Cox Still On Defense as Court Speeds Up

Cathy Cox, so we’re told, was on leftist Air America today saying she was misunderstood or misquoted about the gay marriage decision. She apparently now says, though I haven’t heard the interview, that she is opposed to a ban.

Now that the Supreme Court has said it would fast track a decision Cox seems to have gone on the defense.

During a weekend interview on WWAA 1690, Cox said she thinks the call for a special session is a “cynical ploy


  1. Mike Hassinger says:

    Never, ever undersestimate Mark Taylor. He hasn’t said a public word about this, and Cathy Cox is tied up in knots.

    How about a prediction contest, Erick? Here’s mine: The Supremes are going to uphold the Superior Court decision, as it only addressed a technical matter, (amendments have to be single-issue and this wasn’t) and was properly ruled unconstitutional by a very smart judge. My Republican friends can wail and moan all they want about “liberal, activist judges,” but they’re wrong this time.

    Then we’ll have a special session. Will we get to vote on domestic partnerships as well as a gay marriage ban again?

  2. bowersville says:

    It’s a comment, very well appreciated, but I’m voting in the GOP primary. I will let you Dem’s decide this one without comment from me.

  3. Mike Hassinger says:


    I’m a Republican -an old-fashioned, small government Reagan/Goldwater Republican. We’re a dying breed, but we’re not Democrats. Sorry to have written something that led you to think otherwise.

  4. Erick says:

    I actually think the court will reserve the Superior Court, take the issue off the playing field, and then interpret it to apply only to marriage and not to civil unions.

  5. bowersville says:

    My apologies! I believe the Gasupreme will uphold the ruling, but I’m no attorney.

  6. Romegaguy says:

    This is my prediction on what happens…

    The Supremes decide that they want to take their time to make their decision, I mean “why does the execxutive branch think they can tell us what to do” and it took Zell’s appointee 18 months to rule after hearing the case…

    Anyway, Sonny goes ahead and calls a special session without a ruling from the Supremes. Mark Taylor campaigns on letting the court do its job and how it would save the state money by not having a special session.

    After the Special Session, the court overturns the lower court’s decision causing turmoil of does the old law still stand on the books or do we get to vote again.

    November comes and Sonny squeaks past Mark to be re-elected.

  7. atlantaman says:

    Cathy is in a bind. She doesn’t want to piss the gays off in the Primary, but knows she’s DOA in the General if she’s pro-gay. Sonny and company are videotaping every word from Cox on this issue. She’s been so wishy washy and spineless this week, that by trying to please everyone she runs the risk of pissing both sides off.

    Meanwhile Taylor is just siting back and laughing.

  8. Melb says:

    I was thinking about the commercials that Sonny would have with all that Cox footage the other day (if she won of course) but I don’t think that she is. I was concerned at first and thought it would be an uphill battle for Taylor, but that he was the better of the two candidates and now I just think it is so obvious that there is no way Cox will win. I am embarassed by her behavior, you wouldn’t think she is a candidate for Governor, but some bumbling, fumbling, political opportunist, trying fast to come up with something that will eventually calm everyone down, but she hasn’t figured out what that is yet, so she just keeps talking, changing her mind, saying whatever she thinks will get her back to where she was in the beginning, and instead she has just lost all credibility.

  9. buzzbrockway says:

    Never, ever undersestimate Mark Taylor. He hasn’t said a public word about this, and Cathy Cox is tied up in knots.

    Excellent point. Perhaps we Republicans should be careful what we wish for, we just might get Mark Taylor in the General and have our hands full.

  10. McCain-Rice \\\'08 says:

    Cathy Cox was fourtuneate as Secretary of State she could easily keep a moderate and appealing image that most Georgian’s (my self included) were fooled by… Now, as a serious contender for Governor she must make some tough choices and take a firm stance on certain contraversial issues (ie: Gay Marrige).

    As I have counted, she has changed her position on Gay Marrige not once, not twice, not even 3 times, she has changed positions 4 times on Gay Marrige. Now, Flip-Floppin might not matter to voters up in Massachussets, but here in Georgia we arnt fooled by fence ridding politicians…we can see right through them, and we like our leaders to be strong in their beliefs…MARK my words (pardon the pun)..Cathy Cox has all but lost this primary, her campaign is going down in flames. We Republicans need to brace our selves for a very competative race against Mark Taylor.

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