Allen Peake Polling

I just got polled by, I’m guessing Allen Peake.

The poll wanted to know what I thought about everyone in the race. I said I was favorable toward them all. Stebin had a poll in the field already, so I guessed this had to be Becky’s or Allen’s. I gambled on Allen Peake’s and I think it paid off (only because the nice lady from New York didn’t pronounce Becky’s name properly).

So, it asked who I what I thought the big issues were, which included a lot of irrelevant issues (in my opinion) like controlling illegal immigration and other issues like consolidation of Macon and Bibb County.

The surveyor asked who I was likely to vote for and I said Becky Burgess. The surveyor then asked if I’d still vote for Becky if I knew she was a lobbyist who spent lots of money on legislators and got a lot of money put in the budget that was suppose to be taken out — but said the money would benefit Mercer University.

Then the surveyor said Stebin Horne is a lawyer who skipped lots of city council meetings, including meetings where there were votes on raising fees. The surveyor also said, basically, Stebin was running on frivolous issues and the legacy of his father.

The surveyor said nothing about Dale Washburn, other than that he was a realtor.

Then the surveyor talked about Allen Peake in flattering terms, saying he is a small businessman, owns several restaurants, and supports consolidation (a huge negative in my book, actually, without a bunch of caveats).

One of the criticisms to come out of the race so far is that Allen Peake, who owns several restaurants, began advertising those restaurants aggressively in an effort to build his name identification. The surveyor asked something along the lines of whether I’d we more or less willing to vote for him given the criticism that he has been advertising for his restaurants, while running for office, and this was his first time running for office because he’s not a career politician and didn’t know he shouldn’t advertise in his business budget to help his campaign. I said it didn’t affect who I was going to vote for.

Of course when it was over I said I was more likely to vote for Allen Peake. Then I got to the juicy stuff about issues. So, anyway, there was a question about the Medical Center losing its Trauma Center. There was a question on consolidation. And there was a question on the governor’s plan to spend 65% of education money in the classroom, even though local governments may have to raise taxes (was that question a Gary Bechtel influence?).

I have a theory on this race — and the poll drove it home. I think both Stebin and Allen consider themselves the front runners and are going to beat the hell out of each other. Right now, I think they are positioned to do that and would be wise to do so. If they can get into a runoff, I’m sure Stebin is gambling he can easily raise money again.

Locally, it seems Stebin, who got on city council in a five way race without a runoff, is thinking he can do it again. So he is busting the bank to avoid a runoff. I think we could see Burgess be the spoiler, in which case Stebin will have to raise money again really fast.

We’ll see. More on this later. It’s supper time now.


  1. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Sounds almost identical to the same poll I received for Stebin a couple of weeks ago. Wonder if they are using the same company?

  2. str8tfromtheheart says:

    If Horne and Peake runoff, Horne will win the race. I think as of right now that Becky and Dale are pulling alot of votes that Horne would have more so recieved than Peake. I have hard time believing that Becky and Dale will even come close to reaching Peake and Horne.

  3. leftymacon says:

    I dunno – Washburn has been the underdog before and pulled it off. He has a good blend of experience, and seems to have a lot of common sense. His website is better, too, in terms of solid information.

    Stebin’s campaign feel like it’s a professional politico job, which may not play well in middle GA.

    There’s still a lot of questions in the circles I run in about Peake and his ability to get things done politically. There are few questions about his intent – just the capability to wade through the political process.

    Seems like Washburn has been kinda holding back – I’ll bet we see more of him in the next few weeks.

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