Southern Voice Documents Handel’s Hypocricy

From SoVo’s Blog.  Either she was lying then (as to her support for gay rights) or she is lying now.   

Perhaps Handel needs to do a bit more reading of Southern Voice to remember her own positions.

If she doesn’t care what the paper writes or says, why did she participate in a candidate forum hosted by Southern Voice and Georgia Equality, the state’s largest gay political group, when she was running for Fulton County Commission chair?

Why did she do an interview with Southern Voice back in February 2003 when she announced her candidacy for the Fulton post that she now holds, including acknowledging her gay supporters and pledging “an open door and a seat at the table” even when she disagrees on issues? 

Why did her campaign, like those of her three opponents in the Fulton Commission race, submit a statement from an openly gay supporter to be published in our issue immediately before the vote, explaining why gay voters should back her?

Why did she repeat her pledge to be “fair and open” in an interview with Southern Voice immediately after her election? 


  1. John Konop says:


    Bill Stephens is fine guy and my neighbor and I also respect Karen Handel.Ken Melhman was Chairman of the RNC (openly gay) backs all the Republicans. So if I follow your logic any Republican who had any dealings with Ken is a hypocrite. I am socially conservative , but this is a cheap shot.

  2. bowersville says:

    Blah! Blah! Blah! Much ado about nothing. Enjoy the holiday and remember who the Memorial is for.

  3. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I agree with bowserville. One thing I did notice was that others were saying this and that about Karen. In the article there were a couple of quotes, which I doubt anyone can argue with.

    Cheap shot, definitely.

  4. The Busdriver says:

    That first post was absolutely bizarre.

    Ken Mehlman has always denied reports (and by “reports”, I mean lefty gay blogs that have no credibility whatsoever) that he’s gay, so why don’t we refrain from outing people on PP, mkay?

    I agree with Bowersville. Let’s honor the fallen.

  5. BB says:

    “Ken Melhman was Chairman of the RNC (openly gay) backs all the Republicans.”

    First of all, Mehlman IS Chairman of the RNC (not that it matters to someone who considers party affiliation not even in the top 10 criteria in deciding to run for office).

    Second, hell of an accusation w/o supportive evidence. But that is par for a bullshit propagandist like you John. Do you ever fact check before putting out the incessant lies eminating from your dead in the water campaign?

    From NY Daily News — “Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman had a reason to shmooze at the jam-packed Bloomberg after-party for the White House Correspondents dinner on Saturday. Asked about 2004 stories suggesting he might be gay, Mehlman told us: “I’m not gay. But those stories did a number on my dating life for six months.” …”

  6. John Konop says:

    I am sorry if I offended Ken Melman. But you could also make the same point about the Vice President’s daughter. This is cheap politics.

  7. Tammi Metzler says:

    Doesn’t seem like a cheap shot to me. She was once cooperative with the paper when she was running in Fulton County, now she all of the sudden thinks the paper is terrible when she is trying to appeal to conservatives. Not a cheap shot, but simply pointing out how she doesn’t stick to her positions.

    Just like she said she’d have to decide whether or not she would back the constitutional amendment in 2004, and this year all of the sudden she is outraged by it being overturned.

    To be honest, the reason this is happening is because Handel brought it on herself.

  8. The Busdriver says:

    I missed something. Why is it a “cheap shot” to point out that Handel’s position has changed dramatically ? Is it because of the issue?

    Being evasive gets you nowhere. Just ask Ralph. Admit you’ve changed your position and move on. No big deal.

  9. midtowndem says:

    Karen Handel is playing the same game as Cathy Cox, both are flip floppers who will say anything to get elected so how can you trust either on anything else?

    I guess they took that from John Kerry’s 2004 campaign play book. Let’s send Handel and Cox home, Georgia does not need politicians like these two.

  10. TheAngryBeaver says:

    Mid Town Dem,

    At least you’re not subtle about it. Your candidate (and perhaps your brother?), Shyam Reddy, faces an extremely difficult primary, and then a costly primary run-off. You need an opponent in November who can be beaten with the easy stuff.

    The easy stuff you ask? Ethics issues here, fidelity problems there, the inability to raise money and an ineffective State Senator to boot. Basically YOU NEED BILL STEPHENS TO WIN THIS PRIMARY.

    As with any other sane Democrat, you don’t want to face the toughest opponent in November, and thus choose to slander and misrepresent Karen Handel because it is your only option.

    Unfortunately for Shyam, he will be the easiest of the Democrats to beat in November when the truth about his “qualifications” surfaces leading up to the General. In that vein, Go Shyam Go!!!

    I’m learning from you…

  11. Maurice Atkinson says:

    While I haven’t researched the issue regarding Handel, what is on the blog references comments, about her from others. Her comments after her election to reporters were: “The gay community has known that Karen Handel has always been a fair and open individual, and that I would do my best to be fair on all of the issues,” Handel said. “But I genuinely believe right now — regardless of one’s sexual orientation — the biggest issue facing us is property taxes and this budget, and that knows no boundaries.”

    While I do not support, advocate, promote or approve of this particular lifestyle, they are taxpayers and residents. They have as much right to petition their government for whatever purpose as any citizen would.

    The question should then be asked “did she use County resources or her position to promote that lifestyle?” I think the answer is clear, absolutely not.

    What Handel did do as Commission Chairman was audit the various departments to determine whether there were any improprieties. She corrected serious problems in the assessor’s office and pushed for the removal of a corrupt Sheriff. She is has used her position to make government accountable and effective. I think as Republicans that is what we laud. She effectively delivered on her promises.

  12. Charlie says:

    From what I can see, Handel responded to press calls. She has a widely known reputation for being incredibly open – sometimes way too much so – with the press. She is regularly quoted in the AJC – a paper that is routinely inaccurate, and a paper that Handel has in numerous speeches said was terrible. So responding to a press call does not equate to “cooperative.

  13. 4ofspades says:

    Well said. As you know I have quit wasting my time with Metzler’s BS. But then again I have come to expect the worst from Stephen’s and his staffer’s. As I’ve said before, if you don’t’ have a platform or vision you attack.

    The best thing that could happen for Sonny and the party is for Stephen’s to do the right thing and drop out.

    We need a life long conservative republican, that doesn’t carry the ethical baggage that Stephen’s carries on the ticket to ensure that Sonny gets reelected in November.

  14. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Bowersville, I agree with you 100%…this is a bunch of B.S. and we need to think about what Memorial Day is really about, I would hope all campaigns would halt their nagative attacks over the next 48hrs and just stand together to remember both the fallen heros and those currently fighting.

    Personally, Im getting sick of all of this Gay Marrige hoopla concerning the SOS race on the Republican side, where as I have been leaning towards Stephens…over the past 2 weeks he is just getting on my nerves about all of this. I think Karen has aply stated her position and really this dosnt matter in this race. I look forward to going to the debate between the 2 of them on the 5th, where I may even change my mind and back Handel…this stuff is just getting old.

    Also, why do you guys keep citing SOVO.they are not what Id consider a credible source of information.

    And Konop, Ken Melhman is not gay..another lie from you, at least this one isn’t about Tom Price, and Im sure Ms. Cheney would not appriciate being used as an example, John Edwards learned that one…she has clearly stated that she dosn’t consider herself a Republican or a Democrat.

  15. BB says:

    MC/08 – Konop doesn’t care…lies, deceit, unwarranted personal attacks, he will never let facts dissuade him from slandering others. Good news is there are only 52 days until he goes away. Then he can go back to driving the BMW (how’s the soccer mom van Konop) as just another hypocrite loser.

  16. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    wow..he drives a BMW..he dosnt seem like he’s any where near stylin enough to be a BMW driver.

  17. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Steve/Spades, go campaign for your wife. Thanks for the comment in forsyth thursday, I was wondering who spades was.

  18. Bill Simon says:


    When it comes to “attacks” from you against Konop, that never seems “warrantless” but when poor, wittle YOU is attacked by a big ‘ole meany like me, it’s unfair!

    Wahh me a river, you little sh*thead. Honestly, you belong in the Democratic Party where you can join a cadre of whiners like Vincent Fort.

  19. debbie0040 says:

    I will repeat my question I have asked previously. What does social issues have anything to do with the Secretary of State?

    I am VERY strongly against gay marriage and gay rights, but I very strongly support Karen and that will not change.

    Karen is very bright and will do a great job as Secretary of State. She actually has a grasp on what it will take to do the job.

    Karen was campaigning for Chairman of Fulton County Commission at the time.

    The only promise she made to the gay community is that she would have an open door and they would have a seat at the table. That is reasonable considering the fact gays make up a big section of Fulton county. That statement is also typical political bs and deos not promise anything now doe sit. It promised she would listen to them but not enact t h eir agenda.

  20. Mojo says:

    Ooh, busted! Sorry spades, but trolls do tend to come to a rather sticky end.

    I hope Handel isn’t changing her position for political gain, though I understand the reasons for doing so, nothing bothers me more from a politician than one who doesn’t have the cajones to stick up for their convictions.


    Actually, when you look at changing one’s mind on the issues, Bush was more of a flip flopper than Kerry. The only reason that Kerry has the stigma is b/c BushCo had a much better marketing campaign.

  21. Bill Simon says:

    Speaking of Bushie, anyone find it rather faulty of him to take 3 YEARS to come to the realization that taunting terrorists to “Bring it on!” and kill more of our guys the least bit of “too damn little-too damn late?”

  22. BB says:

    Bill, Do you find it OK for your candidate to post this BS, “Ken Melhman was Chairman of the RNC (openly gay) backs all the Republicans.”? Personally, I find it repulsive just like all the crap about Karen. Konop is no better than those who falsely accuse her which makes me wonder why you associate yourself with his campaign.

  23. Bill Simon says:

    The difference is, Bart, that John Konop doesn’t have the experience in politics to know what he should and what he should not do…I’m associated with the campaign because I’m trying to “learn him” in the ways of proper behavior when blogging.

    You wouldn’t be able to debate Konop on ISSUES, Bart, in a public setting. He would demolish you on your statements of “oh, it’s a conservative concept to allow illegals to remain here..blah,blah, blah..”

    Blogging is not the public…I cannot stress that enough. What people say on here is irrelevant to what the public thinks about when they go vote.

    But, as an aside, Ken Mehlman IS gay.

  24. BB says:

    Time for another Konop disclaimer disassociating him from your comments Bill, especially the one about a debate. If Konop thinks it worthwhile to host a debate with me, bring it on (unlike President Bush, I will not back away from my “bring it on” statement). I accepted his offer months ago, still waiting for a date / time.

    Since he is lacking in political savvy, I now understand why he is having difficulty understanding that lies do not make for a sound campaign platform. But I promise to do my part to shine the light of truth on his mostly bogus propaganda.

  25. atlantaman says:

    I don’t know if Karen was for the gays before or not, frankly I don’t care. People are allowed to change their minds, isn’t that how we grow.

    Before we start accusing folks of flip flopping we should make sure Stephens plans on supporting Hillary for President since he had such an affinity for her husband when Bill and Al ran for President.

    The problem is the SOS race needs to be about who can manage a major state department with hundreds of employees, ensure reliable elections, file business incorporations, etc… But the general public is bored with all that stuff so it digresses into gays and abortion – two things that have nothing to do with the office.

  26. JRM2016 says:

    I continue to patiently wait for Stephens supporters to point out to me where Karen has been supportive of a “gay agenda”.

    First, they were making the baseless allegation that Karen was gay.

    Now that the lie has been put to that, they are trying to say she is pro-“gay agenda”.

    The response is simple: Karen has not during her campaign for or tenure as Chairman of the Fulton County Commission supported a gay agenda. She has simply insisted on honest and transparent government and cut $35 million from the budget. Also, the issue of same sex marriage or same sex adoption or any other “gay agenda” item will not be handled by the SoS anyway.

    So why does this keep coming up? Because Stephens supporters cannot articulate a platform for their candidate (not really their fault as he has yet to come forward with a single item he would move on once elected). I do understand he has stated on at least one occasion that he “will tell the voters his plan once elected”.

    Even the lack of a platform would not require this sort of vitriolic attack, but for the fact that Stephens is being outmatched in every area of this campaign, from the issues, to the fundraising to the grassroots campaigning.

    This sort of desperate ploy will not work and only signals the beginning of the end for Stephens.

    By the way, I will say even Mr. Reddy has a campaign platform for the office of SoS, so maybe by July 18 Stephens can tell us one policy he would adopt if elected.

    Handel ’06

  27. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    wow…that’s priceless..Bill Simon is John Konop’s Campaign Consultant, and we’ve wonderd why he seemed so weird.

    And Bill, I have heard John Konop speak at a saturday breakfast, he could not “cream” any one in a debate…Im sorry but the man is simply a joke, you are the only one that takes him seriously.

  28. debbie0040 says:

    For Stephens to accuse Karen of flip flopping is rather humerous. Didn’t Bill support the policies of the Clinton Administration? He at the very least supported Clinton.

    When it became politically expedient for him, he changed courses.

  29. Bill Simon says:


    Look, if you want to play the Pot, you should just change your blog name to that. I doubt YOU have much in-person presence, based on what I read from you and your half-assed logic on just about any subject. What are you, 12?

  30. midtowndem says:

    You have to look at who Handel surrounds herself with, half of her former campaign staff were just a bunch of drunks hanging out at bars all over Atlanta.

  31. Brian from Ellijay says:

    ???????? Midtowndem????????? Would that be referring to me? Nick Ayers? Matt Carruthers? or Dania?

  32. 4ofspades says:

    MTD – Nick, Matt & Dana are all top shelf people. None of them are drunks, nor did they hang out at bars all over Atl.

  33. midtowndem says:

    It appears the only thing Handel has been sucessful at is flip flopping.

    From Creative Loafing:

    “I’m guessing that many people didn’t want to end up like Karen Handel, a capable person unable to accomplish anything,”

    Fulton is coming apart at the seams. Both ends of the county are clamoring to form their own cities. Its tax-assessment system is in shambles. And the board of commissioners has become the most dysfunctional elected body in metro Atlanta — in part because of its egalitarian structure. Aside from leading meetings, the Fulton chairperson has no more power than a district commissioner.

  34. midtowndem says:

    Maybe Handel cannot get anything accomplished in Fulton because of her lack of an education beyond high school.

  35. Bill Simon says:

    MTD, you apparently have a lot of education beyond high school, and yet, you still don’t know right from wrong (vis-a-vis, your dumbass comments regarding when the APD should and should not help maintain law and order). Nor do you exhibit much intellectual capacity beyond some 13 year-olds I know.

    You and McCain-Rice should really hook-up and swap brains.

  36. bowersville says:

    From creative loafing, let me be impresssed, another gay rag? Let me be impressed. Her lack of education? What’s that male pig you are endorsing got in the line of education?

  37. 4ofspades says:

    Let’s keep in mind that the Stephen’s team consider’s SOVO a credible source of information. Why would one be surprised about using Creative Loafing.

    MTD – It was actually through Handel’s leadership that the issues of the Tax Assessors were brought to light.

    What is truely impressive is that Handel achieved all that she has on the commission while she has been out numbered. You can go back and look at prior posts for that info.

  38. caroline says:

    Wahh me a river, you little sh*thead. Honestly, you belong in the Democratic Party where you can join a cadre of whiners like Vincent Fort.

    I think you got your parties confused. Considering the whiny mailer I just got from Cagle. It’s victim city. We’re all victims, don’t you know?

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