Reed and the Northern Mariana Islands

More documents have surfaced about Ralph’s lobbying days. These allegations don’t look so good, but there is no way of knowing what Ralph knew — beyond the case his client wanted him to make — that the islands should not be subject to federal wage laws (I’d agree with that).

Nonetheless, another day another revelation.


  1. The Busdriver says:

    Ralph needs to reload his “plausible deniability” debit card. He’s used up all his points.

    Seriously. He’s a smart guy. No one is buying the automated “I didn’t know” response. He didn’t know about Mariana. He didn’t know about AL. He didn’t know about the Tiguas. He didn’t know about eLottery.

    Honestly, it’d be funny if it weren’t so shameful.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    The Northern Mariana Islands are territories of the United States. Garment manufactures have located mills there to produce clothes with the label “MADE IN THE USA”.

    It’s a disgrace to all of the law abiding mills in the USA that the Northern Mariana Islands wouldn’t have to abide by the same laws in regards to working conditions and wages.

    Why is one law good enough for mills in cities like Griffin, GA but not good enough for mills in the Northern Mariana Islands?

  3. debbie0040 says:

    Old allegations being recycled. I agree that they should not be subject to Federal Wage laws.

    Reed did not know about the conditions on the Islands.

  4. RealConservative says:

    You know, Debbie, your (and Reed’s) excuses sound an AWFUL lot like Hillary and the Rose Law Firm, and like Gore and the Buddhist Monks…and it seems like Reed wants a WHOLE lot of public trust (in this office, and as he runs for Governor and President down the road) for someone who so frequently says “I didn’t know.”

  5. Jack S says:

    I hear that Ralph supports using child labor on political campaigns – especially chinese children so they can hear the gospel while they are cleaing out Ralph’s BMW.

  6. Jack S says:

    To all my friends, relatives, and fellow peach pundit posters…..

    If I ever end up being a blind, thoughtless, zombie worshipper of a snake oil salesman like some others on here, please shoot me and put me out of my misery.

    If I ever woke up from the coma I’d kill myself after seeing how I disgraced myself.

  7. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Jack, consider it done.

    In the words of the late great Sgt. Schultz or was it Col. Klink, “I know nothing, I know nothing…. Oh heck, I’m getting too old to be trite.

  8. landman says:

    It is amazing that how the closer one looks at Ralphs past the more the stinch builds and the less he knows about anything he was doing,Ralph you truly have no shame!!

    Here is a reality check for those that can fog a mirror or have an IQ larger than an ant,and that is that Ralph was willing to do anything Abramnoff asked him to do ,PERIOD.He pimped out his influence within the Christian Community once again,and he was trying to keep sweatshops in business while the textile businesses in Ga. were going to Hell in a handbasket.

    The fact that someone would do this isnt shocking to me at all,there will always be that element of Greed and Shamelessness in any business,but what is shocking is the people that would proffer someone up for Public Service with these credentials.

    The Georgia voter is smarter than to turn over their trust to such behavior,and so they should be,what a SHAME.

  9. BernieT633 says:

    Jack . . . I think that is the same BMW that he rode in the Dacula parade today . . . man of the people that Ralph Reed

  10. Erick says:

    Bull Moose, we should not be asking why the Marianas Islands are exempt from a bad law, we should be asking why Griffin, GA has to comply with it.

  11. Jack S says:

    I’m not following how child labor laws are “bad”. I’m a free market kinda guy but there need to be some reasonable restraints that protect workers, and especially children.

    I will admit I’m not fully versed and will allow erick to make his point without overgeneralizing, but I think an explanation is in order.

    Child labor laws are a good thing.

    Unless you’re an exploitive corporation so you hire ralph reed.

  12. Bull Moose says:

    Erick you’re crazy if you think it’s a good thing to waive wage and labor protections laws from our textile mills and other workforce locations.

    It’s also insane for Georgia media to turn the other cheek while the moral hypocrite Ralph Reed continues to make efforts to gain the “public trust” in running for office even in the face of his involvment in the largest corruption of government case, lobbying for Enron in its final days before bankruptcy, and now lobbying against wage and labor laws. Has this man no true moral compass?

    What in the world could possibly be next? I’ve had enough of Jack Abramoff’s candidate for Lt. Governor.

  13. larry smith says:


    You’re seriously saying you think textile workers in Georgia should be forced to have abortion and work in the sex industry in order to keep their jobs? I don’t think you are, but I hope that you’ll clarfiy your earlier comment so that there’s no ambiguity.

    I’m no Ralph Reed fan, I’l admit. But, this turns my stomach. He sent a mailer to pro-life voters using God to provide cover for sweatshops that forced their workers to have late term abortions on U.S. soil.

    That, my friends, is evil as singularly personified as I have every seen it.

  14. Mojo says:

    That’s right, make the little buggers work for a change. And, when they are all used up, we can bake them into a pie and eat ’em with some Irish potatoes.

    Ralph Reed seems to not know a lot of things. Tell me again why I should vote for him for anything other than POTUS?

  15. bowersville says:

    I don’t recall a Socialist-Democratic candidate on this ticket, do you? Irish potatoes? Are you telling me, we Irish, eat our off-spring?

  16. Bull Moose says:

    How can we trust someone as careless in selecting his clients as Ralph has apparently demonstrated with his past work on behalf of Jack Abramoff for casino interests, Northern Mariana sweat shops, and God knows what else…

    If Ralph is going to be so careless in conducting himself in business, what can we expect of him in office?

    Don’t take a gamble on it. Dump Reed! Get Rid of Ralph! Just don’t gamble on Ralph Reed — Georgia is too good of a state to turn to someone so creepy and so bankrupt of morals and ethics.

  17. Jack S says:

    Debbie? Where are you? Surely the reed campaign has come up with some ridiculous spin by now.

    Where’s the talking points? Surely ralph can do better than “ididnt know”.

    I just heard ralph is on a flight to the caymans to clean out his accounts and flee to africa with michael jackson.

  18. Bill Simon says:

    This will be the NEXT thing we find out abot Reed on some other likely project, soon to surface: “I did not not know I was sending mail on behalf of North Korea to South Korea…”

  19. debbie0040 says:

    JAck S wrote. “If I ever end up being a blind, thoughtless, zombie worshipper of a snake oil salesman like some others on here, please shoot me and put me out of my misery. ” Jack S you described Casey Cagle except you left out the part about him being a coward.

    Ralph had no way of knowing the true conditions on the island. He trusted what Abramoff told him. Reed, and many others were betrayed by Abramoff.

    Abramoff gained the trust of Ralph and many GOP elected officials that had dealings with him.

    Maybe that is why national party figures (IE: Gov. Barbour, Rudy, Katherine Harris, Sen. Kay Bailey-Hutchison, Bush and Cheney) are standing behind Ralph. They know Ralph was not the only one that was targeted by Abramoff and they also know there is nothing to the allegaions against Reed.

    You know the mentality in D.C. If there was anything to the allegations, Reed would have bee thrown to the wolves as Delay was.

    You in the Cagle cabal have made allegations that Reed knew the true conditions on the Islands and not what he was told. Let’s see you back up your allegations with facts not rhetoric. Put up or shut up.

  20. debbie0040 says:

    Bull Moose, you had better come to the realization Reed will win and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Cagle is very creepy, kind of like Lurch in the Adams Family.

  21. larry smith says:


    I hope you sleep well at night knowing you are defending sweatshops on U.S. soil where Chinese boys and girls are forced to sew until their fingers bleed and adult women are forced to have abortion and become prostitutes.

    The idea that anyone could defend someone who tried to hide this kind of activity behind Christian missionaries turns my stomach. If it doesn’t turn yours, I seriously wonder whether you have a conscience or any kind of moral grounding at all — other than a desire to treat partisan politics like a game and do whatever it takes to win.

    Come to think of it, that would basically make you Ralph Reed.

  22. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Man, that press confernce last night was awe inspiring. Ralph was flanked by the President and Vice President. Ralph gave a hugely motivating speech, “If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have done it.”

    Most remorseful crooks sing that tune on the way to the slammer.

    Debbie, and you call Cagle creepy? At what point should Ralph be accountable for his actions?

  23. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice, at what point should Cagle be held accountable?

    He helped kill Tort Reform in 2002 while accepting contributions from Trial Attorneys.

    He gave a donation to Democrat Mark Taylor.

    Cagle slammed Reed for the infamous Taylor ad in the 1998 campaign while Cagle’s own campaign guy starred as Taylor in it.

    Cagle voted with Gov. Barnes and 27 Democrats against the GOP Driver’s License Bill that would indentify non citizens.

    Cagle missed the vote of eminent domain and then came up with several different explanations for it.

    Cagle introduced legislation that would have prevented property owners from suing if they lived near a rendering or chicken plant.

    Cagle fought Tom Price on the child seat legislation.

  24. Jack S says:

    Theres the debbie we all know and loathe.

    Cagle has given his side of the story for all these attacks – and surprise! the rest of the story paints a different picture than the Reed spin machine.

    Debbie, Casey has a record and he’s been straightforward about these and other issues. Folks can take that for what its worth and decide who to support.

    Ralph on the other hand has consistently lied about his record in his business practices. He continues to lie. No one can trust a single word out of his mouth becuase he hasn’t shown he can be trusted.

    Now we find he defended child labor, sweat shops and forced abortions and prostitution claiming it was for God. And he shrugs his shoulders again and says ‘I didn’t know.’ just like I didn’t know I got $4million from indian casinos. I didn’t know I hired Clinton defense lawyer to cover up my sins. I didn’t know Jack Abramoff paid for the full trip to Scotland.

    Saying I didn’t know will work once, but more than once means Ralph is incompetent or a damn liar. He’s not incompetent.

  25. Maurice Atkinson says:

    1. ENRON — while thousands of employees lost their entire life savings (Ken Lay’s puffed up promises to the 401(k) investors) and also getting pink slips, Ralphie was getting his $20,000 a month. Not a bad deal. Yeah, he worked hard for his client.

    2. Ralphie touts his history of action within the Party (which is true), but he runs from the fact the he was also waging a campaign, against his own client and other Conservative Republican leaders. He’s the epitome of hypocrisy.

    3. Shucks I didn’t know. Well what pray tell does he know?

    A couple of years ago I ran for a local County Commissioner seat. At one of the candidate forums an individual running for another seat was promising the world to the audience (new roads no problem, and you don’t have to pay for em). The public thought they would be electing a savior. It was mere promises promises, promises because that’s what the people WANTED to hear.

    Fortunately, he wasn’t elected. Our candidate won by a little more than 2,000 votes. Principle won over politics, and our county is better for it.

    Ralph has a litany of promises he does not intend to keep nor a way to implement his rhetoric. But it sure as heck sounds good to gullible people.

    As far as Joel’s involvement in the commercial, you’ll have to ask him. I didn’t realize he was running for Lt. Gov.. I can say he’s smart, sharp and quite capable. I would recommend his services to anyone seeking a high profile office.

  26. Jack S says:

    I”m still waiting for Karla to come on and tell us how the congressional delegation and the president are going to come on board now becuase no one cares about forced abortions and children working sweatshops.

  27. debbie0040 says:

    Casey has a record and he has been straightforward and truthful? That is really humerous.

    Cagle lied on his financial disclosure form about the contribtutions, Cagle lied about why he gave Taylor that donation, Cagle told several differing stories on why he missed the vote on eminent domain, etc..

    Maurice, I had a cousin that worked for Enron. He was one of the first to be laid off and he received a one year paid salary severance package. He had just started working for Enron about three months before the scandal broke. Are you and Cagle trying to allege that everyone that worked or had dealings with Enron is dubious? No, you don’t allege that. You and Cagle just like to point out Reed received money from them and ignore the countless others that received money or worked for Enron. Hypocrites. Point out how Reed broke the law or did anything wrong in his work for Enron.

  28. Jimbo says:

    Cagle also had several different reasons for killing Tort Reform in 2002 by voting to send it to a committee that he knew would kill Tort Reform.

  29. Jack S says:

    I know you don’t believe me but the sky really is blue, deb. And the world is round, jimbo.

    Here comes the short bus, hurry or you’ll be late for school.

  30. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Nah Debbie, my problem is with Ralph. He has proven himself to be a political pimp. He cloaks his agenda with a perception of faith only to find that the core is something completely different.

    The casino issue, sure sounds good on the surface, but the core was dirty. Now you have this issue. Ralph spreading the Gospel, but when the facts surface it’s dirty.

    These issues have come to light from an ongoing senate investigation, this wasn’t info that was readily available, except through Ralph’s spin machine. Casey has operated under the public light, and you have issue with a couple of senate votes over 12 years?

  31. jsm says:

    Okay… Let’s assume for a moment that Ralph is innocent. Why would he do so much work for so many causes that he had investigated so inadequately?

    How am I to believe that, based on his business decisions, he is qualified to have any part in doing the State’s business?

    Hearing people defend him is getting very tiresome.

  32. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice, I have an issue with Cagle being weak. It is not a few issues or votes. He caved in constantly under Gov. Barnes. A true leader is not weak.

    There is a reason that left wing liberals and gays hate Reed so much. Reed is a strong leader and a threat to their left wing ideology. GOP voters will find out that gays are talking about crossing over and voting for Cagle to stop Reed. They don’t see Cagle as a threat. Gays DO see Reed as a threat.

    The left wing groups resorted to running ads against Reed. They see him as a threat not Casey.

  33. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Debbie, how has Ralph been strong? He caves when it comes to the $$$ issue every time. What venture has he conducted that hasn’t involved dubious, underhanded, suspect and ethically challenged decisions. That is weak.

    Ralph is awesome at rhetoric, it’s the reality that is slimy.

  34. The Busdriver says:

    “GOP voters will find out that gays are talking about crossing over and voting for Cagle to stop Reed.”

    It was only a matter of time until Debbie dropped this on us. My only suprise is that it took her so long.

  35. larry smith says:

    I am so thankful we have Debbie, our resident expert on the political plans of gays everywhere.

    Too bad she isn’t paying as much attention to consultants who shill for sweatshops that abuse their workers and murder innocent babies.

    Truly a fine example of someone who has their moral compass solidly in line with the candidate they support.

  36. bowersville says:

    And the award for most perplexing statement of today…goes to…(drum roll here)….you guessed it! Debbie. “He (Reed) trusted what Abramoff told him.” So we can surmise, Reed will believe any snake oil, con-man lobbyist that brings the money without any questions from Reed. He will simply believe them? That’s reasuring.

  37. Jack S says:

    the day Ralph gets elected is the day I propose to the state to give me a $35 million dollar personal payment for being a good citizen.

    If Ralph is really that naive and stupid I’m gonna be really rich after this election. I’m voting for Ralph now!!!!

  38. GAWire says:

    >>”””Maybe that is why national party figures (IE: Gov. Barbour, Rudy, Katherine Harris, Sen. Kay Bailey-Hutchison, Bush and Cheney”””

    Just curious, where in Georgia do these people live? Where in Georgia do they vote? What part of Georgia do they represent? What exactly do Georgia voters care about these people?

    That’s your defense!?! Well, that and “I didn’t know”?

    Then, you try to put the blame on Casey Cagle!?!

    That’s not even a good ATTEMPT at spin. That’s just simply silly, and borderline humorous. That’s one you should just leave alone – don’t even let the debate continue – don’t give your opponents ammo.

    When your candidate’s unethical actions are being covered in INDIA, that’s when you know you aren’t going to be able to debate this one. Just let it go …

  39. McCain-Rice \\\'08 says:


    some things will never change no matter what, but at least we can project from the rhetoric on this site that the only ones standing by Reed are the ones that will stand by him no matter what…Debbie, I have to admire your loyalty..Relph Reed is fortuneate to have supporters like you, however I make it a point to step back and evaluate both candidates, but if you have the loyalty and the stuborness to vote for a man that has been corrupt since his college days, and is the master of dirty campaigns then that’s your perogative. I however choose the sincere, honest, personable, hard working and trustworthy candidate…and If you havent heard of him, his name is CASEY CAGLE.

  40. McCain-Rice \\\'08 says:

    Debbie, if you say a true leader is not weak then why are you supporting a candidate that always gave in to the special interest groups that were insulating his pockets with money. Why would he upon their requests donate tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats running for Congress against anti-gambleing Incumbent Republicans like J.C. WATTS….how is this a sign of strength?…to me it is a sign of weakness and the fact that he is more loyal to the special interest he represented than to the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

    But just watch folks, she wont responed to this one, AGAIN!

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