And So It Comes

Peach Pundit has learned that, now that an ethics complaint has been filed against Ralph Reed, a complaint will be filed against Casey Cagle.

No, this does not directly relate to the “$100,000.00 in a day


  1. Demonbeck says:

    Let’s simplify the complaints here. Reed is charged with committing felony acts and Cagle is charged with something akin to taking two pennies from the “Take-A-Penny Leave-A-Penny” jar. Hardly equal. It’s almost as if they admitting to the charges. (“Yeah I did it, but he did this.”)

    The Reed campaign is grasping at straws, the question is will the ship go down in flames by July 18th?

  2. grassrootsguy says:

    I wasted some time this weekend downloading personal financial information from the ethics commission website. Interesting that some candidates for the house and senate have not filed their personal financial statements.

    Most glaring was Senate Majority Leader Tommie Williams, who has yet to file his personal financial information. I thought that had to be done within 14 days of qualifying, or something like that. It has certainly been more than that.

    How serious is this kind of thing? Is it a big deal when they miss these kinds of deadlines?

    Othersie, the complaints filed never seem to amount to much.

  3. GAWire says:

    Campaign Finance is tricky – I agree, if s/t has been done wrong, then it should be amended.

    The Cagle campaign can re-alocate funds if necessary, and I’m sure the folks over there wouldn’t mind doing so. Then, Casey can say, sure, we made a goof, but we are amending it. Stuff happens all the time – not necessarily right, but it can be made right.

    The Reed campaign can do the same thing, except when they start making ethics claims, they better beware … if they want to compete, they better be prepared to repay the indian clients the $4 million or whatever it was that Ralph unethical took from them, as well as any reparations. Then, he should pay reparations for misleading religious groups and unethical being paid to work against them and mislead them as a figure of national leadership in that movement. Then, Ralph will have to answer to a federal ethics committee and perhaps even a federal grand jury. Then, Ralph’s campaign funds might need to be addressed, b/c I do believe there have been personal loans, as well as other “funds of questionable origin”.

    This isn’t a fight that Ralph Reed of all people needs to be picking.

  4. TigerLily says:


    There is some confusion (shock) about the personal financial statement filing. If you are an incumbent, you more than likely filed one before the legislative session or shortly after it started. Therefore, you didn’t have to fill it out again. However, some incumbents went ahead and filed it anyway choosing the better safe than sorry approach. Seems like no matter who is in charge of the State Ethics Commission, there is always a shade of grey.

  5. grassrootsguy says:


    Went back and looked again. The State Ethics website shows a “working” report. I called and they said that indicated the senator was working on a report, but had not actually filed it?

    Maybe there is some other explination, but no report has been filed according to the website since the deadline for filing a report following qualifying.

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