Kemp on the air.

Brian Kemp went airborne today in an attempt to reach GOP primary voters via Fox News. His ad deals with the security of Georgia’s food supply and features a picture of Usama bin Laden:

Said Kemp, “The Agriculture Department is a vital office in the fight to protect our families. Having served in the Senate as the Chair of the Public Safety & Homeland Security Committee and as a leader on the Agriculture Committee, I have seen first hand that our current Democrat Commissioner is not doing what is necessary to protect our families. We need energetic, bold leadership to prevent, not just respond to, alarming threats on the horizon. This television campaign is just the beginning of our fight for change in this critical office.


  1. GetReal says:

    Wow. Forget inspecting the meat department at Kroger or gas pumps at QT. I vote to send him to Pakistan. Maybe he can find Osama.

  2. Jack S says:

    Thanks for the front page post Buzz. As I mentioned on another post, I just saw the ad on Fox News and it’s really sharp.

    This commercial says it all. Kemp has what it takes to beat Tommy Irvin. Kemp is running a sharp campaign that is helping people see how important this office is to everyone, not just the agricultural community.

    Well done. I’m sure it’s just the start.

    I hope he beats that old mule into the ground.

  3. bowersville says:

    It was a very good and effective add. It brought out your highlights while very gently going negative. Don’t become over-confident with the “old man issue,” and lack of education, etc., let the news medis handle that. He has a statewide reputation of not forgetting where he came from. I believe the party convinced Tommy to run again, I personally wish he had chose to retire with dignity.

  4. jacewalden says:


    I’m going to have to disagree with you here. Although the ad will probably be effective, it is extremely pitiful of Kemp to have to resort to the whole “you support terrorism” bit. Chambliss did the same thing to Max Cleland, a triple amputee Vietnam War Veteran (Chambliss BTW never served in any branch because of a “bad knee”). He juxtaposed pictures of Cleland and Bin Laden in an attempt to disprove the patriotism of a war hero. In my opinion, Chambliss is a piece of shit. While I didn’t agree with Cleland’s politics, Chambliss was WAY out of line questioning his patriotism.

    I used to like Kemp until I saw that ad. He is completely pathetic for resorting to this.

    What ever happened to running on your own credentials?

  5. bowersville says:

    We are actually on the same page. If they run the “old man,” “3rd grade education” routine. It will backfire, just as it did with Cleland. I was simply warning him, Kemp is way too over-confident.

  6. jacewalden says:

    Oh…my bad, I misunderstood your post.

    *Disclaimer Before Someone Attacks Me*
    Just because I think Chambliss is a turd doesn’t mean I don’t agree with his congressional voting record. A man can make some good votes and still be a piece of shit though.
    Also, I realize that the Kemp ad didn’t compare Irvin with Bin Laden…but no one can argue that is the message he is trying to convey here. I think it’s pathetic.

  7. bowersville says:

    You are correct, which confirms my logic. Even suggesting Tommy is sympathetic to Bin Laden is pathetic! If Kemp wants a back lash, should he win in July, he needs to keep up his crap, and face the voter in November.

  8. Jack S says:

    For the stupid people who posted after me on this link – it’s US SENATOR Saxby Chambliss.

    As in, Saxby won. get over it.

    Kemp will too. Get over it.

  9. jacewalden says:

    First of all, sorry for the language…I probably shouldn’t have gotten so worked up. I still support Kemp, and I’ll probably still vote for him.

    Jack S,

    I’m glad Chambliss won (and BTW I’ll call him “Senator” when I feel like it and I won’t when I don’t feel like it). Like I said, I agree with Chambliss’s policies. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that he resorted to extremely dishonorable tactics to get to where he is. I think he could have won without sacrificing his honor.

    As far as Kemp goes, I actually like Kemp, I WANT him to win, he’s a really good guy, and I would be willing to overlook this ad if he quits using these types of tactics now. But if he continues on the road forged by Chambliss, then he’s going to end up hurting his own integrity.

  10. The Busdriver says:

    I don’t know. I thought the Bin Laden thing wasn’t a bad idea. Most of the time I agree with Jace, but I don’t agree with his take on the video. I don’t think they were using Bid Laden to inflame people’s opinions about Irvin. I think they’re trying to say that we need to be more careful about monitoring our food supply.

    Like it or not, that guy is the face of modern terrorism, so I get why they used that image.

  11. jacewalden says:

    Busdriver, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

    Here’s why I have such a strong take on this. I realize that one 2 sec pic of Bin Laden isn’t going to do much…but this is exactly how Chambliss’s ads started out, short images of Bin Laden. Eventually it evolved into full scale comparisons of Bin Laden and Cleland. I haven’t been a Chambliss fan ever since.

    Kemp has credentials. He can win off of his credentials if he tries. Irvin is in the corner already with two black eyes, a busted nose, and a few missing teeth. There would be no honor in challenging the man’s patriotism.

    I know that’s not where the ads are at now. But if they continue down this path, we have seen where they could end up.

    I hope Kemp wins. But I would love to see him win because he convinced the people that he was more qualified, not out of fear.

  12. The Busdriver says:

    Since someone opened the door on articulating policy differences with Senator Chambliss, I’d like to respectfully submit the following:

    Real free-market, “Ayn Rand” Republicans do not support gratuitous farm welfare. Let American produce stand on its own. Stop the bailouts, the subsidies, and the “pay me not to farm” crap. People complain about corporate welfare, the EITC, and other forms of waste. Got news for you—we spend more on farm subsidies every year and price supports than the previous two combined. You cannot be a small government conservative and support the farm bill.

    I’m disassembling my soap box right now. May the piling on begin. Tell me I’m a bad American ‘cause I don’t love farmers.

  13. jacewalden says:

    Okay, the issues that Kemp focused on in the ad are exactly what he’s been preaching for the past couple of years: The protection the food supply and Bio Diesel fules. Those have been his two main talking points. So this commercial is not really out of line. However, I still think he’s headed down the wrong road with the Bin Laden insinuations. But nonetheless,

    KEMP ’06!

  14. Groseclose says:

    As many of you know, I have often been critical of Kemp’s campaign on this website. But, I must admit Brian has thrown out a pretty good first pitch. I found the Osama bit to be a rather accurate representation of the threat American agriculture might face in the future and for the most part a formidable attempt to create interest in a down-ballot race. I think the potential backlash of the ad has already been discussed; I just wonder how much longer Republicans can run on this fear and anxiety platform. I am no political scientist, but I would agree, in balance, the ad is a calculated, yet smart risk.

    I might note, however, this is the first thing consequential that has come from the Kemp campaign (besides their disclaimer concerning their website crash) for almost 5 months. Until recently, they had not updated Brian schedule since before the General Assembly began. I guess the other three candidates should send Brian a “welcome back

  15. waterboy says:

    Gary Black is the sole Republican with the credentials and experience to lead the Dept. of Ag.

    You want 4 more years of Tommy Irvin? Kemp is your guy.

    Gary Black is the only candidate that can put Mr. Irvin back in Habersham County to stay.

  16. The Busdriver says:

    “I don’t know Gary’s time frame for ad release, but expect an ad that touts Gary’s years of experience, knowledge of the issues, and solutions for the future in the coming weeks.”

    Real convincing. “I don’t know when Gary’s ads are going to run, but if I diiiiiiid, I reckon they’ll start soon and they’ll talk about subject a. b. and c.”

    Groseclose won’t out himself, so I will. You can reach him at [email protected]

  17. Cotton Boll says:

    I can’t get the movie to play on my computer, but if he is wearing a polo shirt while operating a MF, I am going to have a great time laughing it up around here. Dude that is funny just thinking about it. I can only hope it is on the tube around south GA so we can enjoy it! A polo shirt? Really????? too funny!

  18. Groseclose says:

    In my few short months posting on peachpundit, I have learned two pretty important lessons: (1) that someone can posit pretty much anything on this website and (2) to attempt to defend or deflect ridiculously blind, amateurish accusations is never worthwhile. So, I have no resolve to respond to your ludicrous commentary.

    But, this is what I will say: If I was in a financial situation so that I could quiet my job, I would do so to become a full-time volunteer for the Gary Black campaign. Such a facially outlandish comment demonstrates (1) my deeply held belief that the agriculture department desperately needs new leadership and (2) that Gary Black is the only man in this field of candidates that can provide that renewed vision for an ailing department and a fresh voice for the industry.

  19. BernieT633 says:

    Where does Kemp get the money to run an add like this at about 100,000 dollars a week?

  20. BernieT633 says:

    Jace all the issues you say Kemp has focused on for the past couple of years are Gary’s issues.

    Where is the Kemp Campaign havent seen them at any events?

  21. bowersville says:

    Out of his own pocket? A loan from the Oconnee State Bank in Watkinsville? Loans like Stephens that are never paid back? A fund raiser at the Bernie Aquarium? Surely not!

  22. BernieT633 says:

    Looking at Gary’s disclosures it seems he has raised more money from people (not developers and lobbyists), has more cash on hand and has taken no loans.

    Gary Black is the only candidate in this race with the credentials, rural name ID and respect in the agriculture community to beat Tommy in the fall.

  23. Cotton Boll says:

    I JUST SAW IT! A Polo shirt it is! How corny is that!

    I’ll play it safe and look for Osama in the barn before I go to bed. What insight to agriculture. I’m still laughing about the polo.

  24. BernieT633 says:

    Looking at Gary’s disclosures it seems he has raised more money from people (not developers and lobbyists), has more cash on hand and has taken no loans.

    Gary Black is the only candidate in this race with the credentials, rural name ID and respect in the agriculture community to beat Tommy in the fall.

    I know here in Alpharetta Gary has put some fine 4 by 6 signs in feilds by former Irvin supporters who I know well.

  25. JulieSMI says:

    You guys need to get a grip. that waa a great commercial!

    Finally somebody explains to me why I should care about this race. I got news for you farmer boys – no one who is not a farmer cares about farming.

    i wanna know why this office matters to me and Mr. Kemp just nailed it.

    Slap yourself on the back all you want, Gary, Deanna, and bob need to get it in gear if they are gonna catch this guy.

    kemp has my vote!

  26. bowersville says:

    That’s good Julie. You remind of the that Liberal News broadcast ot the ’70’s from NYC. “I don’t know what those farmers are so upset about, they can just go to the grocery store and buy thier groceries, just like me.” Just like a Kemper.

  27. BernieT633 says:

    Thats the truth – if Julie took a look at Gary’s Plan and any piece of Campaign Literature that is what he is talking about- why Agriculture matters to you and your family- in all 159 Counties across this state.

  28. bowersville says:

    By the way Julie, I’m glad you explained to simple minded me that Brian Kemp could care less for the farmers.

  29. DiscoCombine says:

    The fear mongering content aside, Kemp has taken an unusual step in a statewide primary. Who would have thought that any of the way-way down ticket races where “loaning yourself” i.e. fundraising is slim would have gone on television in MAY.

    What’s the thought process here…that this ad will help build name id, make people scared of their food, and get votes for it…then cross your fingers and hope Jim Galloway writes a sarcastic article in the political insider, and the AJC actually prints that part rather than just the online version? So what… maybe he “bought” some earned media. Yippee!

    How much impact will this really have for what…a week of running it on Fox? Yes I understand that it’s a large and conservative audience, I ‘m feeling it here….but the reality is we are still a long way out. Almost every other, no wait, every campaign that has hit the airwaves and cable is defining their candidate. Kemp is talking about bin laden in his first, and most likely, only ad.

    The verdict — Can We Say? — “Pissing into the Wind

  30. bowersville says:

    Brian Kemp can P–s on his own leg and claim it’s raining. I am not buying it. He can run adds ’till h–l freezes, after what Julie said, Brian Kemp has no clue. Did you hear that Qweesh, it was my toilet flushing that Kemp.

  31. Jack S says:

    Lordy, Kemp must have done better than I thought with all you Black Democrats on here going nuts.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing Kemp. It’s obviously working. they’re going crazy trying to figure out how you’re winning.

    And yes, I did read the lit and I did read the plans and, guys, cmon, there’s no comparing the two candidates. Kemp has outclassed Gary every step of the way here. And Gary has spent countless nights rewriting the same old dribble of his original plan trying his best to do something that compares to Kemp’s work.

    Just like everything else – both are weighed and Kemp is the heavyweight, Gary the lightweight.

  32. bowersville says:

    Well Brian,
    Where are you? You’ve had a big add on FOX, haven’t you? Where do you stand on Julie’s statement? Do you care about the farmer’s plight, or do you take Julie’s side of the arguement? The ball is in your court, either punt or shut the h-ll up!!!

  33. Jack S says:


    you’re kidding right? Some lady comes on here and posts her thoughts and you turn that into some rant about Kemp not supporting farmers?

    Are you drunk?

    Look, i know you black supporters are scared to death becuase you can’t figure out how Kemp is whooping your asses all over Georgia. It’s pretty obvious by how shrill you’re getting.

    But seriously, that comment was just plain nutty.

  34. bowersville says:

    No I’m not drunk. Let Kemp speak for himself or does he need a proxy like you? and no. I’m not Scared.

  35. atlantaman says:

    The problem Black and Kemp have is that 2/3’s of their Primary voters are from the metro area and could care less about the Ag. Position or any of its issues.

    Now folks here can talk about the need to demonstrate who is more qualified to run the department, a noble idea, but an unrealistic one.

    The Binladen stuff is simply a way to glamorize the campaign so a Mom or Dad in Dunwoody might actually pay attention to the race.

  36. Capt. says:

    This is an awesome commercial and well done. It makes people like me who live in metro Atlanta understand why I should care who our Ag Commissioner is.

    I wonder what Gary is thinking? I bet he is crying to his mommy right now or making a gift basket right now.

    Gary, when you lose are you going to go back to making gift baskets or lobbying or being a democrat?

    I am so sick of you idiotic Black supporters, who are doped up on your own stupidity, coming on here spouting off about how Gary is a farmer and has made his living farmeing. That is BULLSH*T. He has a couple of show cows. Everyone take notice on where he has been making his moneyu the last 15 years–he has made it being a special interest lobbyist, not a farmer!

    Gary Black would be crushed by Tommy Irvin. Republicans will not elect a democrat lobbyist like Gary Black just to lose against Tommy again. They are going to vote Brian Kemp, a conservative leader who can defeat Tommy Irvin by proposing bold and innovative leadership.

  37. atlantaman says:

    I think to be fair to Gary, when you mention he is a lobbyist you should also disclose that he represents the farmers. That alone gives him a vast understanding of the Agriculture needs of this state. It’s not like he was lobbying for Enron.

  38. Pilot says:

    Alright, first the commercial is not bad. Really gets the point across to people who do not care about this race, which is most people who will be voting in the primary.

    But these Gary cry babies need to get over it. Kemp got one up on them and ya’ll can not stand it.

  39. Bud says:

    Tommy Irvin is praying everyday that Gary Black wins this primary because he knows that is the only way he will win the race again because he knows Kemp will destroy him and this commercial shows how.

    Cry me a river Gary. Sorry things aren’t going your way, but your campaign is drifting away down the river called failure. But you can join your friends like, Tom Murphy and Roy Barnes.

  40. McCain-Rice \\\'08 says:

    Ecspecially here in the Metro area, I think a lot of elections are won by the campaign TV adds, for most Georgians who are not activists like many of us are, and dont go to campaign events, and are too busy to pay attention to campaign road signs, the only way to reach them is through TV…and If you want to reach the Republicans in Georgia, Fox News in an excellent channel to run adds on. Cagle beat Reed to the TV adds, and Kemp beat Black…we’ll see how things go from here, but all and all I think it was a good add. And if we Republicans here in Georgia ever had a chance to take out a 37 year incumbent Agriculure Commissioner, we have 2 very qualified candidates to do so…Brian Kemp and Gary Black.

    “PS: that add sure beats the heck out of Tommy Irvin’s tax payer funded Georgia Grown adds, which he so smoothly reminds us who the aggriculture commisioner is, as if we take that in to consideration when we buy Vidalia Onions,Peaches, pecans, or peanuts”

  41. landman says:

    Great ad and very targeted to those who need to know why its time for a change in this office.

    Kemp will win the Primary and the General.

    VOTE for the REAL REPUBLICAN…Vote KEMP!!!!

  42. atlantaman says:

    I’m not sure if “beating” someone to be first on TV necessarily gives a candidate an advantage. I think whoever has the most ammo during the last week of the election will have the advantage, that’s when folks who don’t read peachpundit make up their mind.

  43. BernieT633 says:

    I’ve known Gary for about 20 years he has 400 head of cattle all but 20 go to slaughter, its the same farm he grew up on . . . thats not a few show cows

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