Speaking of Allen Peake

He’s started running advertisements in which he says he is neither a lawyer nor a lobbyist. Two of his three opponents are a lawyer and a lobbyist. He does not say he is not a real estate broker, which is the occupation of his third opponent.

He focuses on being a non-politician and a small businessman. My lawyer friends don’t like that he’s saying he is “not a lawyer.


  1. str8tfromtheheart says:

    Erick, do you think that Peake is beginning to reel a little bit? I am sure he was feeling very confident for two months when he drove around Macon and saw nothing but his own signs. Dale has put out a good number, and Becky now has a few up while Horne signs are everywhere. It seems that Peake is probably starting to feel the heat. This could be in correlation with his recent adds. I still think that Peake and Horne are the two front runners, but Peake is probably starting to realize that he is not THE front runner.

  2. midgajim says:

    Don’t you think offending the lawyers in his district is a good risk for Peake to take? Lawyer-bashing has become a common theme in politics today, it seems, and often seems to work.

  3. pathfinder says:

    I don’t have a dog in this race and from what I hear all the candidates in the GOP primary are good people.

    Two comments, however, on early television ads in local races: 1. in your first introduction to voters you never talk about what you are not — you talk about who you are. This is the time for warm and fuzzy (lots of baby pictures) or an issue that everyone will agree with you on (i.e. education needs fixing, property taxes are too high, traffic is too slow, etc.); and 2. cable television ads are for suckers in state house races. Cable companies only allow for so many buys at the discount campaign price and you simply can’t get enough view time to make it effective. Also t.v. ads are expensive to make which limits your message during the campaign. Direct mail is far more cost effective and you can tailor your message to different constituents more easily. Show me a candidate who diverts money from direct mail and puts it in cable buys and I’ll show you a candidate who is headed for third place.

  4. SouthernConservative says:

    I was driving through Macon a week or so ago, and my personal favorite is the several yards I saw with both Peake AND Horne yard signs.

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