Franklin signs immigration resolution

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin has jumped into the immigration debate.

Mayor Shirley Franklin has signed a resolution saying Atlanta police should not be required to enforce immigration laws — or even detain illegal immigrants charged with criminal acts — unless the city receives “sufficient reimbursement” for doing so.

The Atlanta City Council unanimously approved the legislation on May 1, with author Felicia Moore saying she was concerned about the constitutionality of Atlanta police turning illegals over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.


  1. No surprises here…right on line with every other liberal law maker in the country. She would rather ignore the issue than face it. VOTE AGAINST ALL INCUMBENTS ’06 and ’08!

  2. Fiddes says:

    “Council member Felicia Moore […] said she is worried that if police officers do so, illegals living in the city will avoid seeking their help for fear of being jailed.”

    Huh! Well, maybe they will get the not-so-subtle hint and return to their homeland! Then, they can follow the LAW in order to LEGALLY return to the United States and then have no worries with regard to this issue.

    Maybe, using Ms. Moore’s logic, the City of Atlanta should stop ALL criminal investigations and arrests! If a man is hiding from law enforcement because he committed a crime the week before and then suffers a heart attack, he (using “Moore Logic”) might not call for an ambulance to help him since he would then be locked up! That wouldn’t be fair to the criminal! He’s be left to die in his home because he’d be filled with worry about the consequences of calling EMS.

    Oh, wait. That’s right…that’s an idiotic position to take. Too bad I realized it and Moore still doesn’t.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    When it comes to law and order, the City of Atlanta’s council and mayor demonstrate to me that they are there to do as LITTLE as possible when it comes to keeping the peace.

    These jackasses ought to just promote themselves as a group of greedy sh*theads who only want to stuff their pockets with whatever largesse they can get away with, the socialist Mayor Franklin INCLUDED.

  4. No surprises here…Shirley Franklin is just falling in line with every other liberal elected official who would rather ignore our immigration crisis in order to pander the latino vote.

    Fiddes, I like your way of thinking.

  5. jacewalden says:

    I can’t believe this shit. Prevent law enforcement officers from enforcing the law??? That is the stupidest bullshit I have EVER heard (and I had to sit through Bush’s “strategy” speech for immigration reform).

    And on a side note, thanks for bringing up that quote on Felicia Moore. I don’t even think you could consider her statement a “train of thought”…that would imply she was actually thinking.

    Since the whole council voted to approve this bill…the whole council should have to find new jobs soon.

  6. John Konop says:

    If you do not like Shirley on immigration read about congress.

    Rep. Tom Price Outsources Immigration Law

    May 25, 2006

    America is no longer in charge of American immigration laws. Huge multinational corporations have built in a loophole by lobbying Rep. Tom Price and other members of Congress to pass the CAFTA trade agreement.

    Immigration Reform Doesn’t Begin and End at the Border

    Even if Americans can finally convince Congress to secure the borders and begin enforcing existing immigration laws, it can all be evaded. Multinational corporations can subvert our immigration laws to insure a steady and endless flow of cheap, wage-lowering immigrant labor—while small businesses have to play by the rules.

    Under Tom Price’s CAFTA, a foreign country that doesn’t like our immigration laws (or trade laws) can sue America in an “international tribunal

  7. Decaturguy says:

    Who, other than me, is a little sick of John Konop?

    The point of the Atlanta resolution is that the City of Atlanta should not be financially responsible for enforcing federal civil law. They don’t for any other reasons, why should they for immigration law?

  8. atlantaman says:

    This pandering by Shirley is so short sighted. Sure there may be an increased enforcement expense, but I guarantee it would be offset by the tremendous expenses we have on our healthcare system and schools.

  9. Fiddes says:

    Decaturguy, I understand your concerns about unfunded Federal mandates. But this whole deal is, in part, the result of State and NOT Federal, legislation:

    “The legislation, which Franklin signed May 8, followed Gov. Sonny Perdue’s April signing of a controversial state immigration bill. Among other things, that bill requires cities to report illegal immigrants jailed on felony or DUI charges to ICE beginning in July 2007.”

    What Mayor Franklin and Moore are saying is that she isn’t going to enforce STATE law.

    While we’re at it, let’s not enforce DUI laws, either. Who is the Georgia Legislature to tell the Mayor that a breath alcohol concentration of a driver above 0.08 is (gasp) illegal? That’s an unfunded mandate, too!

    ATLOpen: “Every day is a consequence free day!”

    (Decaturguy…not picking on you and your comment. I’m just getting more steamed with Franklin the more I think about it.)

  10. John Konop says:


    You do not think the city of Atlanta or state of Georgia not having the rights to enforce immigration laws against multi-national companies is a problem? I hope you realize that this takes away you even having the current debate. I do not agree with your support of Mayor Franklin on this issue, but I do think this issue should be solved in Georgia, not Central America,China,……


    Great post !

  11. jacewalden says:

    John Konop,

    I wasn’t aware that this site had turned into your official campaign blog.

    I’m with you on Price, but the bottom line is, there are very few elected officials who actually give two shits about the immigration crisis. It would have been just as easy to copy and paste someone else’s name where “Tom Price” is and no one would have noticed…that’s what’s sad.

    Shirley Franklin: Turd
    63 Senators Who Voted for the Senate Bill on Immigration: Turds

    Let’s hope the House will wake up!

  12. jacewalden says:

    A couple more questions for John Konop, since he seems to be well-informed on the immigration issue:

    (1)Why is Bill Frist, the MAJORITY Leader, allowing Harry Reid and the Democratic Party to bend him over his Senate Podium and stick amnesty up his a**?

    (2)Why are people who are against a guest-worker program automatically labled as “conservative” or “right-wing” or “racist”?

    (3)After the Senate and the House work out the differences, do you think the final so-called “comprehensive” plan will include:
    (a) Guest Worker Program?
    (b) English as a National Language?
    (c) REAL border security?

    (4)Why won’t the State Attorneys General get off their dead asses and start enforcing our CURRENT immigration laws?

    Thank you, sir.

  13. John Konop says:


    The reason why both parties are creating so many loopholes is they have sold out to multi-national corporations.Adam Smith the father of free enterprise warned monopolies destroy the system.The back door to this immigration reform is hidden in the trade deals.As far as solutions, we need to make candidates on both sides pay the price in the next election. The only reason I have a viable shot is the internet. Do not get me wrong it is still David vs.Goliath. This is Part of a Charlie Norwood press release.

    Norwood says it is time middle-class Americans started fighting at the polls to take back their country from the global elitists who have thus far successfully pitted the working classes of WTO member nations against each other. “Take a careful look at who votes for and against this repeal, and keep that in mind in November 2006. If we don’t start electing House and Senate members who will enact trade policies for the benefit of the American people instead of the traders, we’re not going to have an economy left to trade with.”

  14. John Konop says:


    Can you defend his CAFTA Vote ? Can you defend his Energy bill vote ? Can you defend his WTO/China vote ? Can You defend his Highway bill vote ? Can you defend his support of No Child Left Behind ?

    I challenge anyone on the site to tell me how the above votes stand for less government,local control,personal responsibility and fiscal responsibility ?

  15. jacewalden says:

    John Konop,

    I’m happy to support your run for congress, but I still need you to answer the questions I posted. Please, no talking points if you don’t mind:

    (2)Why are people who are against a guest-worker program automatically labled as “conservative

  16. John Konop says:


    (2) I have learned in life when someone has no argument they go personal. Look at BB response to my questions,personal attack or facts? The truth is Caesar Chavez first pointed out immigration was a tool to drive wages down when he testified before congress in 1979. The first Minuteman project was run by him and his brother Manuel.MLK successor Robert Abernathy ,Walter Mondale all did demonstration with the Chavez brothers in 1969 to block the boarders from illegal immigrants. Are all of them racist?

    (3) I do not think both house and the Senate will work out anything. The truth is we have laws on the books now that if they were just funded and enforced them we do not need much more legislation.Did you know an employer today can be fined up to 10K per violation. Next we need to kill the loopholes in the trade deals to give us enforcement of our laws in our country. We also need to stop letting China steal 200 to 250 billion dollar a year in I.P. theft from our country.We also need to enforce the slave labor and environmental violations in the trade deals.

    (a) Guest workers with no mandatory pay healthcare,car insurance… will bankrupt our country.The idea of importing workers who cost more in services then pay taxes to support social security is crazy. This is like selling pizza slices at a loss and trying to make it up in volume.

    (b)I do think this would and should pass as a separate bill. The problem is the open boarder people are holding this up as trade bait for Amnesty. You need to demand a for English only as a separate bill. We also need a new anchor baby law as well.

    (c)Why do we need a bill tied to amnesty to secure our boarders ? If we started putting out heavy fines to Purdue Chicken,Tyson….. You would see a backwards migration.Security can be enhanced by technology via a visa type card for immigrants, they can do signature,biometrics….This is the industry I come from I will not bore you with the details,But Newt is right, this would not be a hard implementation.

    (4) The pressure they are receiving from the big money donors and lobbyist profiting from cheap labor.The argument it cost more to enforce holds no water.If people like yourself keep up the pressure you will force their hands.

    I would be happy to get into further details if you want.

  17. BB says:

    Konop, if “boarders”(sic) being secure is going to be your major issue, please at least learn to spell the word — border. Kind of like proclaiming to be endorsed by Jim Gilchrist, yet spelling his name Gilcrest.

  18. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Wow..Konop, only you would take a post like this and try to turn it in to another opportunity for you to lie about Congressman Price, how pathetic! It’s like you see the word “Immigration”..and get excited because then it wouldn’t look as weird that you attack Congressman Price, one things for sure, you’d never see a man of his caliber come on a political blog site and make up lies about his oponents.

    On to the topic at hand, I have enormous respect for Mayor Franklin, however this latest action I don’t agree with at all….I think we need to break the barriers that prevent local law enfforcement from communicating directly with INS and make it to where if they pick up an illeagal for commiting criminal acts, after a trial..they need to be deported…and this just shows a lack of cooperation with the state and fedearal government on the mayor’s behalf..and she need’s to be working to protect the streets of Atlanta from drug dealers, rather than advocating their release if they are here illeagally.

  19. John Konop says:


    You and BB have no defense of my press release. Tom Price cannot defend my press release. I have sited the source with the press release.Are you saying Tom Price did not vote for CAFTA? Are you saying he did not vote on WTO/China? Are you saying he did vote for the pork driven K-Street lobbyist Energy Bill ? Are you saying he did not vote for the pork driven K-Street Highway Bill.Are you saying he did not support No Child Left Behind the big government pork driven failed education bill? Are you saying that the debt ceiling was not raised to 10 trillion by congress? That is around 90 thousand dollars of debt for every person in our country.

    This is from an article from one of the fathers of the conservative movement Richard A. Viguerie. You should read the article and find out what a real conservative stands for.Tom Price,BB and yourself have the right to back big government programs , but please do not tell us this is conservative.If you cannot defend Tom Price’s voting record to the 6th district , why not try explaining it to the father of the conservative movement.

    By Richard A. Viguerie

    For years, congressional Republicans have sold themselves to conservatives as the continuation of the Reagan revolution. We were told that they would take on the Washington special interests — that they would, in essence, tear down K Street and sow the earth with salt to make sure nothing ever grew there again.

    But over time, most of them turned into the sort of unprincipled power brokers they had ousted in 1994. They lost interest in furthering conservative ideas, and they turned their attention to getting their share of the pork. Conservatives did not spend decades going door to door, staffing phone banks and compiling lists of like-minded voters so Republican congressmen could have highways named after them and so there could be an affirmative-action program for Republican lobbyists.

    As long as Democrats controlled Congress or the White House, Republicans could tell conservatives they deserved support because of what they would do, someday. Now we know what they do when they have control. Their agenda comes from Big Business, not from grass-roots conservatives.

    But unhappy conservatives should be taken seriously. When conservatives are unhappy, bad things happen to the Republican Party.

  20. Bill Simon says:


    Now looky here, Mac…I am the only one on this blog who should be using bad words with any frequency, damn it! This is MY reputation, and for you to start blatantly spelling out “shit” with the frequency you did in your first post on this thread, well, that just ain’t gonna stand!

    And, by the way, for someone who uses “shit” with such frequency and impact, I have to scratch my head and wonder why when it comes to describing what Harry Reid is doing to Bill Frist, you decide that the word “ass” should be astericked-out???

    If you need lessons, Jace, in the proper use and application of certain profane words, let me know, as I do offer private lessons so that I can impart my vast knowledge and experience on those folks who are just breaking-out into the world of politics (and life) and may need some guidance. 🙂

  21. Bill Simon says:


    ESPECIALLY were Felicia and Shirley, et al. to learn that the Hispanics DO NOT like the concept of “gay rights” in any form as most, if not darned near all, of them are strict Catholics.

  22. BB says:

    Blah, blah, blah Konop; only 52 days til the end of your ’15 minutes’ of ego stroking notoriety.

  23. jacewalden says:


    I would appreciate all the help I can get on the use of profanity. But, I hope you give those lessons for free, I’m pretty much poor.

  24. midtowndem says:

    Bush is to blame for the immigration problem and apparenty does not want to secure the border. Why should State and local governments have to pay for Bush’s failuers?

    Rep. Charles Norwood, the Republican of Georgia, recommended an initial deployment of 36,000. He based that on a study of the Minuteman Project published last year by the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, which concluded that 6 men per mile along the length of the border (36,000 over three daily shifts) could indeed stop illegal crossings.

    Bush did not explain how he decided that one-sixth of that number could do the job, but he did insist that National Guardsmen “will not be involved in direct law enforcement activities.

  25. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Id like to once again remind you Konop that this post was about Mayor Franklin, have you on any post, concerning any issue wrote a single comment with out metioning “immigration” “Tom Price” or “Comunist China”…no, and thats pretty sad. Unlike you, I do not have the time to memorize my congressman’s voting record,however, every once in a while an issue will be voted on in Congress that is important to me enough that I’ll check the voting arrchives and Congressman Price has always voted the way I would have on the issues I’ve seen the records on…and absolutley nothing you have posted on this site has made me think twice about my Congressman and his conservative convictions…the man is doing an excellent job, and you are a lunatic..ohh, I do have 1 question for you, How much of the $4,000 dollars in your campaign funds have been donated by someone other than you or a family member? Just curious.

  26. Melb says:

    There is no need to detain immigrants when they are caught crossing the border because they do not have to be detained, they are simply asked if they are a political refugee/asylum seeker and then if not they are taken back across the border. So there is no need to arrest and detain.

    Bush’s policy for 6,000 is for targeted areas, not the entire border.

    By the way, cities all over the country, especially ones with large hispanic populations, have been passing laws such as the one Franklin has. Also something I meant to post like weeks ago, is that the lower numbers at Latino day labor centers has less to do with SB 529, which hasn’t even taken affect yet, but to do with the fact that ICE’s budget has doubled, not that it is a lot of money, but it will double enforcement, so there have been more raids and the word is out in Latino communities and they have been staying home.

    I don’t think those who are against a guest-worker program are racist, it just shows they don’t know a lot about the issue because it ignores America’s population versus labor needs. But I wouldn’t label them “conservatives” at all, many religious/conservative groups stand with the immigrants.

    For the other questions, I think that a comprehensive plan, if passed, will include a guest worker program (that more than a citizenship program), will include English as a National Language (if it can be put in through Congressional rules legitimately), and for the border I think you will see more national guard and a fence along targeted portions. In the conference committee are planning on taking out any part that would make undoc’s and those who help them felons — that is a gurantee. The real battle is not going to be over guest worker either, the battle is going to be over how many undoc’s are going to be allowed to partake in the citizenship program.

    “(4)Why won’t the State Attorneys General get off their dead asses and start enforcing our CURRENT immigration laws?” I don’t think that it is their job. They can enforce state laws, but INS/ICE/USCIS entail much more than AG’s and there is also a huge issue about privacy and access to information.

    Also I went to a CLINIC conference in Miami this past week and I learned quite a bit about the program that they use to verify workers. Basically they are a very small operation and may not even be able to handle the fact that Georgia law is going to require businesses to check SS#’s let alone every business in the United States. The program will have to be majorly expanded and funded to handle the increase in demand and if not then it will cause a major, major backlog and will be worthless anyway.

  27. jacewalden says:


    Here’s the thing: Comprehensive reform does not have to include a guest worker program, nor should it include a guest worker program. There is no historical example of anything close to a guest worker program EVER having worked.

    EXAMPLE: Of the 11 million illegal aliens in this country now, 4 million of them originally came here legally–on a “temporary” worker visa…We can’t control our “temporary” visas now; what makes anyone think that we’ll be able to control a “temporary” guest worker program when 4 times the amount of “temporary” workers start to cross the border? The point is, most DON’T leave when their time is up. A “temporary” guest worker program is nothing more than empty political rhetoric used to pander latino votes.

    As a guardsman, I think the Presiden’t proposed use of the guard is also a complete sham. Guardsmen won’t be used to enforce anything. All we’ll be doing is building roads and fences and putting up sandbags…hell, you can get a bunch of inmates to do that kind of stuff and not waste taxpayer money. The guard has better things to do.

    It is the AGs job to enforce ALL laws. Bottom line. Here’s an example: In the U.S. the Federal Age of Consent for Sexual Activity is 16. That’s a federal statute (just like our immigration law). Following your logic, it wouldn’t be the state AGs and DAs jobs to prosecute violations of that law. That’s just an example, I know you don’t really feel that way. The point is, the AGs and DAs cannot be selective about which laws they enforce and which ones they choose to ignore.

    The only way to solve this immigration crisis is to first completely secure our borders…this should have been taken care of right after 9/11. But it wasn’t…so It should be taken care of NOW before the immigration debate moves any further. Second, deportation of anyone who broke the immigration laws, with a few exceptions:
    (1) Immediate Familes of an illegal alien who joined the military
    Okay…so just one exception.
    And PLEASE, don’t ask me “How could you deport 11 million people?” Here’s your answer: ONE AT A TIME!!!

    We have to be firm. A guest worker program is nothing short of amnesty and is unacceptable. Enforcement of our laws (including deporation) is the ONLY acceptable route.

  28. Bill Simon says:


    Soooooo…based on YOUR logic, if the Atlanta Police come across proof of someone committing a federal crime like interstate drug trafficking, they should just ignore it and be on their way because they aren’t getting paid enough from the feds?

    People like you are not merely “socialists,” but morally AND intellectually corrupt motherf*ckers who would probably be better off working for Osama Bin Laden. You got no depth for living in a civilized world, much like Franklin and her fellow, crooked cronies on the Atlanta City Council.

  29. John Konop says:


    Richard A. Viguerie the father of the grassroots conservative movement is right about the big government Republican like you,BB and Tom Price are the problem with the party. You claim you support all of Tom Price’s votes and support of legislation. I have ask the question many times with no answers. I will ask you one more time if you can defend his votes on Energy and Highway Bill ? Can you defend his votes on CAFTA and WTO/CHINA ? Can you defend his support of No Child Left Behind ? Can you defend raising the national debt to 10 trillion dollars?

    As I told Jace, some people with no argument use the tactic of personal attack and change of topic.I am also curios ,why you are supportive of the Amnesty bill by McCain.

  30. Bill Simon says:


    The donkey in the picture doesn’t have his legs placed properly…no wonder the Demmies have such a difficult time being effective…..they only do things half-ASSED!!! (damn, I’m funny!)

  31. midtowndem says:

    Bill Simon you are not funny and are actually very boooring (yawn). Instead of using logic to argue your misguided beliefs and positions you revert to profanity. Do you scrape your knuckles when you walk across the floor? You come across as a Georgia backwater neanderthal.

  32. Bill Simon says:

    MidTown, thank you for proving that Dems have absolutely a ZERO sense of humor.

    I bet you’re one of those folks who cannot figure out why Air America isn’t catching on. Because Al Franken and Janeane Garalfolo (sp?) are NOT funny people.

  33. bowersville says:

    Well shucks, just when I was getting interested, there is no more “cussin’,” darn!

  34. bowersville says:

    I was just trying to make it light. We’ve had our differences on other topics, but I respect you for calling on less cursing.

  35. midtowndem says:

    Bill, I never listen to Air America or any other talk show, I am a moderate and prefer to get my news with out as much bias as possible.

    Not everyone can be grouped into your narrow view of the world.

  36. Bill Simon says:

    “Narrow view of the world?” Really, MidTown? YOU think I’m being narrow about Shirley Franklin’s viewpoint on whether or not the Atlanta PD should be participating in the enforcement of laws? You think I’m in the minority when it comes to believing that laws should be enforced, whether or not one is getting paid to enforce a particular law?

    Dude/Dudette, you are SUCH a corrupt damn fool.

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