1. gilligan says:

    Eric J. has extra reason to celebrate this weekend. Crotts was a thorn in his side and would have caused all kinds of problems for him in the Caucus. Congrats to Eric J. and John D. on a BIG VICTORY!

  2. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Well, it seems the years of lying, the deceit, the evasion, the massive ego, all caught up with Crotts today. Its tough to have sympathy with someone who brought all of this on himself by his actions. And it is extremely likely that this is not the first time he tried to live outside his district. He just never had an opponent who would make an issue of it. And this guy was Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee???

    The sum total is that his political career is over, period.
    The rule of law prevailed, the people were protected by an impartial and fair court and now Mike can go sell used cars or late night gadgets on tv where his lies dont matter.

  3. GetReal says:

    For the record, Senator Douglas never responded to my questions on May 12, when he was commenting in a thread. My questions were prompted by my recollection of his letter to Cythia McKinney about her representation of Rockdale County under the Westmoreland map.

    Did he vote for the map and put his Rockdale constiuents into McKinney’s district? Did he offer an amendment during the Senate debate to move Rockdale out of that district? Did he vote for a map that makes McKinney more secure from a Democratic primary challenge (which everyone knows is the only way she could lose)?

    I would imagine I won’t hear from him.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    Mike Crotts…no words can even begin to describe the euphoria I felt when I read the story in today’s AJC.

    Kudos to Judge Dawn Smith for being an “activist judge” and “actively” doing her job!

  5. Newtonian says:

    If anyone believe that Mike was living in a $300/mo basement apartment with no phone, while his $700K home in Henry County was only a “second home”…well I’ve got some beachfront property in Jasper Co…

    I’m sure the gay community is lighting up Cathy’s phone numbers requesting that she overrule this decision…right.

  6. jacewalden says:


    For the record, I’m sure Senator Douglas has better things to do than blog all day (unlike me)…I’m sorry you feel like you were ignored, but don’t think he did it intentionally. I worked for Douglas, he always responds to phone calls and e-mails, even negative ones. I’m sure he probably just looked over your question.

  7. Newtonian says:

    Crotts To Appeal Decision Related to Resident Status

    Newton Citizen quotes Crotts as saying that he has been disenfranchised both as a candidate and voter by judge’s decision and if Cox upholds decision he will appeal to Superior Court and above.

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