Winners & Losers

Here’s mine for the week:

Winner: Shirley Franklin. She vetoed the ethics ordinance in Atlanta and gets lots of good press battling greedy city councilmen.

Loser: John Barrow. It’s not that we expect him to be very powerful and influential given the few years he has been in Congress and that he is in the minority party, but that he has less influence than Cynthia McKinney is just sad.


  1. Pinetop says:

    Winner: Gary Black – I attened his Grassroots Summit in Atlanta yesterday and there were over 50 people there from Metro Atlanta and looks like they gave out a few thousand yard signs.

    Loser: Atlanta City Council Members who voted that employees could receive gifts from Contractors and others who do business with the City. BTW – Good Job Shirley!!!!

  2. Dawgsrock says:

    Winner – Shirley for the same reasons that Erick stated above

    Loser – Bill Stephens for going over the top in his press releases this week

  3. GTdem says:

    Winners: All Republicans on the ticket this fall. Gay marriage will be around for at least one more election cycle.

    Loser: Cathy Cox. She had a chance to differentiate herself from her opponents but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

  4. Winner: All Republicans on the ticket this fall for making gay marriage the centerpiece of their campaigns

    Losers: The people of Georgia because of all the problems this state faces, the Republicans want to focus on gays.

    Whatever happened to balancing the budget, controlling illegal immigration, reforming emminent domain, fixing our education system???

    And if anyone says all of these problems are fixed, you are seriously mistaken.

  5. BernieT633 says:

    The Gary Black- Karen Handel HQ thing was a mistake– they were supposed to use the other Hennessey Building but since they had already arranged for the Hennesey Dealership that houses Handels campaign to be used- Hennesey let them use it.

  6. SouthernConservative says:

    Flaming –

    Senator Chip Rogers gave us SB 529.

    Governor Perdue gave us several hundred million dollars in surplus this year.

    Senator Jeff Chapman gave us SB 86.

    Senator Ronnie Chance gave us SB 390.

    Senator Cecil Staton gave us SB 394 and SB 174.

    How do you argue with these accomplishments?

    Have you even read the bills?

  7. SC,

    I didn’t say that the legislators made NO progress.

    Chip’s bill is the toughest in the country, no doubt there…but it could still be better.
    (1) What about targeting employers?
    (2) What happened to the wiretransfer fee?

    Emminent Domain isn’t fixed. A better bill was passed, but there is still a lot to be done. The defeat of the Chapman amendment (which would have eliminated “blight” as a potential means of government annexing property) is proof that eminent domain is not where it needs to be.

    We’re still either last or next to last out of every state in the union in standardized testing scores.

    I’ll give you the point on the budget.

    In conclusion, I never said that we didn’t make progress this year. But to forget all of the REAL work that needs to be done in order to focus on gays is a good way of ignoring the real issues. Whether or not gays get married will have NO effect on the issues listed. Those issues will still exist. Those issues need to be the focus of the election.

  8. And believe me, the Democrats have absolutely NO plan to fix any of this…

    The power lies with us Republicans. Having the majority, and the governor’s seat puts a lot of responsibility on us. Everything that happens or fails to happen is a direct result of Republican leadership.

    I don’t want our current group of Georgia republicans to be remembered as the the group that lost the majority because they failed to focus on the real issues.

  9. Three Jack says:


    You wrote, “Governor Perdue gave us several hundred million dollars in surplus this year.”

    Wrong. Georgians were over taxed resulting in a $1,000,000,000 overpayment to the state. Governor Perdue could have proven he has some sense of fiscal conservatism by returning much of that in a tax reduction / rebate. Instead he used the money to buy votes by giving $400M to already overpaid teachers and the rest to other education programs.

    Taking more than is needed to run the state government is not an “accomplishment” unless you are a democrat.

  10. GAWire says:

    Erick, Erick, Erick … we all know that Atlanta’s “pride and joy” Shirley “Shake-a-leg” Franklin is NEVER – let me spell this out for everyone … N-E-V-E-R – in the winner column. Unless …

    If by “Winner” you mean, “miserable failure at leadership, clueless of Atlantans’ needs, corrupt and questionable ethics, sorry excuse for a mayor, right up there with Maynard Jackson and Bill Cambell in terms of being bad for the city of Atlanta,” then yes, I agree with your analysis. Otherwise, she has no business being in the category.

  11. midtowndem says:

    GAWire you are crazy, Franklin is the best thing that has happened to Atlanta and for that matter Georgia. Franklin is no nonsense and focuses on real issues such as sewers, development, transporation. While othre Dems and Republicans debate gay marriage this woman is moving Georgia forward.

    Take a hike.

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