Cox, Taylor trade attacks.

AJC: Democrats Cox, Taylor exchange blows

In the article, Capitol Impact says Taylor transferred most of the loan to his campaign but did not reveal in his campaign financial report that the money came from Albany Bank & Trust. Taylor, however, did report that he received a $1,000 campaign donation in December from Paul Joiner, who was identified as the chief credit officer for Albany Bank & Trust.

“Like most banks, assets and an individual’s credit history provide the basis for any loan qualification,” Taylor spokesman Rick Dent wrote in an e-mail response.

In a separate statement, Taylor’s campaign said: “It is clear we are pulling way ahead of Cathy Cox now, because here come the attacks. First, Cathy claims Mark is so rich that he is going to buy the election. Now Cathy says Mark is so poor he can’t get a bank loan. She can’t make up her mind.”

Also today, Taylor’s campaign took a shot at Cox’s latest television advertisement that started airing Sunday. In the ad, Cox is seated in a classroom, saying, “It’s a governor’s job to make sure every child leaves high school ready for college or tech school. By demanding better performance from our schools protecting HOPE scholarships, we will give our children the education they deserve.” A narrator says Cox “protected the HOPE scholarship as a legislator.”


  1. truerblue says:

    I think the story regarding Mark Taylor borrowing a million bucks for his campaign IS an issue. If contributions equal votes then please explain to me how many votes you get when you throw in a million of your own money? Color me confused!

  2. RiverRat says:

    WTF? The whole article never got posted, and this is not in the morning paper. For that matter, I can’t find the article linked on any of the AJC’s main pages (Front page, Metro, Election 06).

    Something smells down at the AJC – I think you GOP guys are over-reacting when you say the AJC has it out for you. They suck regardless of who they are covering.

    And um, blue – who said contributions equal votes? How many votes did Howard Dean get from all his small donors? I really don’t see how the loan is a big deal. Are the Cox folks alleging impropriety, or are they just complaining that Taylor was willing to put his own finances at risk to get a loan?

  3. Trackboy1 says:

    Ok, so Cathy Cox makes a statement about Georgia using 25% biofuel by 2025. It’s pure politics, but it’s an interesting idea.

    I hadn’t decided who I’m voting for yet between Taylor and Cox, but listen to this reply from the Taylor campaign in the AJC:

    The Taylor campaign did not address the fuel initiative but said in a statement that Cox “announces her new energy policy and then takes her campaign on the road in a gas-guzzling SUV with volunteers in a large gas-guzzling RV registered in Florida. You can’t trust anything she says or does.”

    The pettiness, childishness, utter incompetence, etc. of this statement is enough for me to cross off Taylor.

    Instead of acting like a five-year old, how about a response on the merit of biofuel and green energy? On closer inspection, Mark Taylor as an elected official and Mark Taylor as a campaigner consistently issues such snarky, petty statements, and ignores substance.

    Again on closer inspection, when the GA Democratic Party ruled the state for 130 years, one of their various major blunders (No. 1 is the state of mass transit in GA, and its failure is 100% on the shoulders of state Democrats)
    was allowing Georgia Power, the Southern Company and Atlanta Gas Light to have more political power than any group of utlilities in any other state in the U.S.

    Georgia Power, the Southern Company and Atlanta Gas Light
    have carte blanche to do whatever the #$%^ they want to do in this state, and GA Democrats enabled them to do so for decades, while taking their campaign contributions like a hungry pig at slop time.

    Georgia Power, the Southern Company and Atlanta Gas Light
    will fight biofuel and any form of green energy to the death. Hey guess what? A strong biofuel and green energy commitment in GA could mean tens of thousands of new jobs. Hmmm…think there’s enough sunlight in GA for us to take California’s lead on tax credits for rooftop solar panels?

    Bioful and green energy are serious subjects. Just don’t expect a serious answer from Mark Taylor and his petulant campaign staff. Be a leader one of these days, Markie.
    Stop going after individuals and bring a complex answer to a complex problem. It takes a leader to admit his mistakes…you just don’t bring much to the table.

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