Committee Upgrades

The Senate Committee on Assignments has named Mitch Seabaugh as the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and named David Shafer as chairman of the Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee.

Good for them.


  1. Tommy_a2b says:

    That is great for both of them.

    Bye the way, did noone go to the fair tax rally? I was surprised no one set up a post on it. I know I saw Buzz there. Thought it was great and thought people would want to talk about it.

  2. Three Jack says:

    Somebody should setup a link. In the interim, go to for a full account of the very successful rally including pictures, video and links to media coverage.

    Boortz brought up a good point. He pointed out what would be happening if we actually had a Fair Tax in place with a movement started to replace it with the income tax as we know it. Would there be 7000 people rallying in support of an income tax to replace a consumption based system…very doubtful.

  3. shep1975 says:

    Congrats! They are both excellent Senators and I was sick last night and couldn’t make the Fair Tax rally (but Tommy knows that already).

  4. Stanley says:

    Wasting no time down there. First the Senate gets Floor Leaders back, and now this shuffle. Congraulations go out to both Senator Shafer and Senator Seabaugh. We should not need to worry about the Whip’s power growing. Still it might be nice to see Senator Shafer be able to go after more unfair practices by the telecommunications folks. Kudos to Senator Shafer for tackling privacy with calling records and personal information.

  5. Sandy Brothers says:

    Looks to me like there is some consolidation of power going on in the Senate before the primary.

    Mullis chairs transportation
    Pearson chairs economic development

    Now Shafer, Cagle’s best friend and supporter, gets regulated industries and Seabaugh gets Cagle’s committee, finance.

    Does this mean Williams, Johnson, and Taylor (the assignments committee) all assume Cagle is going to win? These are all big Cagle supporters. And it was always assumed that Johnson did not get along well with Cagle.

    I wonder what will happen to the senate leadership and committees if Reed wins? Will all of this get done all over again?

    I called my senator and he told me there was more shuffling around to come as everyone stakes a position ahead of the election.

    The senate should be a fun place to watch with any number of outcomes depending on the outcome of Reed/Cagle. My senator said Williams was all out for Cagle, but that Johnson was neutral. These appointments suggest otherwise. It looks like the Cagle supporters are being well taken care of.

  6. “Does this mean Williams, Johnson, and Taylor (the assignments committee) all assume Cagle is going to win? These are all big Cagle supporters.”

    I don’t think it does:

    Mitch Seabaugh was highly visible at the Reed/Guiliani Fundraiser last week…

  7. Silence says:

    Taylor doesn’t care, because his vote really is a technicality only – doesn’t count if he disagrees.

  8. lobbyga says:

    Well, all the lobbyists at the Capitol are trying to figure all this stuff out. Seabaugh is pretty sleazy and is probably trying to play both sides as long as he can.

    My friends in the regulated industries are going crazy over the Shafer appointment. They know it will cost them big $$$.

    But it does seem that Cagle has the upper hand. Many of us are still in disbelief that Cagle is even in this race, much less having an influence and a chance of winning.

    It is hard to believe that Johnson and Williams are rolling over for a guy they hated just a short time ago.

    Mullis on transportation is probably the one we are scratching our heads over the most. Talk about a good example of the Peter Principle. I guess those committee meetings will be like a frat party or something.

  9. gopdoc says:

    Silence, you’d be right except in one potenial scenario that I discussed with my senator.

    It’s readily apparent that Tommie Williams has sold out to Senators Shafer and Cagle. He originally said quietly he supported Reed.

    Shafer has made friends with some of the Dems in order to win their votes in a possible bid to unseat Johnson for President Pro Tem. Perhaps Johnson will not even seek re-election to Pro Tem. I believe that election comes after the elections in November or before the session starts in January.

    It would make sense for Shafer, using Senator Williams, to partner with Mark Taylor to override Johnson in choosing these committee chairmanships.

    Shafer’s driving the train at this point, or so it seems. If so, you can bet money that the Senate Democrats, or at least a few of them, are in on it.

  10. BernieT633 says:

    Rumor has it around the Capitol that Johnson wants to return as a regular Senator- the increased time needed to complete his duties isnt equal to his compensation

  11. SouthernConservative says:

    Bernie – I think if you polled all of the members they’d all express the same sentiment.

  12. Republican says:

    Shafer is one of the most capable members of the General Assembly and a very loyal Republican. Eric Johnson and Bill Stephens could not stand him at first because they are two very insecure “know-it-alls” who resented the hell out of Shafer and his ideas — especially when he was right. Plus, Shafer aligned himself inside the caucus with Cagle, who Stephens hates with a passion. But Shafer continued to pour money into the party even when Johnson and Stephens were trying to stick it to him. Tommie Williams is the real hero in this story because he is secure enough in himself to promote other strong people within the caucus.

  13. Senator Eric Johnson says:

    Y’all need to quit listening to “rumors” which are usually started by people with agendas.

    First, Taylor isn’t even consulted by the 2 Republican members of the COA. Do the math.

    Second, why wouldn’t y’all just assume that the Majority leader and I are putting together the strongest possible leadership team in the Senate combining seniority, ability and teamwork? Everything isn’t done for ulterior purposes you know. Even if you assume there are factions within our caucus, wouldn’t it make sense to merge them into a strong functioning governing majority?

    Third, when I made the decision to run again, it was with the purpose of staying as PPT and helping the Senate develope an agenda that will make conservatives proud. I was encouraged to stay by virtually every member of the Caucus and most Democrats. I fully expect to help Governor Perdue in his second term and help the first Republican Lt. Governor take the reins of the Senate.

    I believe that the Republicans in the Senate are more unified than ever before and will go into the fall campaign backing our nominees with a united effort. We will not lose any seats and have the possibility to pick up 1-3 if things break our way.

  14. Bob says:

    Eric, we all know you got Ralph into the race and then back stabbed him when the liberals in the news media turned up the heat. Casey cannot win and you should stop pandering to his supporters.

  15. landman says:

    Bob,Cagle will win and Johnson hasnt pandered to anyone,he has stayed neutral.

    Ralph said it was God who got him in this race anyway,he has never mentioned Johnson!!!!

  16. Bob says:

    Landman, Eric promised to come out for Ralph as soon as the session was over and Casey could no longer cause him trouble. Eric is a back stabber. But Eric’s back stabbing will not change the fact that Ralph will demolish Casey.

  17. Bill Simon says:

    Say, Bob, you sure got lots of guts to come on here and talk smack about Eric Johnson…who comes on here and blogs under his OWN name. You got any balls like that, BE*ATCH?

  18. jacewalden says:


    Senator Johnson is absolutely right. Even if there are factions, it makes complete sense to merge them into one voice. Bottom line. I think the GA Assembly Republicans are a little smarter than our Washington Republicans in that they don’t let their majority falter (unlike the Republican majority in the U.S. House and Senate). They have a plan, and they stick with it. Yeah, I may not always agree with what they do, but for the most part, they’re doing a really good job. The guys in Washington haven’t been able to accomplish ANYTHING in the last six years. In my opinion, Georgia’s definately leading the charge in making things happen (as far as State Legislatures go), and that is a credit to the current leadership.

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