Democratic SOS Candidates

We’ve had plenty of discussion here at PP about the Secretary of State race on the GOP side.  How about the Dems? 

Shyam Reddy has recently launched a new campaign site.  He seems to be well-qualified for the position, and he’s got plenty of cash.  Does he present the greatest threat to the winner of the Handel/Stephens matchup? 


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Pardon me for being direct here, but, no, Shyam Reddy has zero chance against either Karen Handel or Bill Stephens or even Bill Simon if I was a write-in candidate on the ballot.

    The name “Shyam Reddy” just sounds a bit too “foreign” for Georgia voters.

    Sorry to tell that to Shyam this late in the game, and I’m not trying to sound racist, but this is REALITY in this backass-wards state. End of debate.

  2. Dawgsrock says:

    As I looked through other threads, numerous people have pointed out that to win the Democratic primary (at least for Gov.) you have to do very well with the black vote. I have to agree with Mr. Simon that Shyam Reddy will have a difficult time getting a lot of the black vote.

    Let me state very clearly that I am NOT being racist in my comments. This race is going to be a run-off.

  3. SouthernConservative says:

    I have to agree with Bill on this one, though I will say his new website looks a WHOLE lot better than the old one…

  4. Jason Rizner says:

    Bobby Jindal managed to get elected in Louisiana. Granted, Bobby sounds more Southern that Shyam, but Jindal sounds just as “foreign” as Reddy.

  5. rugby_fan says:

    Hmm…having been one of the few people to have almost all of the Democratic SOS candidates and GOP candidates speak let me say that Shyam is the one that–seemingly–has the most passion for the job (probably because he is a lawyer. I won’t say which one is best).

    Moreover, he knows how to court the black dem primary voters…very well.

    I have some ambivalence if he faces an uphill battle in elections due to his ethnicity. I have heard from a couple of “white, rural males” who say they have no problem voting for him but then again, that is anecdotal evidence and this is Georgia. Can’t wait for polling to be done.

  6. JRM2016 says:

    Bobby Jindal is a Republican. Also, Bobby Jindal is representing a state that demographically is much different from Georgia. Also, polling won’t help because of the Colin Powell effect. Just have to wait to November 7. Also, I think people might have other reasons to cast their ballots elsewhere, like:

    The Republican candidate is more qualified;

    They don’t want to elect a 31 year old to the 3rd ranking Consitutional Office in the state;

    They don’t want to elect someone with zero managerial experience to head a large bureaucracy like the SoS office;

    They don’t want a lawyer;

  7. Dawgsrock says:

    Another way to look at it.

    Handel is running on combo of business and political experience

    Stephens is running on senate experience

    Reddy is running on his legal experience and number of degrees

    The SoS department has a couple of hundred people, and a budget of over $30MM

    How is Reddy qualified to run that office?

  8. rugby_fan says:

    Reddy is qualified because
    A) He has a platform
    B) his degrees give him knowledge into the complexities of the law (totally different from experience with the law mind you)
    C) I don’t like Stephens.

  9. rugby_fan says:

    I should say that that I do not feel that is enough for people to vote for him. Just saying, those are his “qualifications” as they may be.

  10. UGAMatthew says:

    explore handel then…
    …I lean towards stephens, but qualifying reddy simply b/c you don’t like stephens (you might have been being facetious…) is a little closed-minded.

  11. Well, I think that if you look at his campaign literature, Shyam Reddy is campaigning on his last name and not his first name.

    His last name is more “American” sounding than his first, and it also makes for good campaign puns.

    “Georgia is ready for Reddy.”

    “Are you ready to vote REDDY.”

    “Let’s get Reddy.”

    See what I mean.

  12. Dawgsrock says:

    I understand your point, but the ballot will say Shyam Reddy.

    Why leaning toward Stephens?

  13. elaine says:

    I think you might be forgetting that Angela Moore is a black woman in this race. If black folks vote for black people and over 50% of the Dem Primary is black….doesn’t that mean she wins? Oh and 2/3 of the black vote are women.

  14. Dawgsrock says:

    As I said earlier, this race will be a run-off. It could be Moore & Reddy, it could be Hicks and Reddy. It could be Moore and Hicks.

    Reddy should make a run-off, mainly because he has the most to spend to get his name out.

  15. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    If Gail Buckner dosn’t step it up Shyam Reddy will most likeley get the nomination…I have no problem voting for a person with such a name..However, from what Ive seen from him…he sounds like a moderate yet partisan Democrat, and I think he lacks the political experience I like to see in SOS Candidates. Plus, Stephens and Handel are fine candidates and either one would be a great SOS. So Reddy may get past July, but unless something BIG happens he is all but sure to loose in November.

  16. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    I have met Angela Moore, and she seems as if she is an amature candidate for State House, let alone for SOS…Id say not a chance in Hell…race dosn’t matter, If you cant get your message out and be cant win State wide office.

    Hicks has a very professional looking website, but once again…where is the political expierience?

  17. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Plus..If Im not mistaken, isn’t a former State Senate Pro-Tem running in the Democratic primary for SOS?..I can’t remember his name, but if he can net work well..that shows alot of expirenece..he could win the nomination..but not in November, this state is headed into Republican victories in November, reguardless of the national political climate.

  18. RiverRat says:

    I like Angela Moore’s publicity shots……. I can just see the photo shoot:

    Photographer: Okay, turn you head on more of a slant…

    Photographer: Now, make a fist. Slowly ease it up underneath your chin.

    Photographer: This is looking really good.

    Photographer: Now, just imagine you’re weightless, in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by tiny little seahorses.

    Photographer: That was one that I think is gonna come out really nice.

  19. Mojo says:


    You say that you cannot vote for Shyam Reddy b/c you see him as a partisan Democrat. I’m curious, is it the “partisan” part that bothers you, or the “Democrat?” If it is the partisan aspect that bothers you, then why vote for Handel or Stephens, are they not partisan Republicans, and if not, what kind of good Republican are they if they do not support their own party? If it is the Democrat aspect that bothers you, then you never truly considered to vote for him in the first place.


    Her pics do resemble glamour shots. I remember some members of my family joined that circus years ago. I’m still scarred from seeing my grandmother with a face like a clown wearing a purple feather boa.

  20. Skeptical says:

    I find it interesting that most people are leaving out who really does have the best chance of winning this election in November for the Democrats. Scott Holcomb. He’s an attorney (a securities attorney) as well and knows the complexities of this job. I’ve heard all the Dem candidates speak and he has the best ideas for what the job of SOS entails – not just elections.

    Also, you mention background. I may be crazy, but I stil think integrity counts for something. Integrity, service and sacrifice. 12 years in the military. 6 years Air National Guard, but more importantly – 6 years as a JAG with a tour in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq monitoring and setting up elections. I think he could handle our elections, but then again, they are more accurate in the counting in those countries than here. Halliburton hasn’t subbed out to Diebold yet.

    If he can steer clear of the rest of the Democratic Party, he stands a chance. Anyone else associated with that bunch of damn idiots is on their own.

  21. Skeptical says:

    Read it again. He isn’t associating with the State Party. Or in particular, those who control Spring Street, so no – he’s not a damn idiot.

  22. McCain-Rice\'08 says:


    I am a Republican, yet I have voted for Democrats in the past. I will admit that I probably would never consider voting for Reddy reguardless of party, because I find Stephens and Handel to be very good candidates.

    I noticed on his website that he touts that he is a Democrat many times, Im not calling him a liberal..because he has not clearly stated his views..but when you are running for state wide office and you use the word “Democrats” more than you do “Georgians” that makes me wonder where your priorities lie…it’s not a very smart thing to do because it alienates the Republicans that are open to swing voting. If he would have only stated on his website that he was a Democrat once it’d be different…If you notice, most Georgia Democrats won’t even indicate party unless its absolutley necessary to do so..because they realize this is a red state and it’s getting even more red.

    However, the main reason I think he will not win, and the main reason I wont even consider him is that fact that he has NO POLITICAL EXPIERIENCE. That does not qualify you in my book for Statewide office.

  23. one big D says:

    Please tell us all how many years Scott Holcomb has lived in our fair state of Georgia. Yes,it does matter. So are you and Scott Holcomb calling the Party Leaders at Spring Street all idiots?

    When you look at Scott Holcomb’s disclosure report, it seems that he is cozying up to an equally evil company like Diebold. He seems to have taken a lot of money from ChoicePoint. The same ChoicePoint that allowed millions of consumer records to be stolen and exposed to criminals. How does this bode for Scott Holcomb’s stance on identify theft when one of his major contributors allows their records to get comprised. At least Gail Buckner offers solutions to combat identify theft.

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