments. He could say that’s why he’s for putting state pension money in a lockbox. And finally, who isn’t for sweat shops and sex slave trade, Ralph just likes to make sure that the prices of his fancy shirts don’t go up in price — heck, he’s helping out the consumer by keeping prices low.

    And finally, on the back, we’ve got Ralph’s promise for Georgia…

    1. Ensure equal access for all lobbyists because some firms are monopolizing the scene at the State Legislature

    2. Don’t stop at banning gay marriage, make everyone submit to a state personality test and ban marriages that have a high prediction for interpersonality turmoil that might lead to divorce.

    3. Lower health care costs by denying health care to the poor and needy — natural selection baby!

    4. Turn around Georgia’s textile industry by bringing back sweatshop work conditions and waive all labor and wage laws for our state’s top industries

    5. Encourage oil exploration on Georgia’s barrier islands by a small company called “NORNE” (Enron backwards)

    and finally,

    6. Ensure that Georgia’s schools improve and that our children learn the good Ralph Reed rules of morals and ethics by allowing convicted white collar criminals like Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, Tony Rudy, and Ken Lay teach Citizenship and Government in our public schools.

    Man, who wouldn’t be for Ralph Reed?

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