Funny Things in Macon

Already down in Macon the locals are gearing up for an open seat on the Macon Judicial Circuit’s Superior Court. The Macon Criminal Defense Association had the current five candidates over last week for a talk.

Humorously, Peach Pundit was told the local Assistant District Attorney who is running, Pam White-Colbert, did not show up, instead sending her friend Debra Gomez, who paid to rejoin the organization that day so she could participate. White-Colbert is local and was available. It’s unknown why she did not show up. Gomez, interestingly, had previously committed to another candidate in the race.

Rumor also has it that White-Colbert, having made her decision to run, did not tell most of her colleagues in the District Attorney’s office.

In District 137, Stebin Horne has gotten his signs up. He’s got two American flags on each of his signs, which are 18 x 24 yard signs and 4′ x 4′ big boards. Allen Peake has had his up for a while. In an informal meeting with several Atlanta area members of the House last week, Peach Pundit was told that these members thus far seem partial to Peake because he seems more “mature


  1. memberg says:

    Did Allen Peake ever star in a Cheddar’s TV commercial before running? I can’t wait to get over there and try some of their delicious appetizers!

  2. Jason Rizner says:

    I was down in Macon over the weekend and saw tons of Stebin Horne signs, and the American flags on top are definitely a nice touch – they set his signs apart from all the others.

    What’s the deal with Dale Washburn? I saw a couple of his signs scattered around, but I thought he would have more support built up from his previous campaigns. Is he waiting to roll out his signs, or is the support just not there?

  3. Erick says:

    Jason, the impression I get is that Dale does not have a lot of support outside the realtor community. Stebin is definitely the one to beat right now.

  4. Meg says:

    It is becoming quite apparent to those I have spoken with and we all sincerely agree that voting for Becky Burgess, House of Representatives, is the most positive and best move our community can make. Ms. Burgess has shown maturity and a job well done while working at the State level for the last 10 years.

    Allen Peake is a good man but has no experience in the House. His experience with running a business is outstanding and we need him to run for Mayor of Macon!

    Stebin Horne is obnoxious in his efforts to be “team captain” and have the lead cheerleader on his arm. Hey yea!!! Let’s rent a bus, buy lots of liquor and Taste of Macon tickets for all my “friends” and “soon to be friends”, get plastered and spend lots of money! There are a few questions I have for you Stebin:
    1. Did that ex-large bus full of mostly intoxicated people drive everyone home or did it drop everyone back at their cars to allow them drive themselves home?
    2. Does the term “Mr. Vacant” mean anything? Especially, when you base your election off the premise of being a “public servant as a council member”.
    3. Stebin’s mother is a school teacher, and a very respected one. Every mother should support their childs efforts even as an adult but passing out a Stebin campaign tee shirt to every little face in her class to take home is wrong to me. That is the use of a child for political gain. Did Mrs. Horne send a permission slip home to the parents to see if they minded? NO!

    Becky knows what she is doing!

  5. str8tfromtheheart says:

    I do not live in district 137, and I am not supporting any one candidate monetarialy or vocally. I am following the race because it seems to be an appealing election. The knowledge that I have accumulated at this point shows Becky Burgess struggling to even pick up 10 percent of the vote, and she did not help herself with the signs she picked out (they are 90 percent white and cannot be read with the naked eye). I hope she does well because the closer the race, the more exciting it becomes for me. In the end, I think Stebin and Peake runoff, and Washburn beats out Burgess for third. I am honestly basing my opinion on campaign tactics, and the opinions of those who are also closely following the election. Meg, have you ever followed a campaign before? If you have, then I am sure you know that the things that you mentioned are all legal tactics, and also extremely common. I didnt see anything wrong with it, but that is what makes this election so appealing….people are so passionate about who they are supporting. I love it.

  6. LINDA says:

    I agree with Meg, that is wrong to use the classroom for political gain! Just like I thought it was disgusting for Mark Taylor to visit Porter Ellis and talk to school chilren. If you have to use children to get the parent’s attention, then you have very little to offer to the voters. As far as Stebin being vacant from the City Council, Macon would probably be better off if the entire Council were vacant. Just keep the Mayor in Ghana, and let the private Citizens run the town. Ha!

  7. Meg says:

    I agree with you Linda! Keep the Mayor in Ghana until we can get him out of office and then let the fed’s deal with him! It upsets me dearly that Stebin ran originally to be an active member and public survant in City Council and never went to meetings unless they were unimportant or bad rap for a voting decission. This yells WEAK! to me. WEAK at the state level is not what we need!

  8. leftymacon says:

    Dale’s been surprising before. I think you’ll see a lot more of him in the coming weeks. From what I hear, he has a lot of quiet support around town.

  9. mercergirl says:

    I know I am late posting this comment, however…

    I happen to be lucky enough to know each of these candidates and I believe each of them to be very well qualified. We will be lucky no matter who wins! Although, I do like the suggested mentioned by someone about Allen Peake running for mayor if he were to not win this race. And I will say I have the following concerns regarding each candidate:

    Peake has no experience in the House, however, some may view this as a plus

    Horne was late putting up his signs and getting his campiagn up and rolling- but I do feel he is the most qualified. Oh- and Meg, his mother was MY first grade teacher. I will not vote for him based on that, however you really should stick to the issues rather than attack her. She is one of the finest ladies that I have had the pleasure of knowing and if she chooses to campaign for her son then that is her business. If someone votes for Horne based on that then the flaw is with that voter for casting their vote based on something besides the issues.

    Burgess got her campaign rolling rather late as well, and while she is very qualified I do not feel she has the “star” quality that both Horne and Peake have to offer. We need someone who can not only represent us, but can help to draw attention to our area.

    Washburn strikes me as unorganized. I have a close personal friend who worked for his last campaign and I happen to know that she was not paid by him until right before this election.

    Personally, I feel Peake and Horne to be the best candidates although I do hope that each candidate will continue to be active in local politics as we despiratly need their leadership and expierience.

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