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Tom Price has an op-ed in the AJC. However, the editors cut it down some. The full piece from the congressman’s office is below the fold.

Our nation’s crisis of illegal immigration is a problem that has not occurred overnight. Through both Republican and Democrat administrations, there has been a national policy of benign neglect of our borders for more than 20 years.

In 1986, Washington’s ‘solution’ to a challenge of 3 million illegal aliens living in the U. S. was to grant worker status, with amnesty, while assuring the American public the borders would be secured. An efficient and effective transformation of legal status occurred without any significant change in controlling our nation’s borders. Consequently, there exists an appropriate lack of trust between the American public and Washington on this matter.

It is precisely due to this lack of credibility that a sequential, step-wise course must be undertaken. The Senate’s attempt at “comprehensive


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Ooooh, Tommy-Boy got printed in the newspaper. Everyone who supports Tom should have a political orgasm. In fact, I’m pretty sure their’s are multiple every time they hear the Great Tom speak.


  2. John Konop says:

    Rep. Tom Price Outsources Immigration Law

    May 25, 2006

    America is no longer in charge of American immigration laws. Huge multinational corporations have built in a loophole by lobbying Rep. Tom Price and other members of Congress to pass the CAFTA trade agreement.

    Immigration Reform Doesn’t Begin and End at the Border

    Even if Americans can finally convince Congress to secure the borders and begin enforcing existing immigration laws, it can all be evaded. Multinational corporations can subvert our immigration laws to insure a steady and endless flow of cheap, wage-lowering immigrant labor—while small businesses have to play by the rules.

    Under Tom Price’s CAFTA, a foreign country that doesn’t like our immigration laws (or trade laws) can sue America in an “international tribunal

  3. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Wow…Im not suprised at all about the only 2 to comment on this one before me LOL. John Konop you can stop the lies, the only one buying them is Bill Simon. Congressman Price has been very consistant in his stance on immigration. The House and Senate are going to have a showdown on illeagal immigration, and Im proud I have a Congressman representing my district that will take an active roll in the on going debate, he will not cross his arms and turn his back..saying “I don’t like this bill”…he will represent us, and work dilligently to form a complex bill that will bring some hope in this fight.

    I support CAFTA, so you don’t have to use that B.S. article on me…and why even use articles, just speak your mind…but of course, you cant do that with out lieing about Congressman Price, can you?

  4. John Konop says:


    You and BB have no defense of my press release. Tom Price cannot defend my press release. I have sited the source with the press release.Are you saying Tom Price did not vote for CAFTA? Are you saying he did not vote on WTO/China? Are you saying he did vote for the pork driven K-Street lobbyist Energy Bill ? Are you saying he did not vote for the pork driven K-Street Highway Bill.Are you saying he did not support No Child Left Behind the big government pork driven failed education bill? Are you saying that the debt ceiling was not raised to 10 trillion by congress? That is around 90 thousand dollars of debt for every person in our country.

    This is from an article from one of the fathers of the conservative movement Richard A. Viguerie. You should read the article and find out what a real conservative stands for.Tom Price,BB and yourself have the right to back big government programs , but please do not tell us this is conservative.If you cannot defend Tom Price’s voting record to the 6th district , why not try explaining it to the father of the conservative movement.

    By Richard A. Viguerie

    For years, congressional Republicans have sold themselves to conservatives as the continuation of the Reagan revolution. We were told that they would take on the Washington special interests — that they would, in essence, tear down K Street and sow the earth with salt to make sure nothing ever grew there again.

    But over time, most of them turned into the sort of unprincipled power brokers they had ousted in 1994. They lost interest in furthering conservative ideas, and they turned their attention to getting their share of the pork. Conservatives did not spend decades going door to door, staffing phone banks and compiling lists of like-minded voters so Republican congressmen could have highways named after them and so there could be an affirmative-action program for Republican lobbyists.

    As long as Democrats controlled Congress or the White House, Republicans could tell conservatives they deserved support because of what they would do, someday. Now we know what they do when they have control. Their agenda comes from Big Business, not from grass-roots conservatives.

    But unhappy conservatives should be taken seriously. When conservatives are unhappy, bad things happen to the Republican Party.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    The only thing I witnessed Tom Price be truly consistent of for the first 14 months of service as a congressman was his consistent backing of Tom DeLay, and going so far as to vote against returning the House Rules to the state they had been prior to September 2004 when, if any of the leadership was indicted, they had to step down.

    The House (and “honest Denny Hastert” (NOT!) decided that they had done the wrong thing when they changed rules in September 2004 that had been in place since the Republican Revolution of the mid-1990s thta stated that anyone who was in leadership, and was indicted, had to step down.

    So, in June of 2005, the House voted to return the Rules back to where they were before September 2004…all except for Tom Price and 10 others, who wanted the Rules to remain in place to PROTECT his ass-buddy, Tom DeLay.

    Tom Price is a do-nothing, dishonest SOB congressman. And he deserves to serve no more time because the only people he represents are dishonest crooks like Tom DeLay.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Hey, Randy Evans! I implied above that Dennis Hastert is “dishonest.” In fact, I’ll go so far as to call him a dishonest SOB.

    Gonna send me a letter accusing me of libel? Can’t wait to get that letter from MLA…

  7. BB says:


    You wrote, “You and BB have no defense of my press release.” You are correct for once, there is no defense for ANY of your press releases.

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