Cagle’s first ad.

Via the Political Insider:

The ads for each party look like their primaries. Republican ads may be the most segregated 30-seconds in the South, while Democratic ads, like their primaries, reflect the growing importance of African-American voters.

First, take a look at the Cagle ad released today. We’ll follow ASAP with a link to Cox’s ad, also released today.

Overall not a bad introductory ad, however, the tag line “the conservative you can trust” reflects Cagel’s one and only message thusfar- “I’m not Ralph Reed.”  Nifty websites and flash movies attacking Reed may make the anti-Reedites happy but Cagle will need more than that to win.


  1. George Allen 08 says:

    I really like the Cagle ad. Very positive and very tasteful. I also liked the ‘you’ve got my word on it’ bit. That’ll do well with voters.

    I’ve said on here that the Cagle campaign’s best strategy would be to go positive and get Cagle’s name out there instead of bashing Reed’s down, and this ad is a good step in that direction.

    And now, as a Reed supporter, I feel inclined to make one crack about the ad. Did Cagle say he was raised by a single mother? I had no idea!

  2. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    I agree George Allen, I like that the Cagle campaign is taking a positive approach to the world of media campaigning..that is how the vast majority of Georgia voters fnd out about candidates is through commercials.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    The Cagle ad is great and I’m glad that Georgians are getting a chance to hear and see our best candidate for Lt. Governor, Casey Cagle.

    Casey is going to do such a good job helping in leading our state forward. His experience in the State Senate means Casey can start on day one getting things done for Georgia.

    We need someone who is willing to put public service over self service. We need Casey Cagle.

  4. schleyguy says:

    I don’t think Casey’s ad is very good. Why do all these candidates think direct to camera talking by the candidate is a good idea. It hardly ever works. Cox pulled her ad pretty quickly, I wonder if Cagle will do the same?

  5. SouthernConservative says:

    Nice, clean, three things I noticed:

    Marked absence of any minorities in the commercial.

    Cry-me-a-river reference to his single Mom.

    Little jab about being the conservative leader you can trust – the “only” in there can basically be heard if you listen close enough.

    Ok, Casey, we’re sorry that you were raised in a single parent home and that you didn’t get to play ball in college – NOW, why are you qualified for LG, and what do you stand for?

  6. landman says:

    Buzz,that was a pretty shallow critique of the ad,if you want to be taken serious at least attempt to be non-biased.The ad was a good intro and it is very appropiatte to have a tag line that addresses trust,as it is one of the biggest concerns in this cycle as it relates to the publics perception of all the scandals in play on a state and national level.

    SouthernConservative,tell me what you thought of the ad?be honest,you were surprised were you not?

  7. SouthernConservative says:

    I wasn’t surprised, to be honest, landman. C’mon, now, you’re being shallow, landman, if you want to be taken seriously, at least attempt to be non – biased, eh? 😉

  8. SouthernConservative says:

    I’m going to go to bat for Buzz – I’m hot headed, and so ya’ll are fully justified in attacking me. Brockway, on the other hand, despite his public support of Reed, has been nothing but mature, to the point, and fair in all of his posts on here. Lay off him. It makes you look bad. It would be like me attacking Erick or GaWire.

  9. jsm says:

    No matter what Cagle says, it’s taken as “I’m not Ralph.” Obviously, just saying who he is and where he is from distances him from Ralph.

    I think this ad is a good start–an introduction to the people of Georgia. I’ll bet the next one rolls out a list of accomplishments in the Senate.

  10. larry smith says:


    It is completely inaccurate to say not being Ralph (which is indeed a laudable thing) is Cagle’s “one and only message.”

    Did you miss his jobs plan? What about his education package? Or, how about the 300 elected officials around GA who have endorsed him?

    Maybe you didn’t catch the tax cuts he passed in the General Assembly. Or, perhaps you missed what he’s done to spur job growth in Georgia, crack down on DUI offenders and increase school funding.

    In point of fact, this ad has only one reference that could even vaguely be described as nodding in Ralph’s direction, and I think you’re even pretty weak on that claim.

    I agree with you that the media has fixated on Ralph, but if you think Casey is causing that, think again … the reason Ralph’s problems are front and center is that the man hides from them when he can and lies about them when he can’t.

    You’re usually a reasonable — if a bit naive — guy, but you’re way off on this one.

  11. landman says:

    SC-Im not attacking Buzz,just pointing out the fact that it was a good ad and its niave to think that anyone wouldnt draw a contrast with his opponent,especially one who has negatives as high as Ralph’s.

    Lets be real here,what candidate would want to be in Ralph’s position right now?and ask yourself what Ralph would do if the shoe was on the other foot?Then ask yourself what the dems have in store for Ralph….Its not personal with me,Ralph just isnt the guy that needs to be going to the General and I dont think he will.

    So support your guy but dont whine when a contrast is drawn.

  12. buzzbrockway says:


    I know those things about Cagle but I’m a political junkie. I get Cagle’s emails and pressers but overwhelmingly they’re about some new website he’s set up to attack Reed or how Reed lied about something. If Republican primary voters get the idea that Cagle’s all about bashing Reed and has nothing else to offer, Cagle will lose. I’m trying to help your guy, but he just won’t listen.

  13. larry smith says:


    The guy has a positive bio spot on the air and you’re trying to call it a backhanded slap at Ralph. You’re off on some other planet on this one.


    Good ad and the bio speaks to the idea that one can overcome obstacles to attain his goals with hardwork and sound ethics.You guys can beleive what you want but CC resonates with the voters by just being himself unlike RR who transforms into someone else when another outsider comes in to block for him.

  15. McCain-Rice\'08 says:


    Anytime a candidate for public office has came to such a level of opportunity despite being raised as a child by a single mother, or simply by a middle class family that lived pay check to pay check…it is to be commended.

    Although I disagreed with him alot, I could connect with John Edwards because we both had Mill Workers for fathers, we both were raised by a middle class family in which both parents had to work to make ends meat..we both had to pay for our own college education, it wasn’t easy…believe me! but for him to achieve a great level of success without being born in to wealth is to be respected..and like it or not, it’s the American Dream…the same goes for President Clinton.

    Casey Cagle was raised by a single mother who worked multiple jobs to provide for her familiy … she by all accounts was elidgeable for government assistence, but she was an idpendent strong woman of strength, and she instilled in Casey a work ethic..which he used to start 2 successful bussnisses and to beat an incumbent Democrat for his State Senate Seat. He is the American Dream.

    I can not imagine not being raised by both parents, and I don’t pretend to know exactly what it’s like…it is obviously not easy at all…and to succeed in such circumstances is a sure sign of hard work. But no matter how much I say to you all, there will allways be ignorant and insencitive people like Southern Conservative…who really dont’care and think they know everything about everybody.

    When you listen to Ralph Reed and Casey Cagle, you notice Ralph is a very smooth talker who is quite carismatoc at times, however Casey is a very sincere person…there is no question he truly cares for all Georgian’s, and knows how hard life can be for single mothers to provide for their children..he wants to help us all out.

    I know of many Reed supporters, who despite the fact that they are on the other team..they truly respect Casey Cagle, and how he was raised and came to succsess. But I have also heard ignorant and insensitive jerks like Southern Conservative..who have the audacity to mock Casey Cagle let alone HIS MOTHER on mothers day…of all the days to attack a single mother, he picks that day..HOW INSENSITIVE!!!

    I absolutley realize that this is not as important of an issue as Education, Taxes, the State Budget, property rights, health care and Illegal Immigration…but I am sick and tired of hearing Soutrhern Conservative shoot his mouth off with such disrespect..while the rest of us realize his comments are too ignorant to be worthy of a response.

  16. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    On a lighter note..Ive noticed that latley we’ve all been very postive and have avoided negative attacks on the other candidate…lets hope it stays that way, I will try to do my part 🙂

  17. bowersville says:

    It won’t stay this way long. Review the article at AJC “behind the curtain” on McCain, Reed and the possible witness list.

  18. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    Do you have that link?, Id like to see the article…I just looked on the AJC Website under election 06 and it wasnt there.

  19. SouthernConservative says:

    Um, MR, when did I attack his mother? And yesterday wasn’t mother’s day. Yet another example of a Cagle supporter trying to take the true facts and spin them, and construe them in his favor.

  20. McCain-Rice\'08 says:

    You attacked Cagles mother on Mothers Day as I recall, you said “I bet he’ll realse another sob story on mothers day,” and I dont think I need to remind you, you probably remember…you are insencitive..I don’t think you could honestly take my long comment above as a “spin”..but Id like you to notice that it seems more classy than some of the coments you have made in the past.

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